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Where's The Green

Since the begining of my garden obsession I realized how at one with nature you are when you garden.  The miracle of food for a season or 2 from a few small seeds is truly amazing.  It's proof  to me there must be  higher being that controls the miracles of natures flawless cycles amoung other things! 

 So when I see churches with so much land take it and turn it into a mega church

Where'e the garden?

with rec centers and parking lots, I wonder do they think of nature as part of   religion.  I wonder how many mega churches out there if any have a community garden. 

What a way for members to gain a higher respect for the Creator, while learning a healthier lifestyle. What a way to help  out members whom may need food assistance.   

Healthy living is also the "right way" to live, showing respect to the life the Creator blessed you with. 

Imagine how BIG there garden could be.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I guess I  just wanted to express my disappointment with religion that separates nature from church. 

Does the church work with nature?

I say all this to say start a garden today!  The respect you gain for the earth is something that can't be taught and you can't buy with offering!  How we treat the earth and our bodies is as important as how nice and high tech our churches are!

07/19/2009 8:29AM
Where's The Green
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