Detroit Man Being Forced To Pay $30k In Child Support For A Kid That's Not His!

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BGCP3 TV In HD: Episode One (Starring Blake Griffin & Chris Paul)

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T.I. Feat. Young Thug, Lil Wayne & Jeezy - About The Money (Remix) (Audio)

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Toya Wright Calls Lil Wayne’s Relationship With Christina Milian A “Hot Mess

Toya Wright is not feeling her ex-husband Lil Wayne's alleged new relationship with Christina Milian. The

issue is that Milian has a child with R&B singer The-Dream who also has children with Nivea. Wayne and Nivea have a child together as well.

[ALSO READ: Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne Fires Shots At His Baby Mommas?]

Wright spoke on the couple during an interview with VladTV. The former star of the reality shows Tiny & Toya and Toya: A Family Affair expressed her belief that the complicated four-way love situation is difficult to explain to the children involved.

"I think that is a hot mess, if you want my honest opinion. That's just too much," said Toya. "It's too many other women out there to date your son's mother's ex-husband's girl. It's just too much. It's a lot to explain to your kids. I feel Nivea on that."

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Will Smith To Return To The Small Screen With New Show

Though fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air may be disappointed to know that the long rumored reunion may never take place, Fox network is currently developing a new series based on Will Smith's 2005 film Hitch, which featured Smith as a love guru.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Smith will not actually revive his role, however he is attached to the project as an executive producer in connection with his Overbrook Entertainment company. The sitcom will reportedly be an office comedy which explores navigating the dating scene.

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Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine’s Creates Four-Year College

If you've thought that whatever school you attend (or attended) was dope, you might want to second guess yourself. Last year, producers Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine donated 70 Million Dollars to the University of Southern California's for a new four-year college dedicated to several factors including art, industry, entrepreneurship. The college, called the Jimmy Lovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts,Technology, and the Business of Innovation, includes a plethora of classes including audio production, graphic design to name a few, according to Pigeons and Planes.

So the college's real note to students is to…

With only a hand-full of students enrolled in the new college and halfway through their first semester, HYPETRAK obtained one student's take on his experience in the new school. Here are a few things that the student is doing his first semester.

"A typical day in my academic life this first semester consists of analyzing the practices of innovative companies, learning my way around Adobe After Effects, building a 3D geometric cardboard model using Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter, and working on a PowerPoint slide deck for a potential product."

Can you still believe that this Dre was a member of NWA? Time's changed. Check out the full letter here.

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Ray J Blasts Tyga Regarding Kylie Jenner Relationship Rumors

"He needs to stop fucking with little kids," Ray J says of rumors that Tyga is dating Kylie Jenners.

After Tyga denied rumors that he's dating Kylie Jenner in a recent interview with Vibe, TMZ caught up with Ray J and asked the former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian about his thoughts on the speculation.

"My girl like Blac Chyna, so Tyga need to get back with Blac Chyna," Ray J said. "We fucking with her. He needs to stop fucking with little kids. Trust me, if he wanna fuck with a Kardashian he need to do it the right way. Believe that."

Kylie Jenner is the sister of Kim Kardashian and daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner. The youngest of the siblings, Kylie is 17-years old.

Tyga denied the relationship rumors outright in the interview with Vibe and said simply, "I hang out with her."

"I've known Kylie and the whole family for four years," he said. "I introduced Chyna to Kim about a year ago. So everybody's been cool, but like it's just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna hang out, cool, I'm not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level."

In the same interview, Tyga explained his recent split from former fiance and "Rack City" model Black Chyna with whom he has a son.

"We decided to take a break apart 'cause you don't wanna raise an emotionally unstable child, and that's what it comes down to," he said. "It wasn't my happiness, and it wasn't her happiness. It was for the sake of King."

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Bye Bye Honey

It's hard to believe that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has made stars out of Mama June and her clan.

It's even harder to believe the things that Mama June does.

Now, TMZ is reporting that TLC has cancelled the show because Mama June is dating a registered sex offender.

The guy was put away ten years ago for child molestation.

And here's the worst part - Mama June was dating the guy when it happened, and she knew his victim too.

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Put Some Pittsburgh in Your Mouth - in a Few Days

Primanti Brothers is a legendary sandwich shop in Pittsburgh.

The business started as a vending cart in the 1930s. The founder stuffed all his best ingredients into one sandwich so blue-collar workers could carry everything in one hand.

That was then. Now, Primanti Brothers has announced they’ll be delivering their sandwiches nationwide.

Thanks to a partnership with a new gourmet delivery startup, people can go on-line and order a Primanti’s party pack.

You get a loaf of fresh Italian bread, your choice of pastrami or capicola, provolone, hand-cut French fries, coleslaw, hot sauce, two tomatoes and a Primanti’s T-shirt.

The T-shirt is not edible. At least, I don’t think it is.

Price tag: $109.

No word on the delivery time, but if you order it this morning, you will not have it for lunch today.

Unless you live in Pittsburgh, and then you’re more likely to do pick-up.

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Zach, Brad & 2 Ferns

Zach Galifianakis could be the most underrated fake talk-show host since Jiminy Glick.

He’s had some pretty interesting guests on his show, Between Two Ferns, not the least of whom was Barack Obama.

His most recent guest – who looks more like a hostage in this one – is Brad Pitt, there ostensibly to promote his new movie, Fury. Or Furry, if you’re Zach.

Check it out.

Pretty funny stuff.

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