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Time to Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing year in High School football!!!! Who gets the Baby Heisman?  Everyone deserves it, only one gets the trophy so cast your Vote NoW!!!!
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What A Season!!!

Its been such an interesting season so far on Friday Night Football.  Last night Smith defeated Page the first time since 1992!  I remember being in the stands while Herbie Streter, Terry Cooper and Curtis Johnson defeated Page.  That was such a huge memory,  attending Smith High School was a great experience.  The only thing was we had talent but never direction, anyway that was then and now the Eagles are undefeated!! Wow its a remarkable thing for the old neighborhood, first time in a long time i see the school spirit.  That"s a great thing, and still the question that I get at least once a day is, who's coming to the concert?  As soon as all the paperwork is done and the ink is dry, I will let you know who's coming to the "DJ Hero Concert."  Until next week make sure you hit me on twitter @waleedcoyote and remember ever forward never backward!!! Have a great week my GZZZZZ!!!!
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Ready for New Friday Night Footballl!!!!!

Lets go two games into the season, and we bout to pick players of the week.  Gota give much love to coach Turk who is recovering and still helping the show! Send him message @ Turkjamz2@vtext.com.  Shouts out to Smith Eagles havent forgot we bringing the show to you!!!Every week we gone keep you update cause Friday Night Football is back!!!!!!
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See You In 2010!!!!!!!

What a year! When you on the radio it seems as life goes by fast but this year was busy!!!! New changes in politics, economy, entertainment, fashion, its more change this year than from 1999 to 2000. Maybe this really the turn of century not 10 years ago.....Anyway 2010 is almost here and I feel like the best is really yet to come! every yeear I am so optimistic for the next but at same time life gets better and better for me. I have goals not resolutions for 2010 and stay tuned to this blog because in 2010 I will share more of my life with you. in meantime you can catch Waleed Coyote TV on youtube and keep listening to the station. Rappers new decade of Making The Station! New Decade of Middle East Car Show! New Decade of Friday Night Football!!!!Ever Forward Never Backwards Inshallah I will see you in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What A season!!!!!!!

I been on the radio doing Friday Night Football but never like this!! Coach Turk my insight for FriDAY NIGHT fOOTBALL iS HERE ON THE THIS BLOG WITH ME! Coach Turk tonight was history these athletes deserved the trophies!!!! Now Coach tell us about the Baby Heisman and Team of The Year & Coach of the Year.....Thank you Waleed... Let start with the Coach of the Year The Ben L.Smith Golden Eagles Head Coach Rodney Brewington who is teaching his Eagle's to Fly after snapping the States longest losing streak which had reached 32 game open the season with a win over his former school W.S. Atkins and then he got his team into the playoffs congratulation Coach B.Now for Team of the Year The Reidsville Rams.Why you ask??? Well 48 straight wins and Three (3) 2A State Titles nothing else need be said. Player of the Year Tyrell Houghton QB Reidsville Rams in the 2008-09 season he took over for an injured Ray Ray Butchee and guided the Ram to the 17 state Title and then return for his Senior season and he did it again. The 18th state title was great the win over Newton Conover (26-6) was a victory not only for the School,but for the City of Reidsville (The True Capital of High School Football) and the Piedmont Triad. Thank You Waleed for making my Dream of creating the Hottest High School Football possible and for allowing me the chance to give my opinion on the Game.See you Next Season PEACE !!!!!!
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last day to vote is today!!!!!!!!!

This is it!!!!!!!Today (Saturday Dec. 12) is your day to vote, after today the way to find the major announcement is Tuesday Night at 750 p.m. The votes are in & they are gone be counted, everyone wants to know who will get the "Baby Heisman"
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The last day to vote for Player of Year is Saturday Dec.12th!!!!

The voting is picking up and now its up to you!!!!! Saturday December 12th the voting ends and on Tuesday December 15th we announce the "Player of the Year"!!!! The Baby Heisman Goes toooooo..............
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How Long is the vote for Friday Night Football Player of the Year??

This year was the best year we ever did Friday Night Football!!! Now who will win the "Baby Heisman"? Its a trophy that needs its own trophy case! Saturday December 12th is the last day to vote. The winner will be announced on Tuesday December 15, 2009. Please vote cause you will decide the winner
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Last Game of the Season!!!

This week friday night football regular season comes to an end.  What a season congratulations to all the players of the week.  Now its time to think post-season time to think player of the year, team of the year, coach of the year.  You should see these trophies. It was a great season Coach Turk really knows what he"s talking about!!!! Big Ups to the Big homie!
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I said it Now I got to do it!

Before the Ftiday Nite Football season started Coach Turk said my old high school Ben L. Smith was gonna be playoff bound.  I felt like he was picking on me because despite the thirty-two game losing streak, I still pull for the Eagles!  I said "if Smith wins 4 games then I will throw the school a concert.  Now as of last night Smith has won 4 games!!!!!
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We Goin In!!!!

Wow Friday Nite football last week was crazy a lot of close of games!!!! If Smith High School wins 2 more games then I have to do a show at the school!!! Tuesday Nite we find out who the next player of the week will be announced at 750 pm Its on and poppin!
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New Beginingz

New Football Season and the first Player of the Week is #9 Cody Davis for smth High School.  I spoke on Smith since I graduated from there if they win 4 games this season, then I will give em a mini concert for the school!!!!! We will see if they can do it!  Also new season of Making the Station is here!!!!!!
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