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The Tar Heel's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer                                       The Tar Heels Prayer:
Our Father                                                    Dean Smith
Who art in heaven                                        Who hath lost thine memory
Hallowed it be thy name                               Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come                                       Thy Season Come
Thy will be done                                           This Season sucks
On earth                                                       At Home
As it is in heaven                                           As well as on the road
Give us this day                                             Give us this day
Our daily bread                                             a win in Cameron
And forgive our trespassers                        And forgive our Coaching
As we forgive those                                       As we forgive those
That trespass against us                              Who beat us by 20
Lead us not                                                    Beat us not
Into temptation                                             inside Cameron
But deliver us from evil                                But deliver us from losing
For thine is the kingdom                              For thine is the tournament
The power                                                     the ACC
The glory                                                        the NCAA
Amen                                                              Amen

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02/13/2013 10:06AM
The Tar Heel's Prayer
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