Akimi Starr

Born in NC and raised in the 336, Akimi Starr has loved the world of broadcast since the age of five! As a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, Akimi Starr knew early on that she would have a career in broadcasting, and began fresh out of high school back in 2003 as an intern in Public Relations. Through this internship, she was given the chance to assist in interviewing artists, and help promote small businesses in the Triad area. From there, she started volunteering at local television stations and eventually began producing small television shows, short films, and documentaries. “I love using my talents and creativity for the greater good, especially when it comes to empowering others.” Akimi has taken her work across the east coast by touring HBCU’s doing photography and promotions. In 2008, she traveled to Ghana, Africa in support of street children, bringing awareness to the importance of education. Back in the States, Akimi transitioned into radio with an internship at 102 JAMZ and eventually landed her first show with the station in 2010. Today she plans to take all that she has learned and experienced to the next level. “I’m so excited to merge my love for broadcast with my passion for creativity! I’m beyond grateful. The sky’s the limit.”

Favorite quote: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

Brian B.

Though born in nearby High Point, Brian B. grew up mostly in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he attended Western Guildford High School. While there, he was a member of the school football team and a writer for the school paper. For his high school senior project, Brian conducted an interview on the “History of Hip-Hop” where he met his future mentor, D’ Cherie Lofton, who is still the program director of North Carolina A&T’s college radio station WNAA 90.1 FM. Brian went on to attend NC A&T the following fall as a Journalism/Mass Communications major, where he eventually landed his own radio show at WNAA under the direction of Lofton and Tony Welbourne, the stations general manager.

While in college, Brian also ventured into television. Anchoring weekly news casts, and reporting on campus and athletic events quickly prepared Brian for the world of multimedia journalism. Brian would go on to intern at BET headquarters in Washington DC, where he worked as a production intern on projects like BET's “Hottest MC’s of the 21st Century”, “30 Moments and Movements”, and the “Bobby Jones Gospel Show”.

After graduating, Brian landed a job here at 102 JAMZ as a radio personality and video editor. While here, he co-wrote and sang “The Afternoon Thang,” a former theme song for 102's sister station 97.1 FM WQMG.

In the summer of 2012, Brian would take his talents to New York, where he was selected out of a group of thousands to participate in BET's 106 and Parks “The Search”. Brian's video submission impressed the BET talent scouts, and landed him a spot on the networks highest rated show on June 18, 2012, alongside former A&T alum Terrance J and co-host Rocsi Diaz. Taking everything that he learned from his experiences in New York, Brian returned to the Triad where he would land a job in television at the Triad CW 20 Network as a Producer, and hosts for one of its affiliate stations Bounce-TV.


aka mistagetitpoppn

NC's #1 Party Host

Smash City Captain

Saturday Night 10pm - 2am

NC A&T Alumni May 2k14

Instagram @mistagetitpoppn


NC born and raised. Proud Ram alum and veteran, even prouder mommy. I love music and gossip. And Jay Z

Sunday's 7pm- 12pm
Name: Showdown "Yo Baby Daddy"

BirthPlace: New York City

Birthday: 11-7

Favorite Food: All of the above

Favorite Color: Ova-nite yellow

Favorite Artist: Busta, Old Dirty and Biz Markie

Favorite Movies: The Crow, Grease

First Job: The State Fair

Worst Job: The State Fair

First Radio Job: 90.1 (WNAA)

Most Embarrassing Moment On-The-Air: I was taking a dump and the music cut off. When I came back on the air, I didn't know what was going on.

Biggest Influence: Sean D Favorite

Internet Sites: Raw

Words of Wisdom: Eat, Drink and live your life... and listen to Rick James
Slim City

As a child, Omar “Slim City” Jeffery stood out for his spontaneity and his unique ability to keep people entertained. Ironically, those core ingredients are still the ones that separate him from the pack today. While seeing his flare for the world of entertainment has always been easy, there’s a lot about “Slim City” that may seem contradictory.

At 6 ft 5 inches tall, he has a towering presence … but he has a child-like humility. When he walks into a room, he has a silent confidence... but if confronted with a challenge, he yells and shows unwavering bravery.

He can be brash and energetic at times and pensive and eager to learn in other situations. One moment he is the life of the party who’s ready to “Turn Up” and in another he’s the voice of poise and reason. Through his passion and tireless work ethic, the world gets exposed to all of the various sides of Slim City.

Perhaps it is this honesty and vulnerability that makes him a great host. It is often said that Slim City just has the intangibles. People say that he has that “IT” factor that they see in super stars. Often, people can’t explain where it comes from, but they just know it’s there.

Says Slim: “When I’m working, I set out not just to entertain, but to make the audience feel a sense of comfort. I want them to feel like its okay to let their guard down and leave all their worries of the day or week behind. I think by showing them the real me, it gives them something they can identify with”.

As a native of Kingston, Jamaica, Slim City made a name for himself in Miami, FL before relocating to Greensboro, NC in early 2012. Over the years, he’s gained invaluable experience working events such as T.I’s Live Your Life Tour and the star-filled Summerfest in 2009. He’s also been a part of countless charity events at Florida based colleges and universities as he continued to bolster his resume with outstanding parties, concerts, and television and radio gigs.

Landing an intern position at 102 Jamz in February of 2013, Slim City was hired as an on air talent in October 2013 and has plans to continue to build his brand and make the beloved Carolina based station proud. Look out for the young media mogul in the making as he takes America and the world by storm!

Vida J

Everyday life experiences intrigue me, motivating me to be the best me I can be. I come from a background of strong religious beliefs. Though I may get a little wild and crazy from time to time as an entertainment personality, there's a warm, calm, God-fearing, and caring side of me that enjoys helping others.

I love music because it helps put the reality of emotions in perspective. Any emotion that you have ever felt, you will always be able to find a song about it. It lets you know that you are not the only person who has experienced a situation that you may be going through.

I have been inspired by music since I was a young girl. I started my own girl group at age 12. We rapped and sang... those where the good ol' days. I remember a cousin of mine taking me to a concert at the Greensboro Coliseum. My passion for music grew deeper, and I fell in love with music and entertainment all over again. Looking on stage at the performers and realizing all the hard work that goes into a show - that was the moment when I knew music was meaningful, influential, and powerful, and I wanted to be a part of it.

I attended Virginia Commonwealth University where I started my own radio show and interned at WRIC Channel 8 News and WBTJ 106.5 The Beat there in Richmond, VA. After graduating, I landed at WJJS 104.9/102.7 Jammin JJS, bringing me back to my home city of Roanoke, VA. I have continued my endeavors in radio, joining the WJMH 102.1 Jamz family.

I’m striving to entertain, spread laughter, fun, and positive energy to the world. I aspire to walk up many avenues and take advantage of the many adventures life has to offer. And I won't stop. Dreams come true if you are a believer... AMBITION AND LOVE!


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