Bill Cosby Asked About Rape Allegations During An Interview!

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Beyonce - 7/11 (Official Video)

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The Wedding Ringer (New Restricted Holiday Trailer)

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 86

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NYPD Kills An Unarmed Brooklyn Man

NYPD reportedly shot and killed an unarmed man last night (Nov.20) in Brooklyn.

After 11:00 pm in Brooklyn's Louis Pink Houses, police officers were doing a vertical patrol, which consists of them checking the floor of each building and taking the stairwell down. While two officers were walking down a dimly-lit seventh floor stairwell, they encountered 28-year-old Akai Gurley. One officer shot Gurley once in the chest and he was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital.

Gurley was with his girlfriend of almost four years, Melissa Butler, when he entered the stairwell. Butler says the officer shot Gurley without warning.

"They didn't identify themselves," Butler told the NY Daily News. "No nothing. They didn't give no explanation. They just pulled a gun and shot him in the chest."

Butler said Gurley later collapsed in a pool of blood on the fifth floor and had to seek help from residents because the two officers never checked to see if Gurley was okay.

A NYPD spokesperson said he was "not going to get into" why the officer shot the man. This incident is currently under investigation and NYPD Internal Affairs in involved as well.

Gurley left behind a two-year-old daughter.

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"America Loves You"

Give Jay Leno a hand.

He recently visited Afghanistan, performing for the troops in a USO show.

He came home wanting to do more. So he and the folks at The Today Show selected an active service member who was also a wounded warrior, and gave him a joy ride to remember.

Check out the video as Jay drove Corporal Ethan Laberge on the back roads around Fort Campbell, Kentucky in a brand-new 2015 Dodge HRT Hellcat - the muscle car of muscle cars.

And at the end of the ride...

You just have to watch it for yourself. And grab a hankie.


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Even Worse Than Misfit, These Toys Are Bad

A consumer advocacy group called WATCH - World Against Toys Causing Harm - this week issued its list of the Ten Worst Toys of 2014.

The worst, according to WATCH, is the Air Storm Firetek Bow, which can shoot arrows up to 145 feet.

There's also the Catapencil, an actual pencil with a slingshot at the top - surefire classroom fun right there.

A Battle Hammer designed for three-year-olds - the ones who think they're Thor, I guess.

The SWAT Electric Machine Gun was in the middle of the list. Surprising, really, when you consider the manufacturer's warning that it could be mistaken for the real thing by law enforcement personnel.

You can check out the full list in this article in The Daily Mail.

And check out the video of the press conference...

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Spielberg? Or Squirrel?

This one's a commercial just waiting to happen.

Someone left his GoPro camera on the ground near a tree.

A curious squirrel approached and decided he must have the GoPro - or, he mistook it for a shiny nut.

Either way, the squirrel nabbed the camera and scooted up a tree with it.

The footage is pretty amazing, even when the squirrel drops it to the ground.

Could be the rodent version of Stephen Spielberg here...

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One Winner Means Lots of Losers

On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Jimmy got to break the news that Chris Hemsworth is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2014.

So, he's the winner.

Which means, every other man on the planet is the loser.

Like Jason Bateman, who thought he'd been invited to appear on Kimmel's show because he was going to get the award.

To make him feel better, Jimmy let Jason read his acceptance speech, which he'd prepared in anticipation of winning the award.

(For the record, Jason's an underrated comic actor...)

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Fearsome Foursome

I just stumbled on this video - it's been floating around cyberspace for a few months - but it's mesmerizing.

The quartet is called Salut Salon - based in Hamburg, Germany, they mix classical music with some comedic stylings.

Playing another's instrument with her own bow, playing the piano upside down, playing their stringed instruments inverted...

They never miss a step or skip a note. Watch it once, and tell me that's enough!

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