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Trayvon Martin's Parents Respond To George Zimmerman

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07/20/2012 12:47AM
Trayvon Martin's Parents Respond To George Zimmerman
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07/20/2012 1:15AM
i.feel this is someone child.and.bany that was.mirder i feel that zimmerman did.this on a hate crime i have no sorrys.for he killed..innocent child coma comes back. he has to my.respect.goes out to.the parents.of.travon he will never.see.his paremts.walk with eat.and smile and tell his parents or baby.sis or brother be loves.tbem.all. this zimmer an needs 30 yr how.would.he.feel if it.was.his feel?
07/22/2012 10:58PM
travons death
It was selfdefence trayvon wanted to act like a thug so he died like a thug
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