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The Tiny & Toya Show

HEY Hey hey......          After seeing the previews of the Tiny & Toya show  I swore I'd NEVER watch .   Then a marathon came on when I had nothing else to do, and since  then I've been drawn to it like a bad car wreck.  You know , you want to turn away but you can't.  I tune in to see how silly it will be, what situations they will magnify and I can't wait for the new season.  I'm sure I won't be on shut down, don't call me, I'm watching  TV mode like I was for Americas Next Top Model or Atlanta housewives.  But I will be waiting for a marathon to consume one of my lazy Saturdays.  I type all this to say when I stumbled across this spoof of the show I just HAD to share it with you! So sit back relax and  get ready to laugh! (The link is below but in black,  hell if I know why butjust move your mouse around and you'll find it!)  TINY & TOYA Spoof FUNNY RIGHT? LOL :)

11/24/2009 8:31AM
The Tiny & Toya Show
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11/29/2009 4:54PM
that was da most funniest thing i have saw in n a long time.they got them down to a T.
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