The Five O'clock Remix (Weekdays) | Thursday Night Crunk 11P-1A
Hip Hop 102 Saturday 10A-2P

Birthplace: Kinston, NC

Birthday: 1-12

Favorite Food: Pizza & Burgers

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Artist: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, The X-ecutioners

Favorite Movies: Die Hard 3, Usual Suspects

First Job: Working in a factory 3rd shift

Worst Job: Working in a factory 3rd shift

Favorite Radio Job: Volunteer work at WNAA

Biggest Influence: Kid Capri, DJ Premiere, DJ Scratch

Favorite Internet Sites: Autoaddiction.com, sprewellracing.com, (DJ sites)

Words of Wisdom: Respect My Gangsta

DJ Deluxe
The 10 O'clock Banga | Weekdays 10P

Birthplace: Born in Wilmington, NC..... Raised in Greensboro, NC

Birthday: 11/1

Favorite Food: Any Seafood, Rack of Lamb, Wet or Dry Ribs, Collards, Mac & Cheese, Strawberry Fanta Soda, Texas Pete Hot Sauce etc.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Artist: T.I., Young Jeezy, Jay-Z

Favorite Movies: Mo Betta Blues

First Job: Hardees (They call it Skats in the country)

Worst Job: An airport hanger out in Greensboro... they had me sweeping floors. Went to lunch and never came back.

First Radio Job: WKNC 88.1 FM NC State in Raleigh, NC

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: Had to do a #2 while in the middle of the mix. I put on the 20 minute version of Rapper's Delight with the lost verse from the 4th member of the Sugarhill Gang.

Biggest Influence: The Word of God and other peoples experiences, good or bad

Favorite Internet Sites: www.djdeluxeinc.com

Words of Wisdom: In addition to making God the center of your life, maintain a balance. It is important to nurture your career, improve your health, be a family man and do the right thing... but no one thing takes more precedence over the other. Balance must be a necessity.

DJ Polo
The 20 Minute Workout | Old School Mix | Weekdays @ Noon

Birthplace: Durham NC

Birthday: January 18th

Favorite Food: Shrimp,Steak,Chicken.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Artist: Jay-Z

Favorite Movies: Scarface

First Job: McDonalds / Worst Job: McDonalds

First Radio Job: WQMG 97.1

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: None

Biggest Influence: Family

Favorite Internet Sites: www.djpolo.com

Words of Wisdom: I'm on Tour 4Life!

DJ Ern

Birthplace: Franklin, VA

Birthday: 1/23

Favorite Food: Italian, mmMmMMmm

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Artist: UGK, Three Six Mafia, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G

Favorite Movies: Comedies & Horror

First Job: WQDK, Ahoskie NC (A Country & Western Station)

Worst Job: Janitor at a country club

First Radio Job: WQDK, Ahoskie NC

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: flipping a wrong switch and turning a country station to hip-hop for a few minutes.

Biggest Influence: My parents, God & my closest friends.

Favorite Internet Sites: www.myspace.com/djern

Words of Wisdom: True happiness comes from within, just thinking positively will greatly change your outlook on things.


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