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What a Difference a Month Makes!!!

Everything is doing so well! Looking back at the photos from just a month ago I'm BLOWN away! And my first photos, WOW things have changed so much Again I say nature is soooo NEAT! It's AMAZING how the Creator works!
So check me out here is my main
Delyteful Garden from a far!
I got all fancy with power point, trying some before and after. I didn't see a need to post this pic of the newly potted mint at the time, but once I compared the photos a month later, I thought what a treat to see!
What do you think?
Pretty Neat hugh? Well there's more!
You gotta scroll down and look at last months Tomato patch shots then check this out......
GO ME, GO ME, making food!

Another angle. I'm trying 3 different methods to contain my 'matas. :) Cages, and 2 different kinds of staking. I've added more basil while the chives flourish, the scallions that were transported don't seem to have taken off but as long as they help keep critters away I'm good, we have more then enough in other places that are HUGE(you'll see keep scrolling)!

I haven't seen many critters.(except for spider webs) so I'm thinking the companion gardening may be working. We'll see as things ripen. See here chives and basil planted in between rows, it's suppose to keep away pesky bugs and improve flavor! Basil tomatoes off the vine? Ohhhh can't wait to see!

Like I said I have plenty of onions. The green leaves here in the front are potatoes!! They are growing like crazy! I'm going to cover them with hay and have a potato mound. They can grow in hay! Can you believe that! There's kale in between. the onions, cabbage in the back and okra on the side. Keep scrolling for close ups!

The cabbage I thought was dead for sure when I planted it. The mulch underneath, I read it helps the root and stem. Yes that's an empty bottle of my garden gas in the back ground. Don't judge me! :)

Okra seeds breaking through! I think I will thin these down to 2 or 3 plants that will plenty I'm sure.

Everything seems to being OK here, my dill has sprouted but to small to see, tarragon maybe growing or it could be weeds, the peas, cucumbers and beans are looking great. Eggplant, beets & carrots are doing so so.
More close ups Here's the last bed to get started. Last month full of weeds its now the home of Squash, herbs beans, celery and cucumbers. It may look empty now but squash take over quickly. Check out more close up.

Pole beans 2 different colors should come up!

So that's my 4 part main garden! But wait there's more!

My herb garden has gone CRAZY! I've given away a bush and a half of oregeno and still have too much!

Any suggestions on what to do with it?

My salad beds are doing good as well! We've actually eaten a salad or 2 from it! And of coarse it was delicious! Check em out!!

Salad bowl of mixed greens, the one I ate from!

Spinach Bowl

Close up of Cilantro, it makes everything taste better! Surrounded by kale & lettuce

Side Bed! The tree is doing well, flowers are growing and salad bed #2 is looking GREAT!

Close up of sunflowers, and loofah which is a groud! Can't wait to see what fresh loofah is like!

Radishes, onions and summer spinach here!
I'll add carrots in July and maybe Brussels sprouts in August.

Here's my Pumpkin Patch!

The Sugar baby is a seed from last years crop! How exciting is that! I plan to try and do that with everything this year! There off by themselves because, they go vine CRAZY and take over!

So much gardening, so many pics so little time.

Things are changing so fast I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up. Since these pics I have a few green tomatoes, and everything is noticeably growing. I promise to share it all if you keep coming back! Then get motivat ed to make your own food!


05/25/2009 9:01AM
What a Difference a Month Makes!!!
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