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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!

What I did was Horrendous (by: Mike Vick?)

Vick as an Eagle This is the blog that was supposed to be written by the hands of Mike Vick himself; Mike Vick says he didn't write it. It is also speculated that Russell Simmons wrote the blog from a 1st person persepctive following a conversation that he and Vick had "off the record". Either way, here it is; you be the judge. **GLOBAL GRIND EXCLUSIVE** I'm sorry. That's the place where I need to begin. My feeling of remorse. I ain't never written a blog before, so putting my thoughts down on paper is a challenge - however it's a challenge I must face. I can look a 250 pound linebacker in his eyes at the line of scrimmage and have no fear. But expressing myself when I know that there are millions of people who are so angry with me, and rightfully so, is a challenge unlike any other I have faced before. What I did was horrendous. Awful. Inhumane. And I've no excuses for my actions. It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I've done. And I'm gonna be real honest, it took a while for me to get to this place. Sitting in a prison cell didn't make me feel remorse. It was meeting so many animal lovers, speaking with them and looking them in their eyes. Staring at them. Looking so deep into their eyes that I began to feel their pain. Allowing that pain to enter into my body is when I started to understand how bad it really was. I have been trying hard to connect with people who feel this pain,because for my whole life I was disconnected from the suffering of animals. And you might say, "come on Mike, how could you do those things to those dogs?" And you're right...I ask myself those questions every day. What kind of person does this? How does a human-being treat dogs or any animal with such pain and cruelty? And the hard part for me is the answer to these questions. Because the answer is ME. And I am trying so hard right now to become a better person, because who I was, I am ashamed of. Cause see, my whole life has been numb. I was numb to the violence in my community...cause I saw it all the time, ever since I was a child. I mean, how does one grow up in a city that's nickname is Bad Newz? You can probably guess that from the jump, ya' know I've seen some bad things in my life. And football was the only way that I could escape. As a kid, I even used to go out fishing, and most of the times I wouldn't catch a darn thing, but just needed to get away from the chaos every once in a while. So, when the commissioner called my name as the #1 draft pick in the NFL - the first time a black quarterback had ever been chosen as the #1 pick, I thought my life was all good. But, what I didn't realize then, that I have begun to realize now, is that even though I had more money in my pocket, big cars and big houses, I was still numb. And when I say numb, I ain't talkin about not realizing the stuff that was going on around me, it was just like I was living life asleep. However, that is still no excuse for what I did. But let's not forget that there are still hundreds of thousands of young people growing in similar environments and seeing violence at a young age has severe consequences. Now that I'm trying my best to wake up, I know I have a lot of work to do. And this isn't about trying to win a Super Bowl ring or a MVP trophy...this is about trying to save lives. I think back to when I use to play football and of course I use to see all those kids in the stands wearing #7 jerseys. And I would never want them to look up to the Michael Vick who did all of those terrible things to the dogs. I know where I need to do the most work is with all of the people around the world who continue to fight dogs. Let me be straight forward with y'all: What I did was wrong, and what you're doing is wrong. We must stop dog fighting, and I will do everything in my power to be a voice of someone who has finally woken up from the numbness, and knows just how bad it really is. My mission now is to be a source of service to save many animals. I am working very closely with The Humane Society and will be launching a new campaign shortly. If I had one hope in life, it would be that my actions will speak louder than my words. I know it will be hard to forgive me until you see my sincerity through my actions, but I promise you and I promise myself that that day will come. Lastly, I accept this challenge, not of writing this blog, but of redeeming myself. -Michael Vick Comments STRONGLY suggested!

08/18/2009 5:03AM
What I did was Horrendous (by: Mike Vick?)
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08/18/2009 7:30PM
Pocket Rocket of Atlanta
Mike, I have believed that you are a good person from the heart from the beginning and my blogs on Foxsports and other blog sights bare my consistency. I still believe that you stand on the verge of becoming one of the greatest examples of an individual demonstrating what it means to not give up, give in, or quit the journey. God loves to use people like that for a message and a ministry. You are at the doorway of a new beginning in Christ to being used for His purposes and shine in His Glory. Be sure to come back and play NFL football like you did with the Falcons at the Dome. I missed the excitement on Sundays at the Ga. Dome. How you come back to play is the measure of your victory over your challenges. What you do with your return to original form will be your ministry to demonstrate that one can have victory over adversity. Hang in there and know that there is one person in America that is saying (what my Mom taught me), "Keep Moving and don't quit". Stay humble and strong. Forgive the people that will curse you, spit at you, and call you names. The POWER of Forgiveness will give you strength not to retaliate and become like them. You don’t have to say or tell them or everyone that you forgive them, just forgive them by acknowledging there pain and anger, wish them well, and pray for them in your privacy. Footnote: There may be millions of people that are angry with you but there are also twice as many millions of people that are supporting you and are pulling for your return also. I write this statement to provide balance to your perspective and to your opinion.
09/04/2009 7:18AM
eugene byrom
other teams are in deep shit, now the vick is going to eat there tails up like a pitbull-----------waz up dog
02/07/2010 4:53PM
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