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Where were you when Aaliyah died?

The Anniversary of Aaliyah's death is 3 days away. 2001 was a tough year. Less than a month after her death, we were mourning for the victims of 9-11. Aaliyah's passing was SO tragic though. Something I will NEVER forget: August 25, 2001: Club Icehouse I remember it being around 12:30am, maybe 1am, and the DJ stopped the music. “Wow! May I have everyone’s attention?? This story JUST broke y’all: Aaliyah is dead. She crashed in an airplane leaving a runway apparently, and Aaliyah is DEAD.” The silence that engulfed the audience was DEAFNING. I looked to the left: I saw a female consoling her female friend. I looked to the right: I saw a hoodlum, teary eyed, pouring his Moet on the floor “In Remembrance Of”. The DJ then went into an Aaliyah set, playing all her hits: Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, Try Again, Rock the Boat, One in a Million, Back and Forth, If your girl only knew, Hot Like Fire, 4 Page Letter, etc. I even had to sneak and wipe an almost tear away (as to not be the ONLY person in the club appearing to be an emotionless bastard). If you weren’t emotional at that point, you weren’t human. It was kinda difficult to bring the energy back after that. I remember the club getting extremely light once that announcement was made and her set was played. It’s funny how people are remembered though. I remember WHILE SHE WAS LIVING, people would always talk about how much Aaliyah couldn’t sing well LIVE. Now in her passing? Oh, Aaliyah had THE most “angelic” voice anyone has ever heard. #Dahtstare I guess Big was right: “You’re nobody, til somebody, kills you”. Even if the killing was accidental by a pilot who lied about how many hours he had actually flown, and had fraudulently gotten his Pilots license; & had alcohol and cocaine in his system, so says the autopsy. R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton. I’m about to go watch Romeo Must Die.

08/22/2011 3:21AM
Where were you when Aaliyah died?
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09/09/2013 9:16AM
I Wish I could Have Saved Her!!!
I wasn't born yet but I know alot about her now and she was a great person. She is dearly missed
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