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making the station

Pressure does it again wow almost done with this  season anybody going to beat him? We are going to see

07/23/2009 7:49PM
making the station
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07/24/2009 9:44AM
yonug reazun
wats the science god ,tryna battle on tues or asap. shout out to othaz records! middleeast is most definatelly in the muthaphuckin building .the takeova is destined !!!!!!!!!!! N.C is cooking up sme raw ingredients . get at me (336)285-1830 the team is ready "REIDSVILLE",AKA"HME OF THA DIRT RDS "AKA "TOBACCO CITY" BETTA KNOWN AS N.C.''S NORTH STAR ,NONE THE LESS 29 NORTH MY G LETS DO IT FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!! ONE , SIGNING OFF YOUNG REAZUN
07/26/2009 6:28PM
Hows life kid
08/05/2009 2:14PM
Leed!!! This is ya boy Fuller in Ga. and ya boy Pressure is GARBAGE!! Anyplace - Anytime... Kalm
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