Thor Wields Hammer of Humor

Chris Hemsworth will be hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday night, and yesterday, SNL released some promo clips featuring him and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon.

At first, it was the classic girl-overwhelmed-by-hot-guy thing. But as the clips progressed, they got better, showing that Thor has a decent sense of humor.

Check them out - and check out SNL this Saturday at 11:30 to see if Thor can wield the Hammer of Humor for 90 minutes.

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Nothing to See Here!

Three-quarters of the major players from Seinfeld - you remember, the show about nothing? -  had a mini-reunion yesterday at the Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Jerry Seinfeld was hosting the first Los Angeles Fatherhood Lunch to Benefit Baby Buggy, a charity with which he's associated. 

Two of his co-stars - Jason Alexander (George) and Michael Richards (Kramer) - were also on hand.

Looks like they had some fun while they raised some funds.

It's a Seinfeld reunion at #BabyBuggyFatherhood Fantastic event and charity. @LoveRecycled @esquirenetwork #CarMatchmaker

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Nothing But Our Wit and Our Will to Save the World

Yesterday, we wrote about Robert Downey Jr's new promotion to raise money for Julia's House by offering to take a fan to the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Today, we're treated to a newly-released trailer for the film, giving us more of a glimpse into what's going on.

Looks like this is a classic evil spawned by good intentions tale - when Tony Stark's plan to shield the Earth goes awry.

I'm getting a little interested all of a sudden.

How about you?
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Crime Might Pay

So, do you remember the Hot Mugshot Guy?

Jeremy Meeks was arrested in Stockton, California last June on weapons charges. The PD at the time called him “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

His mugshot from that arrest went viral, and all of a sudden, in addition to being a felon, he was famous.

Last month, he was handed a 27-month prison sentence, and he says he's using his time creatively, planning for a post-release career in modeling and acting.

He says he's working with an agent, and he eats healthy too. "I do a lot of pushups, pull-ups, dips, burpees, and I stay very active."

By "very active," he means running away from other inmates, most likely...
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Fur Flies Between Sharon & Kim K

Sharon Osbourne - mama to Kelly, wife to Ozzy, and host at The Talk - is not known for being quiet, shy and reclusive.

She's also a well-known and vocal opponent of real fur.

So she didn't pull any punches in a recent interview with Closer magazine where she called Kim Kardashian out.

Not only for wearing fur, but for accessorizing her 20-month-old daughter - North West - in fur and other outfits that aren't appropriate for a toddler.

On the subject of fur, it makes Sharon "physically sick" and she says that "wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are."

She says that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have asked the K-Klan to stop wearing fur.

And on the subject of little North, Sharon points out that she's not "an accessory - she shouldn't be wearing ugly couture clothes."


I wonder if Kim will fire back about Sharon's hair...
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Whatever Happened to Sherlock Holmes?

Ian McKellen - Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings movies and Magneto from the X-Men movies - is setting his sights on a slightly less active character in his next film.

In Mr. Holmes, he plays the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in his golden years.

Retired for 30 years and living quietly in the English countryside, Holmes gets distracted by an unsolved case, and is forced to remember why he retired three decades earlier.

It looks very interesting - a Holmes we've never seen.

Due out in theaters this summer... Check out the trailer.

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50 Cent: "Suge Was Going To Kill" Dr. Dre

The G-Unit rapper also says he considered buying Murder Inc.

G-Unit members 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks appeared on The Breakfast Club yesterday (March 3). 50 detailed his relationship with Dr. Dre, which he would no longer say is a friendship.

"I don't call to talk to him for no reason," he says. "I think that relationship was business. For a long time, I was a New York Knick player in the middle of the LA locker room. Interscope was the West Coast when it was East Coast-West Coast going on, and I never really saw them respond properly to Game's disrespect when it happened 'cause they had some sort of allegiance to the West or something. I was like, ' You know I wrote the records?'"

50 also says that his strained relationship with Dr. Dre's business partner, Jimmy Iovine, didn't help the situation.

"Overall, I think the disconnect between me and Jimmy created the distance between me and Dre," 50 says.

Tony Yayo also expresses his discontent with Dr. Dre's support of G-Unit.

"We beat somebody up for Dr. Dre," he says. "I could say it now. No disrespect to LA, but it was a whole bunch of New York dudes beating somebody up for Dre. He's cool. I like his music and everything. I just feel when you beat somebody up I feel like they owe you a little bit."

50 Cent also suggests that Suge Knight was plotting to kill Dr. Dre because of Tupac's success at Death Row while Dre wasn't as productive. "Suge was gonna kill Dre."

"How do I keep him?" 50 asks pretending to be Suge later in the interview. "Maybe I'll give him Dre's half. I don't know. Something might have to happen to Dre."

50 Cent also says he was intrigued by rumors that he bought Murder Inc. He thought it would be a good way to end his beef with Ja Rule.

"It even made me look at what it would cost," 50 said. "I ain't gonna lie. I was like, 'Yo how much is it? How much would it be?' It would be cool to do that 'cause you can't. Just finish it off. In the laws it says when you destroy, destroy completely."

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Amazing: Guy Sings "Uptown Funk" in Cartoon Voices!

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Gotta Man Up: Father Struggles Changing His Baby's Diaper

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Big Sean Feat. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Official Video)

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