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Shaq tears into Kobe, Chokes out the Big Show and is DENIED by Obama

Shaquille Oneal, newest star of the LeBum James lead Cleveland Cavaliers had a busy weekend! He was in DC, and EVERYONE knows Obama loves basketball, so he tweeted: "Question, I'm in DC, think if I walk up to the White House, they let me in, I know the answer, let me know what you think, oh yeah i'm wearing shorts." Then he tweeted: "The White House wouldnt let me in, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? He also hosted WWE's "Monday Night Raw" and he tore into a Kobe Bryant poster and told the Washington Wizards fans that LeBum James told him to tell them hello. THEN, shaq got into the ring, and it was actually believable; for wrestling. Here's the footage:

07/29/2009 5:08AM
Shaq tears into Kobe, Chokes out the Big Show and is DENIED by Obama
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08/16/2009 8:38PM
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