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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!

Yeah. I've become THAT Guy.

Kobe Bryant is in an ad for the Call of Duty: Black Ops game and is catching some pretty heavy flak for the appearance. If you haven't seen the commercial, take a look: Now, the ME of 10 years ago would have LOVED this commercial! Some of my favorites persons make guest appearances in the :30 second spot. Kobe Bryant highlights because he's a superstar athlete, world renown, and noticeable by ages ranging from 4-100+. I know this to be fact because as I was initially watching said commercial, there was a 4 year old named Izayah standing right beside me who was the one who pointed Kobe out to me in the commercial. Initially, I missed Kobe, but with the power of DVR, i was able to rewind it and get a better look. Yep, that was Kobe Bryant; holding an assault rifle, with a scope, shooting to kill. I just remember my 4 year old looking up at me and saying "Daddy, I wanna shoot like Kobe." He had said those words many times, but this was the first time his reference was away from a basketball court, and an orange ball and rim were the farthest from his mind. 10 years ago I would have thought it was cool that Kobe played the same shooting game as some of my closest friends, but when that face is noticeable to a four year old, who is at an extremely impressionable point in his life, I don't want him thinking there is ANYTHING cool with shooting semi automatic weapons. In my opinion, Kobe Bryant on a commercial of that magnitude is the equivalent to the irresponsibility of T.I. Yeah, I've become THAT guy. A Parent. One who is constantly trying to gauge the amount of ignorance and negativity that is seen by his son. One who is constantly thinking of his son in the years to come and knowing the things he experiences now will effect him for years to come. Yeah, I've become that guy. The guy who actually understands there are consequences for actions. The guy who gets called Mr. and Sir by high school and college kids alike. The guy who thinks that being of a superstar level and having millions of CHILDREN wearing your jersey, one should think about doing commercials shooting heavy artillery . Bad form Kobe, bad form. Yeah. I've become THAT Guy.

11/19/2010 2:48AM
Yeah. I've become THAT Guy.
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