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The Black Woman!

Check the link below about THE BLACK WOMAN then read on! Recently someone sent me this link, it may be very offensive and racist to some but has very good points!  It's way to long to play on air but I wanted to share this with you becasue although painful to hear because I too have fallen into some of  these categories, it's REAL TALK  of how the black woman may be viewed and how some truly act!  My experience : 2 children from 2 different men (7 years apart give me a little credit) Neither guy  is a true positive roll model for my son , I hope my Dad rubs off on him. Although I picked these guys, I feel like a victim sometimes.  When honestly self esteem, thinking,  a better choice of men and waiting to be married may have changed a lot in my life!  So yeah although working hard to be the best Me 1st,  Mom 2nd sometimes I feel low about my choices.  Then I see Neffie (Keisha Coles sister)  is pregnant again!Neffie-dancing
 remember the last show she’d had a baby from someone she met while with her last  husband, she contemplated abortion and now preganant again from a different guy WOW!
  Neffie Expecting Again
    I think about the anger she’s dealing with and the positive things she’s trying to do and I’m happy to say TODAY I know better.  Having a child plannesd or not can and will slow down progress in growth & carreer.  I wish she would’ve waited until she grows a bit more, I also wonder how she truley enteracts with her kids outside the camera?  I’m not dogging Neffie or anyone else facing similar situations but it makes you think when you hear it put in a way such as the clip did!  Then I feel bad for Neffie because with this
Mom of the Year
as your Mom your thought process may be off just a bit.  Nobody ever taught her or gave her an example of a good woman. Frankie Partay!   She's doing the best she can with what she knows.  Which is the problem with most of the woman that are reffered to in the clip.  They don't know... Mother & Daughter

08/26/2009 5:08PM
The Black Woman!
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11/29/2009 4:41PM
sum 1 need to call socail service on her. she need help. her sister will never b able to have her own family b/c of
03/06/2010 10:42AM
[...] YOU ... regarding neffie fiance,i saw on the show where he went to buy her an engagement ring. ...102 Jamz The Black Woman!Then I see Neffie (Keisha Coles sister) is pregnant again! remember the last show she'd ... I'm not [...]
08/25/2010 8:55PM
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