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Six Baltimore Officers Involved In Freddie Gray’s Death Indicted

The six Baltimore officers that were charged in conncection with Freddie Gray's death have been indicted, CNN reports. The indictment comes after a grand jury was presented with evidence for two weeks.

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Some of the initial charges announced by Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been changed but all officers are charged with involuntary manslaughter, illegal arrest, reckles endangerment and misconduct assault. The officer who was driving the van that carried Gray faces the most serious charge, second-degree depraved heart murder.

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If convicted of these charges, these officers can face decades in prison. They will be arriagned on July 2nd.

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Domestic Violence Charges Against Ray Rice Dismissed

The domestic violence charges against Ray Rice have been dropped, USA Today reports. Judge Michael Donio dismissed the charges after he was informed by a prosecutor that Rice completed his pretrial requirements, including $125 in fines and anger management counseling.

The former Baltimore Ravens running back was charged with third-degree assault after he was seen on surveillance video striking his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, and then dragging her out of an elevator at the the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

Rice was initially suspended for two games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after the surveillance footage was viewed privately. Once it was posted publicly, Rice was suspended indefinitely. After appealing his suspension, he was reinstated into the league in November 2014. He still has not been signed by a team.

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Nicki Minaj Says Jay Z Collaboration Will Be Released In 3 Days

It's presumed that the record will be released via Jay Z's TIDAL streaming service.

Nicki Minaj has hinted at the release date for her forthcoming collaboration with Jay Z.

Answering questions via her Twitter account yesterday (May 21), Minaj let it slip that the collaboration would be released in three days time. However, shortly after posting the tweet, the Pinkprint rapper deleted it off of her page.

"What about the Jay Z collab ??" one Twitter user asked the Young Money artist.

"It's coming in 3 more days," Minaj replied.

At present, little details are known about the collaboration, but it's likely it'll be released via Jay Z's TIDAL streaming service.

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Kanye West Breaking With Jay Z’s Tidal, Ready To Release Album With Apple Musi

Here we go again. There's more talk on the interwebs that Kanye is ready to cut business ties with Jay Z. Rumors have been flying for years that Ye and Hov are not as tight as they used to be.

Now Hits Daily Double is claiming Kanye is done with his association with Jay's Roc Nation and Tidal companies. Not only that, but the site says Kanye could be teaming with Tidal rival Apple Music for his upcoming Swish album.

HDD reports:

Kanye West is making changes, distancing himself from Tidal, firing Roc Nation and managing himself, with an unofficial assist from the Jenner-Kardashian clan. As for Kanye's long-delayed album, there's some chatter that the release will be connected to Apple Music's launch.

Not sure about this one. Kanye did send out a tweet promoting Tidal last month, and sources in his camp already killed a previous rumor about him jumping ship from Roc Nation.

But if this is true that's a major image blow for Tidal since Kanye was one of the stars on stage with Jay when he announced the company. Guess that would mean the Watch The Throne 2 album will never happen either.

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Flavor Flav Arrested On Drug & Other Charges

The Public Enemy rapper was arrested in Las Vegas.

Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas today (May 21) on a number of charges, according to TMZ.

The Public Enemy rapper was arrested on DUI, possession of marijuana, speeding and driving with a suspended license charges, among others.

He was clocked going 73 mph in a 45 mph zone, which led the Nevada Highway Patrol to pull him over at 12:30 am local time.

Flavor Flav was driving a 2005 black BMW at the time.

In January, he was indicted on a felony charge of driving with a suspended license stemming from a 2014 arrest.

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The Rock Melts

This happened earlier in the week, but it's pretty uplifting and worthy of sharing.

Dwayne Johnson - aka The Rock - posted a picture to Instagram.

It shows him reading a letter, grinning like a child at Christmas.

Turns out the letter is from Steven Spielberg - yes, that Steven Spielberg - who wrote to say that he is a fan of Dwayne's work.

Dwayne was moved, because growing up, he'd been a huge fan of Steven's.

Look at the picture. And read what he said.

So cool!


Grinnin' now like a big ass kid... When I was 8yrs old I sat front row to see a sold out INDIANA JONES in its opening weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. I walked out of that theater excited and wanted to be "Indy".. cool, funny, charming with the ladies and kickin' ass w/ a smile. But at 8yrs old I was also perfectly content playing w/ my Star Wars figures and sneaking off listening to Richard Pryor concerts. Throughout the years I've credited this man and his movies as being my greatest inspiration in becoming an actor and wanting to always make "his kind" of movies - entertaining, quality and above all else.. heart. Just receiving this personal letter from him and its not only made me incredibly humbled and grateful, but it's also brought me back to being that 8yr old boy again who not only loves movies, but I now get to make the movies I love and enjoy the impact they have on others. THANK YOU STEVEN SPIELBERG for these inspiring and motivating words in your letter and cheers to making sure I'm always listening to that little voice in my gut. #CoolestGiftEver #BigAss8yrOldKid #SpielbergInspired

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on

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JWoww Delivers a Smackdown

Jenni Farley - aka JWoww from Jersey Shore - took to Instagram to talk about pictures of herself in a bikini.

Someone snapped and published a bunch of pictures of her at a pool in a bathing suit. She was with her daughter and her fiance.

People being what they are - sometimes pretty stupid and rude - they made comments about JWoww's body, calling her flabby and referring to her "cellulite-ridden caboose."

Others would have curled up in a corner and cried a while

But this is JWoww, after all, one of the toughest young ladies on the Eastern seaboard.

Check out what she has to say... And tell me if you feel like standing up and cheering...

I want to sit here and say that I'm embarrassed by these pictures but honestly I'm not. I'm a new mom that loves to work out but also loves food as well. I was at my girlfriend @joeidfox wedding at an all-inclusive resort and decided to indulge and have the best time of my life with my daughter at a pool. I also decided to pick a wedgy (which is a pretty amazing photo in itself). But at the end of the day I am not perfect and neither is my body... And to make it worse someone decided to sell even more awkward photos of me on vacation with my family So tabloids can get a nice laugh and write mean things... I will always try to eat healthy and take @310nutrition supplements and consistently work out But I'm also a human and I love being me and I love my life I will never try to follow the trend of being stick thin I follow the trend of what I love in life... And what I love is me Everyone love yourself and consider yourself #flawless ????

A photo posted by Jenni JWOWW (@jwoww) on

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Letterman's Very Last Top 10 List

When you think of David Letterman, one of the first three things to come to mind has to be his nightly Top 10 lists.

And what better topic for his last Top 10 than the Top 10 Things I've Always Wanted to Say to David Letterman.

And who better to pronounce these than good friends to Dave and his program, like Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Peyton Manning, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters and Alec Baldwin.

What a way to wrap up this tradition.

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Who's Got the Dramamine?

The folks at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California have a new roller coaster that could be perfect for you - if you're a daredevil.

It's called Twisted Colossus, and as advertised, it does things that other coasters don't. Or can't. Or both.

It's a hybrid steel-and-wood double-track coaster, and the folks at Theme Park Review call it "insane."

That's the ride itself, not the riders - although that may also be accurate.

Check out this amazingly scary video. And let me know - would you ride in the front seat?

Would you ride it at all?

Twisted Colossus REAL POV! OMG! Insane!!!

OMG! Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain is absolutely out of control! This ride does things no other roller coaster has done! You HAVE to see this video! Who wants to ride?

Posted by Theme Park Review on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

It wasn't even 24 hours since David Letterman signed off for the last time.

Crews from CBS descended on The Ed Sullivan Theater yesterday to dismantle the Late Show set.

Dismantle is a gentle word.

They destroyed it. Chopped it to pieces. Tossed it into dumpsters.

The New York Post has a series of pictures showing the travesty. Click here if you dare.

According to reports, Dave's desk was carefully bubble-wrapped, and will be shipped off to the Smithsonian.

As for the rest - headed for a scrap heap in Jersey, most likely.

A pretty unceremonious epilogue for Dave's career, don't you think?
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