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Tinys Nail Bar

It was well over  a year in the making, & now   Tiny Cottle has finally opened her nail bar at a strip mall in  Stockbridge, G.A..  Check out the pics from the grand opening ! tinynailba500 tinynailbar400 tinynailbar500                 Tiny’s Nail Bar will feature manicures, pedicures, massages, body wraps, spray tanning, and complimentary health drinks and juices. The shop is described as a full-service nail salon combined with a full-service bar.  A bar in a nail salon sounds good, there's never a bad place to have a drink :)!   But check out the video below, it looks like someone was drunk when they did these nails!  No diss just different strokes for different folks and those styles arn't my cup of tea! :)  BTW the background video music is the OMG Girls,  the group Tiny has out, with  her daughter, Toya & Lil Waynes daughter and a couple of other girls.  OMG is all that comes to my mind when I hear the song! Tinys Nail Bar What so you think?  About the nails & song.

01/26/2010 8:15AM
Tinys Nail Bar
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01/27/2010 8:04AM
Dedicated Listener
I don't think it looks like someone was DRUNK. The nails don't look quite THAT bad. They are, however, GHETTO which more than fits the name of the place. Nail bar? She could have come up with something better than that.
02/26/2010 5:24PM
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