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Profound & Moving

On Friday, President Obama delivered the eulogy at the funeral of the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of the victims of last week's horrendous shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

His words were strong, emotional and poignant.

And at the end, he led the crowd in singing "Amazing Grace."

A powerful moment...

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Rainbow Branding

The United States Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality was cause for celebration all across the country.

Sure, there are nay-sayers - that's a huge surprise, right?

But, it didn't take some major brands very long to hop onto the Rainbow Bandwagon. Check out a few of the tweets from over the weekend from some very recognizable brands... You can bet there will be plenty more to follow.
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Kanye Gets Kanye'd

Kanye West is notorious for storming stages.

Okay, he did it twice - once to Taylor Swift, stealing her Grammy moment, and once to Beck, before thinking twice about stealing his Grammy moment.

So on Saturday night, he was stage-stormed.

He was at the Glastonbury Festival across the pond, and a British comic jumped out on stage with him.

The storming was short-lived - check out the video of the security guard rushing him off stage...
Afterwards, the comic - Simon Bodkin, who plays a character named Lee Nelson - tweeted that he'd done it for Taylor Swift.

Isn't that sweet?
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No, You Don't Need to Put Your Shirt On

Nia Vardalos is hard at work on the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

You can tell. Look at the on-set pic she posted to Instagram a few days ago.

She "managed" to catch co-star John Corbett shirtless. However did that happen?

The film's set for release in March of 2016. Right now, the description on IMDb is pretty tame:

"The continuing adventures of the Portokalos family. A follow-up to the 2002 comedy, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'"

That helps a lot, don't you think?

Is someone trying to get baptized again in #MyBigFatGreekWedding2 ?

A photo posted by Nia Vardalos (@niavardalos) on

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Cat Fight Coming?

Like things aren't already unpleasant enough in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Official word that Kendall Jenner has eclipsed her half-sister Kim Kardashian on social media.

Kendall's picture of herself, lying on the floor in a white lace dress, had more likes that the picture that Kim shared of her kissing Kanye West at their wedding last year. How'd you like to be a fly on the wall at their house on the 4th of July?
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Ed Sheeran Gets Stoned

Look who joined the Rolling Stones on stage at Arrowhead Stadium in Kanas City on Saturday night.

Ed Sheeran joined the boys - okay, old men - to perform "Beast of Burden."

And it sounds pretty good.

They say it took "days of discussion" to settle on that song.

Days of discussion? That can't be settled with a text message?

Mick: "Ed, wanna play 'Beast of Burden' with us?"
Ed: "OMG. Adorbs. TTYL."
Keith: "Where am I?"

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Nope, It's Not a Stunt

Jimmy Fallon missed doing The Tonight Show on Friday night.

He has a good excuse, and a note from his doctor.

After taping Thursday's show, Jimmy went out for a bite to eat at a local restaurant. After leaving the restaurant, he had an accident that required emergency surgery.

He's okay. In fact, he tweeted all about it. Check out the whole story.
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In Case You Were Wondering, Teresa Giudice is Happy with SCOTUS' Decision

Relax, everyone.

Teresa Giudice is in line with the United States Supreme Court.

On Saturday, she tweeted out her support of the justices' ruling on marriage equality.
In case you're wondering just how tough the prison in which she's incarcerated is, allowing her to tweet at all, no worries.

US Weekly confirms the tweets are being made by Teresa's 14-year-old daughter.

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"... In the Hands of a Clown"

It hasn't been a good week to be Donald Trump.

It seems like everyone knows that but him.

When he kicked off his presidential campaign last week, he had some pretty nasty things to say about Mexico - the country and its people.

As a result, Univision - the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States - announced that it will not be associated with the Miss Universe Pageant, as The Donald is part owner.

And Christian de la Fuente, who was scheduled to be one of the pageant's hosts, decided to step away from it, but not before leveling a retaliatory attack at The Donald first.

Check it out...

Mr. Trump, As a #Latino I cannot work in an event associated with your name. The statements you made against Mexicans and immigrants show that you are ignorant. It is unacceptable to launch your presidential candidacy creating rhetoric of hatred and discrimination in calling Mexicans drug traffickers and rapists. It's a shame that such an important institution as #MISSUSA is now in the hands of a clown " See more at J. Trump Como latino no puedo trabajar en un evento asociado a su nombre... las declaraciones que hizo contra los mexicanos, contra los inmigrantes, demuestran que es un ignorante. Es inaceptable que se lance a la presidencia creando una retórica de odio y discriminacion al tildar a los mexicanos de narcotraficantes y violadores... Es una pena que una institucion tan importante como MISS USA este hoy en manos de un payaso

Posted by Cristian de la Fuente on Thursday, June 25, 2015
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Really? Women's Sports Are Not Worth Watching?

Andy Benoit, a contributor for Sports Illustrated, caused a stir on Wednesday when he tweeted that there's nothing worth watching in the world of women's sports.

This was after another writer tweeted about an exciting goal scored in a Women's World Cup match between England and Norway.

Well, that didn't sit well with Seth Myers, who called in his pal Amy Koehler for a Late Night with Seth Myers segment called "Really?" aimed at Andy Benoit.

They eviscerated the guy, but he took it pretty well. Check out his tweet after the segment aired, on top of the segment itself...
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