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Early voting is going ON right and you SHOULD  stand up and be counted.  We are the generation that helped put a black man in the White house, how could would stop now?  Yesterday I early voted and it took less then 10 minutes! You give your name they verify your residence and your in!   The poll I went to said  the majority of the voters had been elderly, it sounds almost insane to me that the elderly would be more interested in voting then young people!  This will be our country and world longer then there's, why wouldn'twe care to vote??  To see disable elderly who had to vote from there cars care enough, made me sad that my generation doesn't care!  What will become of a country where adults don't care about the issues?    This year is an important election year, those who oppose the current administration have joined together and call themselves the Tea Party.  You can best believe there going to vote.  Republican led there plan is to get Repulicans in control of the House and Senate  limiting the Presidents ability to keep campaign promises.  The tone in this country is a bit scary to me, not agreeing with politics is one thing but signs saying go back to Kenya etc. takes the protest level to hate.  Research shows that the Tea Parties negative energy is fueling hate groups across the country.   Is conservative or tea party the new word for Klan?   For example the presidents  message  trying to encourage the ones who put him in office and are known not to be heavy voters to go vote  and a conservative DC paper says in a front page headline "Obama Disses White Guys"   WTF?  Now to a "conservative" who feels his freedom is about to be taken away somehow through health care reform  and is angry his vote didn't put who he wanted in office may feel this is salt in his wounds and want to do something drastic about it.  Why plant seeds like this in the unstable society we live in?  Irresponsible journalism is to blame for spreading this type of foolishness!.  Anywho I say all this to say PLEASE VOTE & VOTE NOW you and your childrens future depend on it!  Check out the message from the President  Message from Obama on voting NOW! Is it a Diss?  Of coarse not but this paper thinks so!   And REASON why YOU should Vote! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE PEACE

04/28/2010 8:22AM
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09/10/2010 7:29AM
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