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This weekend we got the gridiron grand finale in Miami for Super Bowl 44 (Do not remember the roman numerals).  The tale of two cities the Indy colts with a shoe in future hall of fame quarterback and The New Orleans Saints rebounding from Katrina, fighting to bring home the grand prize of the Lombardi Trophy.  It's hard not to pull for the Saints after decades of being called the "Aint's" just 4 quarters way from being world champs. The images of Katrina is still sealed in our hearts and minds and makes all of want to pull for them on Superbowl Sunday.  But my biggest let down is no more football on Sundays!  What is a brother  to do?  Spend more time with that special lady, the family, etc...no thanks.  Just give me my PS3 and let me mark down the days to August for football all over again.

02/05/2010 2:13PM
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02/06/2010 9:47PM
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