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making the station

This season been about Pressure so far he"s been winning non-stop.  Before anything happens in a rappers career he has to have support and support grows into a fan base and the fan base turns into shows and shows mean sales, then the money comes!!!! Everytime Pressure battles the calls are always voting Pressure, we gonna see if he Makes the Station

07/16/2009 5:42PM
making the station
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07/16/2009 8:56PM
Waleed, Do you have any mixed tapes? If so, how can I go about purchasing them? K-J
07/17/2009 8:47PM
Juan Pino II
I have been listening to this contest for years and I have never heard anyone as hype or as talented as this cat PRESSURE. He is the real deal and hopefully will make it big and show everyone that the 34 is where its at.
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