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See You In 2010!!!!!!!

What a year! When you on the radio it seems as life goes by fast but this year was busy!!!! New changes in politics, economy, entertainment, fashion, its more change this year than from 1999 to 2000. Maybe this really the turn of century not 10 years ago.....Anyway 2010 is almost here and I feel like the best is really yet to come! every yeear I am so optimistic for the next but at same time life gets better and better for me. I have goals not resolutions for 2010 and stay tuned to this blog because in 2010 I will share more of my life with you. in meantime you can catch Waleed Coyote TV on youtube and keep listening to the station. Rappers new decade of Making The Station! New Decade of Middle East Car Show! New Decade of Friday Night Football!!!!Ever Forward Never Backwards Inshallah I will see you in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!
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