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Wiz Khalifa Says Rap & Religion Should Be Separate

Wiz Khalifa addresses fads in Hip Hop, comments on the sense of "togetherness" marijuana brings about.

Throughout the years, Hip Hop has touched on a number of controversial topics including gun violence, drug use, and even religion. Despite the array of subjects the genre touches on, one rapper in particular feels that a line should be drawn between rap and religion.

While speaking with, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa shared his thoughts on religion in rap and spoke on the topic being just another fad in Hip Hop.

“This is just me personally, I don’t like how much people play with religion in rap,” Wiz revealed. “You know what I’m saying? I feel like that’s a fad that a lot of people came into and they don’t really understand really what they’re saying or doing. So, they’re playing into that because it’s popular, it’s cool, but it’s not really what the shit’s about. So, when you talk about religious stuff and you talk about rap culture. Religion is religion and rap culture is rap culture.”

Later in the interview, the Taylor Gang spitter spoke on the popularity of Molly and party culture in today’s Hip Hop before sharing the reason why he’s drawn to marijuana.

“As far as like drugs, Molly, and partying, of course the next drug is gonna be the next cool thing. Whatever’s popping that’s what people talk about, but I feel like there’s people who really do it and are experienced in it and they’re not even rappers…With pot for me, the appeal to it is the togetherness of it. Cause when you first get weed—the first thing you do is share it. You hit it, you pass it. That’s what weed is based on. It’s based on sharing.”

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05/14/2013 12:33AM
Wiz Khalifa Says Rap & Religion Should Be Separate
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