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True School Hip Hop Heads

True SchoolWhat Up! Lets talk. I was just sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to have grown up during a certain era in Hip Hop music. The era that witnessed everythng from Run-DMC and Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince thru Jay, B.I.G.,Nas, Dre, Snoop, Outkast on till artist like Wayne and T.I.  that are rocking today.       I hate when people try to act like if you grew up with those earlier artist that I mentioned, that you should have out grown Hip Hop by now. More than likely, the truth is that if you ARE a part of that group, you could never let go of hip hop. More than likely, its just in you. More than likely, you couldn't imagine not having any Hip Hop in your life.....THAT WOULD SUCK! I say that to say this......."F"   THAT !!!!!!!!       You should not just let that part of you, drift off into some boring ass old head playlist that has you falling asleep by song number 2!! Keep Hip Hop alive with You,  as it is alive with me !!! Matter of Fact if you are from that Era....I'm hosting a True School Show/Party with the classic group "Nice N Smooth" Friday night. Holla at me for info. or check out Later

07/16/2009 9:42AM
True School Hip Hop Heads
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03/14/2012 11:03AM
Fall Back
Nothing that is played on any clear channel network is true school. Non of the music you have posted here is true school. People like you are whats wrong with music. Your an outsider thats why you don't know lil wayne , Rick ross is NOT TRUE SCHOOL
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