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Willow Smith Tongue Ring?

11 yr. old Willow Smith, daugther of Will and Jada Smith, has publicly annonuced that the tongue ring she has been showing off is actually a FAKE. She tweeted "It's fake...Sorry" after her fans began to criticise her about it. Whether she is WIll Smith's daughter or Shaquan from down the street daughter she's a kid they like to try stuff, not saying I agree with everything kid's do, but I know it's to be expected for kid's to want to be creative.One of her fan's tweeted "Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring. Where is her parents?" But that's the problem we don't know Will and Jada's whole life story you don't know how they were raised and what influences life had or have on them to make the decisions they make. Parenting does not come with a rule book. So, if they let their child have short hair and so many piercings she looks hellraiser that's their business. We take Hollywood to serious it's entertainment people stop getting sucked into it and worry about what your child is doing. Is your child on drugs, is you daughter still a virgin, how many A's your son got? You don't know, but you know everything Willow Smith did in her "whip my hair" video. Let it go people they call it Hollyweird for a reason.

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06/29/2012 11:16AM
Willow Smith Tongue Ring?
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12/24/2012 11:20PM
tongue riing
i know that willow smith is not going to bore her tongue because she is a good girl my name is brandon gordon from jamaica i like hiw you sing u and your brother
12/24/2012 11:26PM
tongue ring
u are a angel girl
06/02/2014 9:53PM
tongue ring
Hi my name is Briana everyone k me as bre who cares if willow haves a tongue pears or not weary about yourself son leave this little girl alone and mine your own businesses and leave her the hell alone and you people need to stop cometing on her if she likes girls or not and it does not mean she likes girls if she haves her hair shaves or not this is how I put it are you f gay so back the hell of you people need to realise she only 12 so get a dam life and move on and mind your own business for once just to let you k you u have anything to say Facebook me if you have a problem for what I have to say just saying I'm just telling yo gys the truth:-)
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