Big Mo

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The Five O'clock Remix (Weekdays) | Thursday Night Crunk 11P-1A
Hip Hop 102 Saturday 10A-2P

Birthplace: Kinston, NC

Birthday: 1-12

Favorite Food: Pizza & Burgers

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Artist: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, The X-ecutioners

Favorite Movies: Die Hard 3, Usual Suspects

First Job: Working in a factory 3rd shift

Worst Job: Working in a factory 3rd shift

Favorite Radio Job: Volunteer work at WNAA

Biggest Influence: Kid Capri, DJ Premiere, DJ Scratch

Favorite Internet Sites:,, (DJ sites)

Words of Wisdom: Respect My Gangsta

DJ Deluxe
The 10 O'clock Banga | Weekdays 10P

Birthplace: Born in Wilmington, NC..... Raised in Greensboro, NC

Birthday: 11/1

Favorite Food: Any Seafood, Rack of Lamb, Wet or Dry Ribs, Collards, Mac & Cheese, Strawberry Fanta Soda, Texas Pete Hot Sauce etc.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Artist: T.I., Young Jeezy, Jay-Z

Favorite Movies: Mo Betta Blues

First Job: Hardees (They call it Skats in the country)

Worst Job: An airport hanger out in Greensboro... they had me sweeping floors. Went to lunch and never came back.

First Radio Job: WKNC 88.1 FM NC State in Raleigh, NC

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: Had to do a #2 while in the middle of the mix. I put on the 20 minute version of Rapper's Delight with the lost verse from the 4th member of the Sugarhill Gang.

Biggest Influence: The Word of God and other peoples experiences, good or bad

Favorite Internet Sites:

Words of Wisdom: In addition to making God the center of your life, maintain a balance. It is important to nurture your career, improve your health, be a family man and do the right thing... but no one thing takes more precedence over the other. Balance must be a necessity.

DJ Polo
The 20 Minute Workout | Old School Mix | Weekdays @ Noon

Birthplace: Durham NC

Birthday: January 18th

Favorite Food: Shrimp,Steak,Chicken.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Artist: Jay-Z

Favorite Movies: Scarface

First Job: McDonalds / Worst Job: McDonalds

First Radio Job: WQMG 97.1

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: None

Biggest Influence: Family

Favorite Internet Sites:

Words of Wisdom: I'm on Tour 4Life!

DJ Ern

Birthplace: Franklin, VA

Birthday: 1/23

Favorite Food: Italian, mmMmMMmm

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Artist: UGK, Three Six Mafia, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G

Favorite Movies: Comedies & Horror

First Job: WQDK, Ahoskie NC (A Country & Western Station)

Worst Job: Janitor at a country club

First Radio Job: WQDK, Ahoskie NC

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: flipping a wrong switch and turning a country station to hip-hop for a few minutes.

Biggest Influence: My parents, God & my closest friends.

Favorite Internet Sites:

Words of Wisdom: True happiness comes from within, just thinking positively will greatly change your outlook on things.

Deron Juan

Birthplace: Hendersonville, NC

Birthday: 6/20

Favorite Food: Soul Food

Favorite Colors: Blue & Gray

Favorite Artists: Redman, Jay-Z, Marsha Ambrosius

Favorite Movies: Life, Dead Presidents, & Harlem Nights

First Job: Bag Boy at Grocery Store

Worst Job: Bag Boy at Grocery Store

Favorite Radio Job: 102 Jamz

Biggest DJ Influence: My cousin George / 1st real DJ I knew. R.I.P. Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff

Favorite Internet Sites:, any hip hop sites, and eBay

Words of Wisdom: Nobody in this world owes you anything. Go out and make it happen. Life can be hard, don't make it any harder with negativity. The Serenity prayer has always calmed me. Try it if you haven't.

Lil Vegas

Starting to DJ at the young age of 3, DJ Lil Vegas saw his future. He managed to accomplish a lot before he graduated high school in 2012. While a freshman at Southern Guilford High School, Vegas began his radio career in 2009 at WNAA-FM. But it was starting his dream job at WJMH in 2012 that opened a lot of doors for him. Already, he has been the DJ for Chrisette Michele, Rick Ross, Drake, Cash Out, Rasheeda, French Montanna, and more. All by age 18!

Twitter & Instagram: @DJLilVegas


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