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Biebs & Selena On Again?

The rumor mills are going full tilt these days, with reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are once again a couple.

US Weekly says they're spending some time together in Saint Martin.

Want proof?

Well, here's Selena's Instagram shot of her wearing a bikini top...

And here's a shot of Justin on a boat...
I'm convinced. How about you?
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Brain Freeze, Maybe?

A Peruvian author who lives in New Jersey is suing the folks at Disney for $250 million dollars, saying that stories, characters and plots in Frozen were stolen from her autobiographical works.

Read that again: a movie featuring a woman with the power to freeze everything, plus a talking reindeer and snowman, stole ideas from a New Jersey's autobiography.

Yup, makes perfect sense.

The woman refuses to back down, and is demanding a jury trial.

Disney, for its part, told CNN that the woman needs to "let it go."

Nicely played, Disney. I see what you did there.

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Draking's a Good Thing?

Drake, the Canadian singer, got his start as Drake, the actor on the TV show, Degrassi.

On the show, his character, Jimmy Brooks, was wheelchair-bound.

So a couple in Toronto, after reminiscing about Degrassi one night and seeing some handicapped signs, decided to create some stickers that put Drake's head on top of the stick figures in the wheelchairs.

It's called Draking, and the couple says they're doing it to make people smile.

Sure, technically it's vandalism, and sure, it's probably offensive, but if you're smiling...

Never mind. It's still wrong. But Drake thinks it's great. Go figure.

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And the Winner of the Lindsay Lohan Wannabe Award Is...

Amanda Bynes - another child actress who's having trouble becoming an adult - was arrested at 3 o'clock Sunday morning. According to the California Highway Patrol, she was "driving under the influence of a drug,"

Hers how they nabbed her. She stopped at a red light. But in the middle of an intersection.

An officer pulled her over, and noted her "disheveled appearance," suggesting that she was under the influence of some substance.

A drug recognition expert was called in - seriously, that's a job now? - and Amanda ended up getting bookedand then released on $15,000 bail.

Here's the thing: she's currently on probation. Which could mean that when she sees the judge in a month or so, she could end up doing time.

Check out this video of her making another court appearance last year, disguised as a Smurf.

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Secet Service Grilling

Things aren’t looking too rosy for the Secret Service today, as the agency’s director will have to answer questions in a congressional hearing on White House security measures.

This a day after it was revealed that the White House fence-jumper from two weeks ago actually got a lot further into the building than first reported. Turns out he overpowered an agent and made it to the East Room before anyone was able to stop him.

Another story released over the weekend suggests that it took the Secret Service about four days back in 2011 to realize that someone had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House.

If this weren’t so serious, it would be almost funny.

It’s almost like the Keystone Cops have been resurrected. Read about them here...
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Get Thee Behind Me in Line, Satan!

Nicholas Cage has a new movie coming out on Friday called Left Behind. It's about the people who aren't taken up in The Rapture.

And a famous Biblical character wants you to see it. Or not.

Producers released some posters over the weekend that quote Satan: "Please do not bring unbelievers to this movie."

You've got to check out the reactions some people have posted to the film's Facebook page. They actually believe Beelzebub gave that quote.

Do you think he's the first guy they asked for a quote...?

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DJ Mustard – Ghetto Tales (Official Video)

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“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Star Mally Mall’s Las Vegas Home & Business Rai

Producer and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Jamal “Mally Mal” Rashid’s home was raided by the

Federal Bureau of Investigation today according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The FBI’s public corruption squad searched Rashid’s Las Vegas Valley house and his Las Vegas Concierge escort service in an investigation supposedly surrounding human trafficking.

Witnesses say a police helicopter landed in Mal’s front yard and an FBI armored vehicle knocked down the front gate to the residence. Clark County animal control officers were also on hand at the time. Mal is known to own several exotic animals. No arrests were made.

Mall has worked with rap stars like Drake, 50 Cent, Tyga, French Montana, Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, and Chris Brown. He is the owner of Mally Mall Music.

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Drake Says Being Able To Dance Like Chris Brown Possibly Could Have Helped Him K

The “love triangle” between Drake, Chris Brown, and Rihanna made major headlines for years. It seems despite all the drama, the

Young Money representative is able to look back on the situation and joke about it.

[ALSO READ: Drake Disses Chris Brown & Lil Wayne’s “Loyal” During Concert (VIDEO)]

During a concert stop on the “Drake vs Lil Wayne” Tour, Drizzy responded to a Wayne reference about CB by reflecting on how he could have made things work better with Ri Ri.

“I’ve been listening to oo much Breezy lately. I just had to do it,” said Wayne after hitting some dance moves.

Drake replied after his own dance break by saying, “Man, I should’ve brought that s**t out earlier. Maybe I could’ve made that s**t work with Rihanna a little better.”

Chris and Drake settled their differences earlier this year. CB explained during an interview that his time in prison made him demise holding animosity toward others.

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Chris Brown Responds To Gang Membership Allegations

Chris Brown says in an MTV interview with Sway Calloway whether or not he is in a gang.

Chris Brown says that he is not in a gang during an MTV News interview with Sway Calloway

“When you’re in LA and you’re around people, you meet everybody — you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially in this industry that I’m in,” Brown says during the MTV interview, which the network says was recorded September 11 and it released today (September 29). “I’m not in the Country world. I’m not in the all-the-way Pop world. You in Hip Hop and R&B and all of that meshes together, especially when you’re in these events or these places where everybody can be there. I’m cordial.”

In August, Suge Knight was shot at the VMA party and TMZ reported that a police investigation was “interested in a common denominator [between] Chris Brown, Suge, and Game.” The same article cites eyewitness reports that Brown “was throwing up gang signs before the shooting...and he was performing with a red bandana.” 

In July, Brown posted a since-deleted video to his Instagram account showing himself throwing Fruit Town Piru gang signs.

In an interview published last week, Tray Deee said that Brown’s potential affiliation with the Bloods made no sense.

“I feel it has to either be a psychological defect to where you don’t wanna enjoy your life and enjoy your wealth and you know, ride around on boats and pop bottles, just live a stress-free life as far as attracting unwanted attention and aggression upon yourself,” Tray Dee said at time. “Why would you wanna be rich and start fighting people? It makes no sense to me. I see it as the peer-pressure aspect is that, ‘Is this what you really want for yourself? Or do you feel that this is the only way that you’ll be secure in certain areas?’ So are you buying into it for protection? That’s the only logical conclusion that I can come to. I can’t see somebody waking up one day [and saying], ‘Okay, the Bentley’s in the driveway. Couple mill in the bank. Let me go to the hood and get shot at. Let me go stand on the corner and get shot at so people could say, “Oh, man that’s a tough guy.”’ People gon’ say you stupid as—you already know. So, I don’t get it.”

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