Helen Mirren Cusses on Live TV

Helen Mirren was a guest on Good Morning, Britain yesterday - a wake-up-and-smile TV talk show.

We have a few of them here in The States - perhaps you've heard of them?

She's telling a story about going camping with then-boyfriend Liam Neeson - he of the "very particular set of skills" - and mentioned that it "pissed with rain, non-stop."

Turns out you can't say that word on TV in England.

When Helen asked why she couldn't say that, the show's co-host explained they could debate it, but they'd get fired.

"You might be the Queen, but you can't say that."

Watch the video. The whole exchange is pretty funny.


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Let Them Drink Hype?

This could well be the strangest thing Kim Kardashian's done.

I know, she's already set that bar pretty high, but this thing...

Okay, it's a commercial/film for Hype energy drink.

It starts with Double-K riding a bike with a basket full of Hype. She's dressed sort of like Audrey Hepburn.

The bike crashes, the Hype spills out, and Audrey/Kim is knocked out on the pavement.

Then she dreams she's Marie Antoinette.

Then there's a bunch of shots of Marie/Kim's chest.

Then Audrey/Kim wakes up, and then the commercial sort of goes off the rails.

Here's the thing: for most of the 2 minutes and 21 seconds, Kim is standing still. To promote an energy drink.

And out of the 2:21, you might see a can of Hype for maybe 15 seconds. Total.

Check out the video. See if you agree if it even exceeds Kim's normal WQ - Weirdness Quotient.

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Mission: Impossible Lip Sync Battle

Tom Cruise visited The Tonight Show the other night.

I guess his purpose was to promote Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, which opens this Friday nationwide

But, he got engaged in a little battle with Jimmy Fallon.

A lip sync battle, to be precise.

And Tom did pretty well.

Check it out. It really was a lot of fun.

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Sleeper of the Summer?

I was just scrolling through some upcoming attraction trailers, and stumbled on this one.

I know there's a whole art to putting movie trailers together to get you thinking you want to see a particular movie, and I have to admit, the artiste behind this one did his job.

Sleeper CIA agent, working behind the counter at a quickie mart, gets activated and then has to get taken out.

Jesse Eisenberg looks perfectly cast in this one, as does Kristen Stewart.

How is that I'm just hearing about American Ultra now?

This one, I'm tempted to see in the theaters... Mark the calendar: August 21.

American Ultra – In Theaters August 21!

CIA's top sleeper agent has been awoken – but he’s still hazy. Watch American Ultra in theaters August 21!

Posted by American Ultra on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
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No Explanation Possible

Lester Holt sums it up perfectly: "There is intense outrage..." around the world, especially on social media.

A dentist from Minnesota killed a noble lion in Zimbabwe that had been lured out of a game preserve.

The dentist says he paid some local guides, and thought he had all the legal permits he needed to "take" the lion.

Now the guides are being charged with poaching.

Meanwhile, another big cat is gone, thanks to one guy's willingness to pay $54,000 for a trophy head for his wall...

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We're Off to See the Wiz

NBC is continuing along with its live theatrical productions.

First, it was The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood.

Then, last year's Peter Pan with Allison Williams and Christopher Walken.

This Thanksgiving season, they're offering up The Wiz, which is of course based on The Wizard of Oz.

Stephanie Mills has already been cast as Dorothy, reprising the role she played on Broadway.

Yesterday, the show's producers announced two more well-known names have been cast in the show:
  • Queen Latifah will be playing The Wiz
  • Mary J. Blige will be playing Evillene, the show's Wicked Witch of the West
No part - so far - for Christopher Walken, but we can hope, can't we?

Here's a taste of the show's music. Stephanie Mills singing "Home."

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Birdman Opens Up On How He Felt When Lil Wayne Dissed Him

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50 Cent: "There’s A Place For Bad Music. It’s Called Television" #TRU

50 Cent explains his personal ambition that led to the success of "Power."

50 Cent says that the making of the Starz television program Power was an example of persevering with your vision even if people don't see it right away.

"You've went, met with networks, pitched it, and they didn't respond to it immediately," 50 Cent says at the Southpaw media day in Los Angeles, "and you're going, 'Something's wrong with these people. They didn't hear what I just said because this is it right here' and they still didn't just, didn't accept it the first time."

The G-Unit boss says that the creator of Power, Courtney Kemp Agboh, was about ready to give up on the project after a year and a half of pitching, but 50's idea for a total package finally gave the show the success that he envisioned. He says he wrote about 10 songs based on the characters of the show. The rapper says that the quality of the music, along with the quality of the show itself, finally put the idea over the top.

"There's a place for bad music, it's called television," 50 says. "That's where it goes. That's someone's cousin, someone's friend just put that shit at the end of the scene. It's cool. That's where that ends up. So when you play music that's up to standard and you say that there's no additional cost for it, it's because of how well the project is gonna be and put together, that they listen and people are intrigued by the music at the same time so this is a good deal."

Power has been granted a third season and the premier of the second season was the most-watched episode for a Starz original series.

50 says his personal ambition has allowed him to wear several hats, from rapping to acting to executively producing the television program. But he says he can't do it alone.

"I'm able to have tunnel vision," he says. "Ambition I don't think is a learned behavior. I think it's a part of a person's natural character. I think for me, I can convince myself that the project is a success and that's what allows me to have a lot of passion for the project, to work hard enough to make it a success. A lot of times, people need some support. They need someone around to believe in it as much as they believe in it for the moment that it doesn't feel like it's gonna be that."

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Meek Mill Releases Retaliation To Drake

Meek Mill drops a 15-second retaliation to Drake, which is just him screaming.

If you weren't already mad at Funkmaster Flex's whiff at providing fans a Meek Mill retaliation to Drake's recent shot at him with "Charged Up," Hip Hop fans widely are disappointed with Meek's actual response.

Taking to Twitter, Meek Mill decided to release the diss himself. However it wasn't a song or a rant. It was just him screaming over a 15-second track called "Beautiful Nightmare." While the Philadelphia native seemed to think the whole thing was funny, his fans didn't.

Twitter was up in arms about the occurrence. Statik Selektah took to the social media site to relay his disappointment.

"Drake won. Meek just pulled some love and hip hop ass shit. Rap just took an L," he said. "We went from the G-unit vs everybody era to the Social media gossip non rapping ass era. Tune in Thursday night @Shade45 ... I'm going in."

Listen to Meek Mill's latest retaliation to Drake below:

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David Banner Suing Lil Wayne Over Unpaid Royalties

Lil Wayne may be locked in a legal dispute with his label Cash Money

Records, but it appears he is being hit with a lawsuit from another rapper. TMZ reports David Banner is suing Wayne for unpaid royalties.

[ALSO READ: Lil' Wayne Reportedly Did Not Drop The Lawsuit Against Birdman]

According to the website, Banner claims to have signed a contract with Wayne's imprint Young Money in 2008. The Mississippi emcee says YM owes him $138,787 for producing Tha Carter III tracks "La La" and "P*ssy Monster." He also believes he has been denied $15,392 for the 2009 track "Streets Is Watchin" off the We Are Young Money compilation.

Wayne's $51 million fight for unpaid royalties and advances with Cash Money became public late last year. Legal documents from the suit hit the internet in January. The case includes Wayne suing CMR for other artists hitting Young Money with legal action because of Cash Money's negligence.

Banner is set to release his next studio album The God Box later this year. The project is likely to feature the song "My Uzi" featuring fellow Mississippi rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T.

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