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You Should Try It

You know so many times in life we find ourselves always going hard and never taking the time for ourselves. Putting other people who do not desrve it first.  Or other things that we just will not put off because we feel we need to get it done. I am guilty of that and I had to say to myself one day ,That no matter how much I might disappoint someone or upset someone I need to have me some me time. Just me and no one else and man it felt good. You should try it because you desrve it. What I did was turn my phone off and ignore the outside world. I did what I wanted to do and that was "NONETHING" . Sometimes we need that refuge from the ones we care about and the other things in life that keeps us so busy because we need our time and space. I know I am different and I do put lots of hours in. But I do not do this for me enough. So if you feel you at your breakng point and need to have some me time all I can say is "You Should Try It" ..

07/14/2009 9:20AM
You Should Try It
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08/05/2009 4:46AM
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07/04/2011 6:38PM
Bradly Yonkoske
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