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No More Anchor Babies!

Anchor babies. It's a term that's been tossed around like a hot potato early in this presidential season, especially among the Republican candidates.

It's the way they've been describing children born in this country to illegal immigrants.

Constitutionally, that grants the children automatic US citizenship, providing an "anchor" to which the parents will cling in hopes of being allowed to stay here.

Many Republicans say that has to stop, no matter what the Constitution says.

Finally, the folks at Funny or Die have found a way to explain why that should happen.

And not one moment too early...

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Knock Me Over With a Feather

When the Ashley Madison scandal broke, a lot of people looked to Noel Biderman, the company's CEO who co-founded the "cheating" site with his wife, for answers.

In an interview that broke just this past weekend in which he was referred to as the King of Infidelity, he said that he and his wife did not practice the company motto: "Life is short. Have an affair." (The folks at Huffington Post Canada have the interview, and a video about it.)

In a 2013 interview, Amanda Biderman had this to say about what would happen if Noel cheated on her:
"I would be devastated if (Noel) did it to me. But I would not blame a website. Ashley Madison is not creating cheaters. It is servicing a need that is there, that exists. And unfortunately, it exists. It's sad.''

Well, guess whose emails got leaked as part of the data breach and have now been made public?

And guess who's allegedly been having affairs? None other than the CEO himself.

I wonder if Amanda has logged onto yet...?
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"I Think She Lost Her Mind in the Hollywood Madness"

So, this is interesting.

The other night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Miley Cyrus threw on a wig, big glasses and a business suit, and pretended to be a reporter from Australia.

She grabbed a camera crew and went out onto Hollywood Boulevard to interview people about Miley Cyrus.

It's actually pretty funny, and it ends the way you'd sort of expect a Miley Cyrus bit to end.

Give it a look...

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"There's Been an Awakening"

The geekosphere erupted yesterday when the Disney folks released a teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It's all of 15 seconds, and available exclusively on Instagram.

And it doesn't really show anything new, except for a guy holding a blue light saber, going up against the guy with the red Game of Thrones-style broadsword light saber.

Which prompted all sorts of discussions and theories that will keep the Star Warriors busy until the next teaser trailer.

Check it out.

There has been an awakening... #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

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The Most Unlikely Duet of All

Taylor Swift sold out five shows in Los Angeles.

Throughout the run, she brought up a bunch of her friends to sing with her, to the delight of all in attendance.

Folks like Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and Lisa Kudrow.

Yes, Lisa Kudrow.

She joined Taylor on stage to sing "Smelly Cat," a song she sang as Phoebe on Friends.

Not only did Taylor know the song, so did the crowd.

Check it out.
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Betty White's Next TV Gig

Betty White could well be the hottest actress on TV right now.

She's done all sorts of guest spots on all sorts of shows, and she just wrapped up a six-season run of Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.

Now, she'll be guest starring on Fox's long-running Bones as a squintern.

Don't worry, I had to look it up too.

Squintern is the word Booth (David Boreanaz) uses to describe the people who assist Doctor Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in the lab.

The folks at TV Line report that Betty White will play Dr. Beth Mayer,  an accomplished, sharp as a tack squintern who is brought in to assist in a murder linked to fantasy football — which just happens to be one of her many areas of expertise. With a half century of work under her belt, Dr. Mayer is considered the world’s most experienced forensic anthropologist..."

You'll have to wait until the end of October for Betty to make her appearance. And no, they won't be renaming the series Old Bones. That would be wrong.

Meanwhile, here's the incredibly sappy promo Fox created for the show's upcoming season...

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Derrick Rose’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Accused Him Of Gang Rape And Drugging Her

Derrick Rose's ex-girlfriend has filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he and other men gang raped her and drugged her, TMZ reports.

The woman, whose name has not been released, claims that she dated the Chicago Bulls player from 2011 until 2013. She claimed that in August 2013, Rose, along with friend Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, who is also his manager, invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion and drugged her with intentions of raping her.

She said she got away with the help of a friend but Rose, Allen and Hampton later broke into her home and gang raped her. She said she can only remember "flashes" of the alleged incident but knows for sure that she was raped.

The plantiff said during the two years that she dated Rose, he would pressure her to perform lewd acts in front of him, to allow him to have intercourse with her friends and group sex with strangers but she always refused.

Rose has not responded to the allegations.

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The Road Sandra Bland Was Stopped On Will Be Named After Her

City council members have decided to rename a Texas street in honor of Sandra Bland, USA Today reports.

University Drive, the same street where Bland was stopped for allegedly failing to signal a lane change, will be Sandra Bland Parkway for the next three to five years until the council votes again. The street also leads to Bland's alma mater Prairie View A&M University.

[ALSO READ: Sandra Bland's Family To File Federal Lawsuit Against Arresting State Trooper]

After Bland was stopped on that very street on July 10th, she had a confrontation with the state trooper and he arrested her on a assault charge. She was found hanging in her cell July 13th. Her death has been ruled a suicide, despite public outcry that her death was a homicide.

Bland's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the arresting state trooper and wants the U.S Department of Justice to investigate her death.

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“Straight Outta Compton” To Be #1 At Box Office For Third Consecutive Week

The N.W.A biopic is set to outperform a host of new films.

Straight Outta Compton is set to be the #1 film at the box offie for a third consecutive week, according to Variety.

The film, which focuses on the early years of Ruthless Records, is slated to earn approximately $15 million this weekend. It faces competition from the thriller No Escape, the drama War Room and the romantic film We Are Your Friends.

(The most recent story in this thread ran August 23, 2015. It is as follows.)

Straight Outta Compton is the #1 film at the box office for a second straight week, according to Variety.

The N.W.A biopic earned $26.8 million this weekend.

Straight Outta Compton has earned $111.5 million at the box office. The film's budget was $29 million.

(The original story in this thread ran August 22, 2015. It is as follows.)

Straight Outta Compton is expected to be the #1 film at the box office for a second straight week, according to Variety.

The film documenting the rise of N.W.A in the late 1980s and early 1990s is on pace to earn $28 million this weekend. It earned $8 million yesterday (August 21).

Straight Outta Compton is set to cross the $100 million mark today (August 22), nine days after it arrived in theaters.

In its fourth week of release, Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation is expected to make $12 million an arrive in second place. New films Sinister 2, American Ultra and Hitman: Agent 47 are also expected to debut in the Top 10.

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Tyga Ordered To Pay $70,000 To Landlord

A judge rules in the lawsuit over a Calabasas, California home.

Tyga did not show up to court yesterday (August 26) in the ongoing lawsuit between him and the owner of a home he claims he bought, TMZ reports.

The judge ruled that Tyga must pay the owner $70,000 in back rent. The owner initially sued the California rapper for not paying rent for two months.

Tyga is also facing a six-digit lawsuit for breaking a contract with a Las Vegas nightclub.

(This article was updated on July 30, 2015 and is as follows.)

Tyga says that he does not owe rent to anyone, but he is purchasing the house that he is reportedly being evicted from, according to TMZ.

The rapper says that he put down $200,000 on the home a year ago and was given permission to move in. The seller reportedly agreed to put the money in escrow, a third party where the money is held until agreed upon by buyer and seller.

Tyga claims the escrow was supposed to close months ago, but the seller failed to provide information to Tyga's bank that would have closed the deal.

"We evidently live in a world where a man's word is no longer your bond," Tyga's lawyer, Lee Hutton says.

(The original article in this thread was published on July 29, 2015 and is as follows.)

Tyga is being sued by the landlord of his Calabasas mansion for two months rent, according to TMZ.

The home Tyga previously shared with his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, rents for $25,000 a month.

His landlord says this isn't the first time the Young Money artist has been behind on his rent and says he has until Saturday to pay. If Tyga doesn't pay, the landlord will file for eviction and charge the "Rack City" rapper an additional $833.33 per day.

Tyga was previously sued in May for not paying rent at a different property for nearly $125,000 plus interest and is currently being sued by Last Kings co-founder for $1.6 million dollars.

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