Sunday's 7pm- 12pm
Name: Showdown "Yo Baby Daddy"

BirthPlace: New York City

Birthday: 11-7

Favorite Food: All of the above

Favorite Color: Ova-nite yellow

Favorite Artist: Busta, Old Dirty and Biz Markie

Favorite Movies: The Crow, Grease

First Job: The State Fair

Worst Job: The State Fair

First Radio Job: 90.1 (WNAA)

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: I was taking a dump and the music cut off. When I came back on the air, I didn't know what was going on.

Biggest Influence: Sean D Favorite

Internet Sites: Raw

Words of Wisdom: Eat, Drink and live your life... and listen to Rick James

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