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Fantasia Is Back on Broadway in the show After Midnight!
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Phil Jackson Thinks Kardashians Led Lamar Odom Off the Edge
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Kerry Washington is Pregnant with First Child

A source from Kerry Washington's camp reveals that the 36 year old actress is pregnant with her firstchild. The Scandalous actress secretly married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha this past June. Congratulations Kerry!
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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Meets DMX- Awkward [Video]
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Drake Drops Weird Video for Toronto Raptors Promo
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RHOA's Kenya Moore Says Kanye Tried to Hit it First

Kenya Moore, the resident delusional on Real Housewives of Atlanta told Access Hollywood that Kanye West tried to kick it to her year before he was on the Kim Kardashian train.

“Kanye likes beautiful women, curvy women… this was a long time ago. He was really sweet when I met him. He seemed very humble. I thought he was a great guy,” she said, explaining that he approached her asking if she wanted to hear some music. “We met in Beverly Hills. He walked over, he was very humble. He spoke to me. He was super nice. Of course, we didn’t date, because I was with someone. He was a very charming guy, I can say that. I was very charmed.”

There’s no denying that Kenya Moore flew over the cuckoo’s nest but she is a bombshell and seems right up Kanye’s ally. I wonder what it would have been like if Kimye were actually Kenye.

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Chris Brown Heads to Rehab in MALIBU

Chris Brown will spend up to 3 MONTHS in a Malibu rehab joint for his anger problems ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the singer tell TMZ ... there has been no firm decision on the precise length of time Brown will stay, but everyone in Brown's camp -- including Brown himself -- is open to as much as 3 months.

One source put it this way ... "The rehab facility has been told to take him [Brown] apart and put him back together."

As TMZ first reported ... Brown is specifically getting treatment for his anger problem, which manifested itself this past weekend
 when he was arrested for allegedly punching a guy in the face.

And, as we previously reported, Brown's lawyer, Mark Gregaros, knows it's very likely the judge in the Rihanna case will revoke Brown's probation, which could put him behind prison bars for up to 4 years.  The rehab move is an act of good faith, showing Brown is dealing with his problems.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2jEvgesDv 

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Chris Brown's FELONY Reduced to MISDEMEANOR [Video]
Chris Brown -- Charge REDUCED To Misdemeanor Assault 

Chris Brown just got cut a big break ... the assault charge has just been reduced from a FELONY to a MISDEMEANOR ... and Chris pled not guilty.  Chris has just been released without bail. He's also required to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

Chris had been ordered to take a drug test, but the judge just vacated that order.  It's standard in such cases to order a drug test, but that has been cancelled.  

The bodyguard's charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

TMZ broke the story ... Brown was arrested for felony assault early Sunday morning in Washington D.C. after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel and breaking his nose.

Brown allegedly got into an argument with a man, said "I'm not down with that gay s**t, I'm into boxing," and then punched him in the nose.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the fight started when the man and his friend photobombed Chris, who was posing for a picture with two girls.

Sources close to Chris insist the fight wasn't over a photo -- they say the alleged victim tried to force his way onto Chris' tour bus, and Chris was merely trying to stop a trespass.

Brown has been in custody since the incident. 

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2j44kt6Ob 
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The Evolution of Beyonce [Medely]
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'CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story' Scored Big Ratings

Pulling in 4.5 million viewers Monday night, VH1 scored the highest-rated original cable movie of 2013 with CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, the biopic that chronicles the R&B group’s rise to fame. CrazySexyCoolscored a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and a 5.5 rating for women 18-34, making it VH1’s highest-rated original movie ever.

In addition to ratings, CrazySexyCool also took hold of Twitter: According to SocialGuide, the TV movie was the most-tweeted program on TV last night, generating 1.92 million tweets with the hashtag #CrazySexyCool.

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Pharrell Opens Up About the New Beyonce Album

(AllHipHop News) 
Ever since Beyonce released her fourth solo debut album in 2011 she has 1. had a baby 2. performed around the world multiple times 3. not released another album. Pharrell spoke with Billboard to assure them that Beyonce is not only working on an album but that it is phenomenal.

Pharrell attributes the delay to Mrs. Carters’ as-of-yet untitled fifth album to Beyonce’s perfectionist expectations she places on her music:

B’s album is crazy. Let me tell you what it is. She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste. I guess that’s the reason she’s Beyonce.

Pharrell also admits that even when people believe Beyonce is finished with the album “she’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m almost done.’” This proclivity to continuously working of Beyonce’s was cosigned by Diplo who said Beyonce scrapped her album in July of 2013.

While the world is clamoring for the next compilation of music from the Houston-bred songstress, Beyonce is occupied with other endeavors  such as jumping off of buildings.  The singer recently uploaded a video of her jumping from the top of The Sky Tower, 630 feet in the air in Auckland, New Zealand.

by Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

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Phil Jackson Coaches Kendrick Lamar [Explained]
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Kanye Previews New Song in San Jose

Forward to 2:48 mark
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Mary J. Blige Sings World Series' Game 1 National Anthem
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Rihanna Embraces Her Medusa Side

Rihanna tweeted/instagramed the new British GQ magazine covers which features her as the infamous goddess Medusa. Surely inspired by rap group Migos' single "Versace" which also received notice from Versace designer Donatella Versace; Rihanna tweeted "Medusa head on me like I'm 'luminati!!!! She. x Damien Hirst
" earlier today.
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Diddy Sets Sights on Owning an NFL Team

Diddy said, "Can't stop. Won't stop," you better believe him. The music mogul, who has already expanded into everything from fashion with his Sean John line to the newly-launched Revolt TV network, has his eyes on football next. In an interview with Bloomberg, Diddy shares that he wants to be the first African American to own a NFL team.

"I love sports, but I'm more of a owner type of guy, so I have aspirations to become -- which it will happen -- I will become the first African-American majority owner," Diddy said. "Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it's time for that. A majority of players that are in the NFL are African-American, but there are no African-American owners. So that's one of my dreams."

Jay Z famously owned minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets and later, launched Roc Nation Sports. But according to Diddy, it's healthy competition and all love. "We're definitely friends but we push each other," Diddy told Bloomberg. "It's what we're doing together to change the world."

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Video: Big Sean Teases Wedding Date With Naya Rivera
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Derrick Rose Shook Reggie Jackson
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Kim & Kanye- We Want Prenup, We Want Prenup!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already agreed ... they will keep their assets separate by drawing up a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected with the couple tell us ... both Kanye and Kim are committed to the marriage and they are NOT signing a prenup because they're worried the relationship might fall apart.  But they're both business people and know given their vast wealth it's just the smart thing to do to have a prenup.  

Kim especially understands the importance of a prenup because her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, told her over and over about the necessity of having clear contracts when it came to money.

We're also told ... even though they will keep their assets separate, they will have a fat joint account for living expenses that will probably approach the gross national product of a small country.

As for how much they have ... some reports place Kim's wealth at $40 mil and Kanye's at $90 mil.  But TMZ has been told Kim is actually worth more than Kanye.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2ilTGUIb7 

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Drake on Q Interview: "I'm So Sick of People Saying that I'm Lonely and Emotiona
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Coolio featuring Some Random College Students- "Gangsta's Paradise"
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'Catfish' Victim Convinced She Was Dating Bow Wow
Emotions ran wild on Tuesday night's (October 8) "Catfish" episode as a heartbroken, 19-year-old Keyonnah, discovered that her online relationship with someone she believed to be her celebrity crush Bow Wow was a lie.

The real Bow Wow responded to the "Catfish" hype by saying, that the he is “flattered” at the failed effort to dupe his image but unfortunately he is one of a kind. In turn the rapper took the opportunity to invite both Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin to "106 and Park" to hash out their sides of the story.

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Rihanna: "Pour It Up" Official Video
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