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Which Do You Like?

I really wanted to post the slide show of Trina's cell phone pics on my blog this week,  but due to the explicit content I'm not allowed so you'll have to search the web and find it yourself  :/.  Instead I've decided give props to Grace Jones who I've always LOVED .  I  may be showing my age but fierce is fierceand Grace is definatly that.  Plus we're both from Syracuse!  LET'S GO ORANGE!!!  I recently saw a pose  Amber Rose ( Kanye's girlfriend) re did of an old Grace pic from back in the day.   By far I think Graces picture is better artistically, physically, color contrast, I could go on and on!  What do you think?  Weigh in
The Remake
The Original!

03/02/2010 8:20AM
Which Do You Like?
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03/25/2010 6:29AM
Grace Jones hands down. Look at that gorgeous black skin, that awesome body structure her stature. I could go on and on.
04/03/2010 8:54PM
stan rox
grace jones definately has more style and grace. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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