Big Sean And Ariana Grande Have Broken Up

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have called it quits after eight months of dating.

Sources confirmed with US Weekly that the couple has parted ways a few weeks ago.

"They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends," their reps said. "We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time."

Another source said that the couple decided to break up because "their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart over the next year."

The two had announced that they were dating in October 2014.

This breakup does not seem to be as nasty as Sean's previous one with actress Naya Rivera, where there were accusations of a watch being stolen among other things.

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Dame Dash Loses Custody Of Kids

Dame Dash were in a proverbial custody war with his ex-Rachel Roy, but the former Roc-A-Fella mogul has taken a major hit.

He has lost custody of his children.

Dash apparently skipped out on a court date and Roy was awarded sole custody of their kids 15-year-old Ava and 6-year-old Tallulah. Dame was seeking full custody, as was Roy.

The pair had publicly being throwing darts at each other, both saying the other was an unfit parent.

Dame will now get supervised visitation.

Roy was also awarded a 3-year restraining order against her ex, TMZ reports.
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Migos Denied Bond Following Arrest For Guns, Drugs Possession

Update: NBC affiliate WSAV News 3 reports that Migos members Quavious Marshall, Kirschnick Ball, Kiari Cephus were all denied bail following their arrest over the weekend.

Two members of Migos were arrested Saturday night and charged with possession of a schedule II narcotic, and carrying a loaded firearm on school property.

According to TMZ, the Atlanta trio's show at Georgia Southern University was interrupted by police who cracked down on their felonious concealment of illegal weapons and drugs. Quavo and Offset also face a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession, and Offset was additionally hit with another gun possession charge as he carried a weapon as a convicted felon.

Other members of the Migos' camp and their associates were also reportedly detained in the sweep.

This isn't the first time members of Migos have faced legal issues during scheduled performances. Last October, Offset was involved in a crowd brawl at a Springfield, Massachusetts show. Two months prior to that they were involved in a separate altercation with fans in Nashville, Tennessee, which revolved around a fan supposedly snatching a chain from the them while they were performing.

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Tony Romo Continues to Struggle at Home

Bad enough that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo struggles year after year under center for America's Team.

On Sunday, he showed up at the Academy of Country Music Awards show to introduce Dierks Bentley.

But before he got to that, he had to do a little schtick with hosts Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.

Watch the video, and tell me you wish you hadn't.

The crowd loved the ball jokes, deflated and otherwise, which just proves that the beer was flowing in Dallas Sunday night...

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Most Excellent Photobomb Surprise

Imagine you're an 8-year-old kid taking an official school photograph.

And imagine the photographer showing you the picture on the screen of his camera.

There's a guy in the shot behind you, and he looks like...


That's exactly what happened to Joshua Bass when his dad returned from a year-long deployment overseas.

Dad photobombed Joshua's picture, and watch what happened...

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

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Miley Pastes Two on for Joan Jett

People wondered why Miley Cyrus was asked to induct Joan Jett into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday night.

Afterwards, they were just wondering what happened to the rest of her top.

In typical outlandish Miley fashion, she wore a top with the breast areas removed - maybe designed to be missing, who knows.

And to cover up her sensitive areas, a pair of pink heart-shaped pasties with a J on them.

J J - for Joan Jett, get it?

Here's a full recap of the Miley Joan moments.

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Holy Parody, Batman!

You knew it would happen.

Following the less-than-impressive drop of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer over the weekend, you knew that folks would start having their fun with it.

This one happened sooner than I thought it would though.

An enterprising YouTuber took the audio of the real trailer, and mashed it up with video from the original Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve and the old Batman TV series starring Adam West.

And it is funny. Super funny.

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Tidal Wave?

Jay Z's new streaming music service Tidal launched about a month ago.

Last week, they threw the company's chief executive officer overboard - one of 25 people laid off.

After a month.

The official word is that the company is "streamlining resources to ensure talent is maximized to enhance the customer experience."

A "handful of positions" were eliminated, allowing the company to refocus on departments that need support and to "cut redundancies."

Word is that Jay Z and other of the service's top names have been personally calling subscribers to thank them.

That doesn't sound desperate at all...

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Kermit's Cousin?

Scientists have found a new species of frog in Costa Rica: the Glass Frog.

It's an amazing little amphibian, with a translucent belly that allows one to see its internal organs.

Of course, folks in the mainstream media have to dumb it down, so what does this new frog resemble.

Why Kermit, the Muppet frog, of course.

And leave it to Matt Lauer to put the icing on the dumb-down cake: "How convenient to be able to see all your organs, you know what's missing..."

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The Fantastic Four (Movie Trailer #2)

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