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Unnecessary or Justified Tasing?

At a Phillies game, a 17 year old fan calls his dad from the stand and says: "Dad, can i run on the field?", his dad says "i don't think you should son", then the kid says, "This would be a once in a lifetime experience!" At that point, he hit the field running and is eventually tased to be subdued. The question is: Was the tasing justified or was it unnecessary? Dahts Take: He had to be made an example of. With 6 officers on the field chasing him, and not being able to catch him, something had to be done. You can't just have people feeling like at any time they can run onto the field and delay the game for as long as they deem necessary. I enjoyed it and agree it was handled correctly. If you haven't seen the tasing, check it out here:

05/05/2010 5:01AM
Unnecessary or Justified Tasing?
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