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The newest food craze.....FRIED KOOL-AID!

Fried Kool-Aid is the Latest Craze at Local Fair (Video)

Nobody can tell me that the latest food craze isn’t the result of a weed head’s nightmare.  What does it sound like to you?  Fried Kool-Aid?  Fried Pepsi?  Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich?  Now that last one alone is proof that someone was smoking the cheeba and woke up in a foodless house and serious munchies in mind.  How else do you explain these type of concoctions? “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian came up with these crazy ideas and according to Hip Hop Wired, he sold between 400 and 600 orders served at the San Diego County Fair. During the fair he also went through 150 pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour.  Yikes! Right?  He must have got a special order somewhere in there for Snoop and his weed smokin’ crew.  It doesn’t sound like you can be fully sober to eat it, but apparently it’s a hit. So, the moral to this story is, try something crazy.  Your craziest idea may have you laughing all the way to the bank!  Check him and the Kool-Aid dunkin’ process out. -J.C. Brooks Story Credit:

06/22/2011 9:35AM
The newest food craze.....FRIED KOOL-AID!
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