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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!

Seen Erin Andrews yet?

I'd Hit. THIS is Erin Andrews, and she is HOT! There is a nude tape floating around with her combing her hair in her hotel room, and doing other things in the privacy of her own room. Apparently the Perv’ drilled a hole in the adjacent room and had a spy cam following her around the room. I have been searching religiously for the video, but it’s been pulled. If ANY1 has it, email it to me! www.bdahtobama@gmail.com Daht – Out.

07/23/2009 2:50AM
Seen Erin Andrews yet?
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08/05/2009 9:35AM
No, that's Shana Hiatt... Too bad, try again later!
08/10/2009 8:39PM
Vince Mullins
NOT Erin Andrews. IS Shana Hiatt of World Poker Tour fame.
08/11/2009 10:21AM
That photo is actually of Shana Hiatt, NOT Erin Andrews. How embarrassing.
08/26/2009 5:30PM
lee bannister
type in erin andrews espn nude ok mate enjoy watchin
12/21/2009 12:57AM
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I've been saying this all along!!! I''; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][entryShortText2] = 'm with you all the way up until the "Illuminati" ideas.'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][createdOn] = 'Feb 14 2012 11:46AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[106][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[107][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][blogEntryId] = '207472'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][startDt] = 'Feb 9 2012 10:33AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][headline] = 'Gotta Love Denzel!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][entryTextId] = '21014131'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][entryLongText] = '

Denzel Returns to South Africa in 'Safe House' with Ryan Reynolds

*In the nail biting, riveting movie, “Safe House,” opening February 10, Denzel Washington plays “the CIA’s legendary and most dangerous traitor,” Tobin Frost. Frost is also described as the “world’s most skillful assassin.” One can never say that Washington isn’t always at his level best. Like “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold,” Frost surfaces in South Africa, where he is remanded to a Safe House.

After the Safe House is blown to smithereens its housekeeper, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), helps Frost to escape brutal mercenaries that are after him. Washington and Reynolds made a pit stop in New York this past weekend and took up residence at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to discuss their latest project together. I started off by asking the two of them if they became more leery of the country’s security mechanisms being compromised after this movie, or were they always suspicious that some shenanigans were taking place.

DENZEL WASHINGTON: Why, what goes on in the government circles [Laughs]? Ryan Reynolds, who is sitting next to him, laughs also.

DW: Yeah, years ago even prior to 9/11 I did a movie called the Siege. I did a lot of research on the FBI and the CIA and I was amazed at that time. I guess we all know it now, how little information they shared with each other. So after that, I’m not surprised by anything.

RYAN REYNOLDS: It’s not what we know that’s terrifying; it’s what we don’t know. I think it’s sort of pervasive with everything in life really. But yeah, I’m sure a book  or two could be written on what really goes on.

The fight scenes were really intense. Were there any mishaps?

RR: We had a couple of rounds that we went which I practically had to wear an adult diaper [Washington laughs uproarious]. I’ve seen Hurricane (referring to Washington’s role as Hurricane Carter). Great, now I have to fight him. Terrific.

Did anyone get hurt?

DW: Ryan gave me a black eye.

RR: I did.

DW: Yeah, there’s a scene where I reach over and try to choke him when I had the handcuffs on and we were flying around in the car. He wasn’t actually driving the car; it was being controlled by someone else so it just happened as I was reaching forward he was flying back and ‘Pow!’

RR: And that was the beginning of my early retirement [Washington laughs]. Ok, I have given Denzel Wahsington a black eye, so it was time to go home. That first look you gave me after it happened, I just—

DW: It was a real look.

RR: Yeah, it was definitely very real.

DW: I was like, what the— [we all can imagine what word comes next].

RR: It was weird to feel my face on fire.

DW: That was strange. I had never had a black eye in my life, you know. But can’t say that anymore.

RR: I’m glad I was your first. If it was going to be anybody, let it be an apologetic Canadian.

Denzel, can you describe the water-boarding scene?

The water boarding was close to real and I really wanted to get into it to see what it felt like. It doesn’t feel good. You’ll give up the answers.

RR: That was the most disturbing thing I had ever seen watching him do the water boarding was really disturbing.

DW: Yeah, it was a trip. I wanted to see what it really feels like and I certainly did.

Having done ‘Cry Freedom’ years ago, Denzel, could you talk about the current state of affairs in South Africa?

DW:  When we shot ‘Cry Freedom’ I wasn’t even allowed in South Africa. They told me I could come but I wasn’t going to leave. I had a lot death threats at that time. So we shot in Zimbabwe. In 1995 I had the privilege and the honor to meet Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela the same day; breakfast with Desmond Tutu and lunch with Nelson Mandela. Then, I had the good fortune to have Mr. Mandela actually come to my house in California.  There is a whole new generation from what was there in ’89, ’91 so you got twenty year-olds that only heard about it. I saw this show on television and they were talking about South Africa now and it had kids with Valley accents because of the Internet and the information age that we’re in. They are exposed to so much more.

At the same time I still saw a lot of psychological damage. I met a woman there, a very, very fair-skinned woman who was studying psychology. She lived in an area over by the coast, Seacrest, and her mother was Black. Her father was Jewish but in order for her mother to live in that neighborhood, she had to act like she was the maid. They kept the charade up for twenty years. Now imagine the psychological damage it did not only to the mother but also to the daughter. So, there will continue to be psychological scars for years to come.

However, Cape Town is like Santa Monica on steroids. It’s one of the most beautiful towns you’ve ever seen but it’s still set up the old way. You go ten miles inland where the townships are and they are still there. They are helping to build some of them up. It was also interesting talking to an elderly man who built a nice house for himself in the township. So it was like, ‘Why are you living here in the township? Why not move towards the beach?’ He said, ‘Oh no, I don’t trust these people. They might change their minds.’ He was more comfortable there because that was where he grew up. I was quite surprised about Langa. You would think that it’s all just slums, but they had three and four bedroom homes on an acre of land. It’s an area an area they were allowed to live so people decided to stay there.

RR: Langa is one of the oldest townships in South Africa but it’s just teeming with joy. The people there are just incredibly happy given the horrendous circumstances in which they are living. If you’re from the United and you go over there, you can’t believe what you’re seeing.

DW: Langa is so big, it’s not like you can call 911 and the police show up. So they police themselves. We were driving back from the set to the base camp and the women were making all these sounds while these men were walking around this one guy. A man had a big stick and he was whipping the guy. I asked my driver, Jack, ‘What are they doing?’ He said, ‘They’re putting him in his place.’ I said, ‘Whoa! What do you think he did?’ He said it was something related to the women and I said, ‘Well, why doesn’t he run?’  He said, ‘They will kill him if he tries to run. They will stone him.’ So, that still exists, but you can get Direct TV.

RR: Yeah, you get ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’

DW: Yeah, that’s the weirdest thing seeing the Kardashians in Langa [he and Ryan have a big laugh].

Ryan, what drew you to this story?

Obviously, the reason I really wanted to do the film was to work with, what I think is the greatest actor working in Hollywood today, Denzel. That was a huge impetus. I just love the idea that my character is sort of slowly disillusioned with everything that he believes in. It’s the slow disintegration of God and country for him and that’s sort of what means everything to this guy and watching that be peeled away slowly, measure by measure by Tobin Frost, who Denzel is playing, goes back to what you asked earlier. It’s what we don’t know that is more terrifying than what we do know. So much goes on behind the scenes that we’ll never, ever know about and I like investigating that world.

Denzel, can you answer the proverbial question of whether or not it’s more fun to play a bad guy??

The next picture I make that’s coming out the beginning of next year is called ‘Flight’ and I play an alcoholic, drug-addicted pilot who crashes a plan but saved a lot of lives. It was the most intense film I’ve done probably in 20 years. It’s clichéd to say that a bad guy is more fun ‘cause you can say anything, you can get away with anything. Sometimes when you’re the good guy, you’re sort of trapped. ‘Oh, he can’t say that. And even when you’re playing a real person like a Steven Bilko, you’re sort of stuck within those confines. So, yeah, bad guys do have more fun.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][liteGraphicId] = '2033436'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200802/2033436.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][graphicHeight] = '130'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][graphicWidth] = '470'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][createdOn] = 'Feb 9 2012 10:33AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[107][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[108][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][blogEntryId] = '205732'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][startDt] = 'Feb 2 2012 11:08AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][headline] = 'Introducing the Real Preachers’ Wives of Atlanta – Seriously'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][entryTextId] = '20969307'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][entryLongText] = '

Oh this should be good...lol

*Move over Real Housewives of whatever and make room for the women of the cloth.

TLC is capitalizing on the latest trend of reality shows and giving the world what it really wants to see with a new series “First Ladies” of the Atlanta area churches.

With True Entertainment, the same production company behind RHOA, behind it, how could it go wrong?

“We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women,” True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock says. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.”

The series will follow the women who play the role of preacher’s wives and mothers at home. The real drama is how they manage both while keeping their cool.

An airdate has yet to be announced. But they need to hurry that up because it’s bound to be a popular one.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][liteGraphicId] = '2027293'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200802/2027293.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][graphicHeight] = '75'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][graphicWidth] = '75'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][createdOn] = 'Feb 2 2012 11:09AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[108][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[109][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][blogEntryId] = '205729'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][startDt] = 'Feb 2 2012 11:05AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][headline] = 'Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) to Star in ‘Jackie Brown’ Prequel'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][entryTextId] = '20969278'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][entryLongText] = '

*Yasiin Bey, the rapper/actor formerly known as Mos Def, will star opposite John Hawkes in the Elmore Leonard adaptation “Switch,” from writer-director Dan Schechter, reports Variety.

The crime drama will serve as a prequel to Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown,” with Hawkes and Bey playing younger versions of Robert DeNiro and Samuel L. Jackson’s respective characters Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie, who appear in Leonard’s novel “Rum Punch.”

Set 15 years before the events in “Jackie Brown,” the story follows career criminals Ordell and Louis as they team up to kidnap Mickey Dawson, the wife of a corrupt Detroit real estate developer. When the husband refuses to pay the ransom for his wife’s return, the ex-cons are forced to reconceive their plan, and the angry housewife uses the duo to get her revenge.

Production is scheduled to start in May.

Bey, who recently had a recurring role on Showtime’s “Dexter,” previously starred in “The Italian Job” and “Something the Lord Made.”

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][liteGraphicId] = '2027281'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200802/2027281.gif'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][graphicHeight] = '18'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][graphicWidth] = '100'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][createdOn] = 'Feb 2 2012 11:05AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[109][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[110][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][blogEntryId] = '205722'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][startDt] = 'Feb 2 2012 10:54AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][headline] = 'Mitt Romney: ‘I’m Not Concerned About the Very Poor’'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][entryTextId] = '20969187'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][entryLongText] = '

This is exactly why we need to vote!!! Every little bit counts!!!

*Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said on Wednesday that as president, he will focus entirely on America’s middle class, and has no concern for the “very rich” or the “very poor.”

It’s the “very poor” part of his quote that immediately made headlines – less than 24 hours after his victory in the Florida GOP primary.

“I’m in this race because I care about Americans. I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it,” the Republican front-runner said this morning on CNN. “I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90 percent, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.”

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien pressed him on his comments, adding that they may sound odd for Americans who are very poor.

“Well you had to finish the sentence, Soledad,” he replied. “I said ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor that have a safety net but if it has holes in it, I will repair them.’ The challenge right now — we will hear from the Democrat party on the plight of the poor. And there’s no question it’s not good being poor and we have a safety net to help those that are very poor. But my campaign is focused on middle-income Americans.”

“We have a very ample safety net,” said Romney. “And we can talk about whether it needs to be strengthened or whether there are holes in it. But we have food stamps, we have Medicaid, we have housing vouchers, we have programs to help the poor.”

Watch the video here:

http://www.5min.com/Video/Romney-Im-Not-Concerned-About-The-Very-Poor-517260702'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][liteGraphicId] = '2027252'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][graphicFileName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][graphicHeight] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][graphicWidth] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][createdOn] = 'Feb 2 2012 10:55AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[110][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[111][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][blogEntryId] = '203140'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][startDt] = 'Jan 23 2012 1:35PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][headline] = 'Jay & Bey Filming in Space?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][entryTextId] = '20898369'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][entryLongText] = '*Ok, brace yourself. Hip Hop royalty has decided it’s time to take a leap for the music  industry and film a video …  in space.

Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce have already made plans for the future just after they’ve brought Blue Ivy to the world and buying the most expensive toy the world has ever seen – an all gold rocking horse purchased at $614,000, reports MTV News.

They are going to take a suborbital space trip on the Virgin Galactic and film the most monumental videos the music industry has never thought of.

Besides, tickets are only $200,000 a person.

For what song or production this could be for? Your guess is as good as any.

But this is up in the air, no pun intended. If they do pull this off, a space music video in space might be the king of all music videos.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][liteGraphicId] = '2017263'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200802/2017263.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][graphicHeight] = '71'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][graphicWidth] = '100'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][createdOn] = 'Jan 23 2012 1:36PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[111][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[112][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][blogEntryId] = '203141'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][startDt] = 'Jan 23 2012 1:35PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][headline] = 'Jay & Bey Filming in Space?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][entryTextId] = '20898375'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][entryLongText] = '*Ok, brace yourself. Hip Hop royalty has decided it’s time to take a leap for the music  industry and film a video …  in space.

Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce have already made plans for the future just after they’ve brought Blue Ivy to the world and buying the most expensive toy the world has ever seen – an all gold rocking horse purchased at $614,000, reports MTV News.

They are going to take a suborbital space trip on the Virgin Galactic and film the most monumental videos the music industry has never thought of.

Besides, tickets are only $200,000 a person.

For what song or production this could be for? Your guess is as good as any.

But this is up in the air, no pun intended. If they do pull this off, a space music video in space might be the king of all music videos.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][createdOn] = 'Jan 23 2012 1:37PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[112][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[113][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][blogEntryId] = '188733'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][startDt] = 'Dec 18 2011 1:02PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][headline] = 'I AM a Jason Weaver FAN!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][entryTextId] = '20654432'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][entryShortText1] = '
I have ALWAY been a fan of this guy and I\'m SO excited to see him ALL gro'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][entryShortText2] = 'wn up and back in the music game! I wish him ALL the BEST and hopes he puts the REAL R&B back into hip hop and R&B!  GOOD LUCK JASON!!!!!  WHat do you think of the song?!

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][createdOn] = 'Dec 18 2011 1:03PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[113][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[114][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][blogEntryId] = '188732'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][startDt] = 'Dec 18 2011 12:57PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][headline] = 'I AM a Jason Weaver FAN!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][entryTextId] = '20654428'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][entryShortText1] = '
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][createdOn] = 'Dec 18 2011 12:58PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[114][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[115][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][blogEntryId] = '186934'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][startDt] = 'Dec 8 2011 11:18AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][headline] = 'Facebook Funnies!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][entryTextId] = '20595530'; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[115][entryLongText] = 'Facebook has changed the world for sure,  in ways we never imagined!   It\'s also changed the way I view some people,  I think FB removes the crazy filter that normal social interaction  has.  This allows people to open up on SO many levels,  at times levels that have made me VERY uncomfortable :).  SO when I ran across this Top 15 things white girls do on FB I realized I\'m not the only one observing fb behavior and emotions.  The only thing I disagree with is that it says white girls a LOT of the things listed are average FB behavior,  white, black,  other,  male, female, other, you get my point! :) 
Anywho check out the list does your FB friends do these things or is it you?

15 Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook

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This is a very slightly edited version of Mary & Kaitlin’s pretty damn accurate list.

1. Take pictures of their feet.


2. Express their extreme annoyance at this work day today and hint that it deserves a much needed alcoholic beverage at the end of it. WINK WINK.

3. Thank their hubby for being the best hubby in the world while their hubby is sitting right next to them.


4. Complain about bad service at restaurants. Never eating at Applebee’s AGAIN!

5. Express their extreme excitement to see their best friends tonight, Britney, Whitney, and Sarah!!! LUV U GIRLSSS!!

6. Take pictures of undeserving food.


7. Make their status the song lyrics of any Kings of Leon song.

8. Take a picture of someone they deem inferior to themselves in some way with the question: Really?

9. Write angry letters to companies (Dear EZ PARK, I hate you!), unorganized groups of people (Dear slutty freshmen who think that leggings can be worn as pants…), and non-entities (Dear unseasonably cold weather, WTF?!)

10. Subtly yell at no one in particular while being very specific. Wow, it’s hard to believe that you think you know someone and then they turn around and STAB YOU IN THE BACK. Will never make that mistake again. EVER.


11. Document exceedingly mundane activites for the day: Getting my oil changed today. Then getting much needed groceries. Then it’s off to the post office to mail some bills. Then stopping by the gyno. Will probably need some gas by the end, so I may stop at the gas station. But I might be tired so I’ll probably just get it in the morning on my way to pick up a prescription. But if I’m not very tired I’ll probably just get the gas on the way home. Again, unless I am tired.

12. Express their distaste for Facebook on Facebook and threaten to leave Facebook to their Facebook friends.

13. Take pictures wearing a lot of makeup and looking really preppy while simultaneously making a “hard” facial expression and holding up what they consider to be a gangster sign. Potential caption: Straight thuggin.


14. Ask seemingly redundant questions. It’s cool to do a bunch of meth and babysit 20 six year-olds, right?

15. Write a status in another language. Parce que, Je suis tres intelligente!!

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'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][createdOn] = 'Dec 4 2011 1:00PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[116][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[117][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][blogEntryId] = '182521'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:22PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][entryTextId] = '20499510'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it. Have a set limit on how much you want to spend.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the best prices before making the purchase. 
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

6.)Save Energy. Improving your home\'s energy efficiency. The right light bulbs and not wasting electricity can save a lot.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:22PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[117][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[118][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][blogEntryId] = '182520'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:21PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][entryTextId] = '20499505'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it. Have a set limit on how much you want to spend.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the best prices before making the purchase. 
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

6.)Save Energy. Improving your home\'s energy efficiency. The right light bulbs and not wasting electricity can save a lot.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:21PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[118][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[119][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][blogEntryId] = '182519'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:20PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][entryTextId] = '20499495'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it. Have a set limit on how much you want to spend.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the best prices before making the purchase. 
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

6.) Energy. Improving your home\'s energy efficiency. The right light bulbs and not wasting electricity can save a lot.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:20PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[119][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[120][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][blogEntryId] = '182517'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:19PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][entryTextId] = '20499475'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it. Have a set limit on how much you want to spend.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the best prices before making the purchase. 
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

6.) Energy. Improving your home\'s energy efficiency. The right light bulbs and not wasting electricity can save a lot.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:19PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[120][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[121][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][blogEntryId] = '182515'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:12PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][entryTextId] = '20499404'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it. Have a set limit on how much you want to spend.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the best prices before making the purchase. 
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:13PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[121][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[122][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][blogEntryId] = '182514'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:10PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][entryTextId] = '20499389'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the most competitive online savings account rates
5.) Pay Cash. Being able to see your money is a better way to be aware of how much you are spending rather than credit/debit cards.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:10PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[122][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[123][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][blogEntryId] = '182510'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:06PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][entryTextId] = '20499348'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the most competitive online savings account rates
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:06PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[123][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[124][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][blogEntryId] = '182509'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:05PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][entryTextId] = '20499337'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the most competitive online savings account rates
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:05PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[124][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[125][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][blogEntryId] = '182508'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][startDt] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:03PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][headline] = 'Ways To Save'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][entryTextId] = '20499323'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][entryLongText] = 'During the holidays, and especially in todays economy everyone wants a way to save money.
Some ways to stay ahead of the game and save money are:

1.) Use a smartphone app.  Check out apps such as ShopSavvy or Coupon Online Codes.They can provide coupons and prices of the item compared to different stores.

2.) Get creative with your wrapping paper. Come up with fun ways to wrap gifts like using newspaper comics, magazines or other creative tecniques.

3.) Create a budget and stick to it.

4.) Get Competitive. Search around for the most competitive online savings account rates
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][createdOn] = 'Nov 21 2011 2:03PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[125][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[126][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][blogEntryId] = '181835'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][startDt] = 'Nov 17 2011 11:13AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][headline] = 'Lil Kim'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][entryTextId] = '20479476'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][entryLongText] = 'Lil Kim has been busy shooting a documentary to come out with
her tell-all book about life in prison.
where she was jailed in 2005 on perjury charges.
Wonder If she is going to be talking about the reasons she had all
this Plastic surgery done!


'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][createdOn] = 'Nov 17 2011 11:13AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[126][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[127][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][blogEntryId] = '180387'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][startDt] = 'Nov 10 2011 11:12AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][headline] = 'HEAVY D TRIBUTE'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][entryTextId] = '20435696'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][entryLongText] = 'RIP HEAVY D

\"\"     \"\"

(May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011)

If you missed DJ Polo\'s Heavy D mix  during the 20 minute workout or just want to hear it again...

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][createdOn] = 'Nov 10 2011 11:29AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[127][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[128][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][blogEntryId] = '180389'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][startDt] = 'Nov 10 2011 11:12AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][headline] = 'HEAVY D TRIBUTE'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][entryTextId] = '20435732'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][entryLongText] = 'RIP HEAVY D

\"\"     \"\"

(May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011)
DJ Polo\'s Heavy D mix during the 20 minute workout!

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][createdOn] = 'Nov 10 2011 11:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[128][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[129][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][blogEntryId] = '179745'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][startDt] = 'Nov 8 2011 12:27PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][headline] = 'DMX visits Dr Drew'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][entryTextId] = '20418804'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][entryLongText] = 'DMX visits Dr. Drew on his show, and reaches out to a young man who is heading down the wrong path.
He\'s answering his calling. Really want to see him make it.

\"\" video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][createdOn] = 'Nov 8 2011 12:28PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[129][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[130][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][blogEntryId] = '179743'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][startDt] = 'Nov 8 2011 12:24PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][headline] = 'DMX visits Dr Drew'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][entryTextId] = '20418786'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][entryShortText1] = 'http://www.eurweb.com/2011/11/dmx-visits-dr-drew-and-touches-the-life-of-young-troubled-youth/
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][createdOn] = 'Nov 8 2011 12:24PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[130][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[131][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][blogEntryId] = '161379'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][startDt] = 'Nov 2 2011 12:12PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][appUserId] = '3660'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][firstName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][lastName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][talentId] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][talentName] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][headline] = 'Rice comments on Herman Cain'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][entryTextId] = '20298402'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][entryLongText] = '
Cain is a snake...Yay Condoleezza!!

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][createdOn] = 'Nov 2 2011 12:13PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[131][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[132][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][blogEntryId] = '118820'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][startDt] = 'Oct 25 2011 8:09AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][talentId] = '88905'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][headline] = 'Obama Proposal'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][entryTextId] = '20128521'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][entryLongText] = 'President Obama is proposing an idea to raise taxes for people making a million dollars and more a year to the same as middle income tax payers, but the republicans are voting against it. How are you not willing to pay to help your country. Makes no sense! '; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[132][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[133][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][blogEntryId] = '118819'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][startDt] = 'Oct 20 2011 7:05AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][talentId] = '88904'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][headline] = 'Gumbel's view on NBA lockout'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][entryTextId] = '20128519'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][entryShortText1] = 'Brian Gumbel tellin it like it is in this video!! Check it out and comment! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTXI-ivWEdo&feature=player_embedded'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[133][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[134][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][blogEntryId] = '118818'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][startDt] = 'Oct 11 2011 8:33AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][talentId] = '88903'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][headline] = 'What's REALLY the deal with Beyonce?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][entryTextId] = '20128517'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][entryLongText] = '\"\" Hello ALL!!!!We all know I\'m not a HUGE fan of Beyonce but even I don\'t want o believe she\'s faking a pregnancy! It\'s getting harder to ignore all the speculation that out there and this latest video REALLY has me perplexed! Check the freeze frame photos, then watch the video and let me know what you think. Don\'t most pregnant people sit back verses hunched over? You know new Moms as excited as Beyonce usually rub there stomachs all the time before there even showing. Again I really don\'t want to believe she\'s fake a pregnancy but I\'m just saying........ Check out the full video here!  The \"issue\" happens around :58'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[134][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[135][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][blogEntryId] = '118817'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][startDt] = 'Oct 3 2011 9:03AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][talentId] = '88902'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][headline] = 'Waka's Charity Event Brawl'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][entryTextId] = '20128514'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][entryLongText] = 'Fighting at a charity event... video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[135][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[136][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][blogEntryId] = '118816'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][startDt] = 'Sep 26 2011 9:29AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][talentId] = '88901'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][headline] = 'Elections'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][entryTextId] = '20128512'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][entryLongText] = 'Make sure you are educated on the elections coming up.
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
World of Class Warfare - The Poor\'s Free Ride Is Over
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook
'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[136][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[137][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][blogEntryId] = '118815'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][startDt] = 'Sep 22 2011 8:18AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][talentId] = '88900'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][headline] = 'Don Cheadle is...Captain Planet'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][entryTextId] = '20128510'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][entryShortText1] = 'I had no idea Don Cheadle was so hilarious! '; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[137][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[138][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][blogEntryId] = '118714'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][startDt] = 'Sep 19 2011 7:30AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][talentId] = '88799'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][headline] = 'Don Cheadle is...CAPTAIN PLANET'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][entryTextId] = '20128029'; $blogEntryArchiveList[138][entryShortText1] = 'I had no idea that Don Cheadle was this HILARIOUS! His air and water has been polluted so now Captain Planet is getting revenge.... '; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[141][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[142][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][blogEntryId] = '118812'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][startDt] = 'Sep 5 2011 6:42AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][talentId] = '88897'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][headline] = 'Katt Williams being REAL! LOL'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][entryTextId] = '20128503'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][entryLongText] = 'Check out Katt Williams, see why he says he owes NO ONE an apology for recent remarks! I LOVE this guy! He seems to be on point I\'m hoping this means he\'s worked through his recent troubles YEAH KATT! '; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[142][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[143][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][blogEntryId] = '118811'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][startDt] = 'Sep 2 2011 7:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][talentId] = '88896'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][headline] = 'T.I SMH!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][entryTextId] = '20128501'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][entryLongText] = '\"\" I don\'t even think it was 24 hours after being released from a federal prison in Arkansas T.I is back behind bars in ATL! Apparently he wasn’t truthful about his ride home and that was a violation. I\'m sure the cameras that followed him to the doors of the halfway house didn’t help his situation any. Although I\'m positive he didn’t think his means of transportation would have landed him back in trouble but he should really just want to be as low key as possible considering how things have gone for him in the past. I don\'t feel sorry for him at all, I hope it was worth it! Click the link below for ALL the details ti-released-atlanta-back-in-custody-federal-bureau-of-prisons-penitentiary-arkansas-luxury-tour-bus-halfway-house-complete-sentence'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[143][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[144][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][blogEntryId] = '118810'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][startDt] = 'Aug 25 2011 9:08AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][talentId] = '88895'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][headline] = 'Lil Wayne with a message!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][entryTextId] = '20128499'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][entryLongText] = 'Check out the How to Love video.  It shows the life of a young lady and how it can go right or wrong! Good Stuff '; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[144][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[145][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][blogEntryId] = '118809'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][startDt] = 'Aug 25 2011 7:55AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][talentId] = '88894'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][headline] = 'Missing Aaliyah 10 years later'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][entryTextId] = '20128497'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][entryLongText] = '


  While sifting through the many Aaliyah videos on YouTube for our tribute, I realized what a true FAN of Aaliyah\'s music I really am.  She had a LOT of hits for her short time on earth and her music was new and funky, her style was always so cutting edge.  Aaliyah was multi-talented,  a beautiful singer, dancer and actress with an angelic energy.  She was set to star in the remake of Sparkle when she died and I am SO sure had it made it to theaters that film  would have been that era\'s Dream Girls (Jennifer Hudson version) and Aaliyah would have been a MEGA Superstar!  Since her untimely demise the industry has longed for someone of her talent beauty and grace, I hate that we had to loose her.  10 years later and all her hits still ROCK! Aaliyah was truly one of  kind, and will forever live in our ears.  One of my favorite Aaliyah videos is More Than A Woman MY FAV!!!  I LOVE the choreography! \"Peace!\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[145][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[146][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][blogEntryId] = '118808'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][startDt] = 'Aug 10 2011 8:18AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][talentId] = '88893'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][headline] = 'She hustle hard fa life!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][entryTextId] = '20128493'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][entryLongText] = '\"\"Felicia Snoop Pearson pleads guilty.  Despite all her success on The Wire  and her book, I guess Snoop couldnt leav the streets alone.  Considering she was in jail for murder before her 16th birthday it may be all she knows. Actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who played a drug dealer and assassin on HBO’s “The Wire,” pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to distribute heroin, the Associated Press reported. Pearson, 31, entered the plea a day before her trial was set to begin. Judge Lawrence Fletcher-Hill accepted the plea, suspending a seven-year sentence with credit for time served and ordering three years of supervised probation with provisions for out-of-state travel for work. Get the full story here! Snoops Plea Deal'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[146][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[147][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][blogEntryId] = '118807'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][startDt] = 'Jul 26 2011 10:46AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][talentId] = '88892'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][headline] = 'Fighting Females outside of Reality TV'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][entryTextId] = '20128490'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][entryLongText] = 'If you haven\'t seen or at least heard of the fighting showdown between Meeka and Tami on the latest episode of Basketball Wives then you must really be living under a rock. Now, in almost every reality show its  become the norm for a public fight to break out at least once during the season. Now these reckless actions are jumping from the screens of reality TV to REAL life.  Check out this video where two classless females on a subway think its ok to start throwing punches even though one of them has their young child  around. I\'m sure after you finish watching this your reaction will be the same as mine...*shaking my head*......

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[147][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[148][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][blogEntryId] = '118806'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][startDt] = 'Jul 26 2011 8:22AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][talentId] = '88891'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][headline] = 'Da Brat's Feminine Side'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][entryTextId] = '20128452'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][entryLongText] = '

When So So Def rapper Da Brat jumped into the hip-hop scene in the mid 90s, we all saw her has the stereotypical tomboy with braided hair, baggy clothes and all.   \"\"

But recently Da Brat decided to switch things up and \"bring sexy back\" with her latest photoshoot at VIBE Magazine. This hip-hop hunny is now showing everyone a different side- from her hair, to her clothes, and even her attitude. Da Brat has finally embraced femininity to the fullest. THANK GOD!!!

\"\"\"\" \"\"

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[148][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[149][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][blogEntryId] = '118805'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][startDt] = 'Jul 13 2011 7:25AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][talentId] = '88890'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][headline] = 'Celeb Wedding Pics: Monica & Shannon Brown'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][entryTextId] = '20128450'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][entryLongText] = '

Singer Monica and NBA star Shannon Brown renewed their vows this past weekend in Los Angeles  in front of a crowd of nearly 300 family and friends. The wedding was a classy and exclusive event and I got the wedding pics RIGHT HERE! Some of the couple\'s celebrity friends were also in the building including Brown\'s best man Kobe Bryant,and Monica\'s good friend La La Vasquez.


Love was definitely in the air as you can clearly see in the video below that shows just some of the wedding highlights.


'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[149][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[150][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][blogEntryId] = '118804'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][startDt] = 'Jul 8 2011 6:57AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][talentId] = '88889'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][headline] = 'First Look @ Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Baby'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][entryTextId] = '20128448'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][entryLongText] = '

Alicia Keys and Swi\"\"zz Beats managed to produce one of the cutest celebrity kids I have seen in a while and right here I have the exclusive pics of the couple and their baby spotted out in New York City.

The couple\'s child named  Egypt Daoude Dean was born last October and appears to be one happy, healthy baby boy. Even though people might still see Alicia Keys as a \"homewrecker\", I\'m willing to look past all that hype, give credit when its due, and I wish this family the best of luck.\"\"

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[150][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[151][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][blogEntryId] = '118803'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][startDt] = 'Jul 6 2011 7:49AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][talentId] = '88888'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][headline] = 'New Celebrity Beef... Over a hairstyle???'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][entryTextId] = '20128446'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][entryLongText] = '

Lloyd came through to 106 & Park yesterday to premiere his new single \"Be The One\" and also  show off a new hairstyle. Check out the pic below!!!! I\'m not a huge fan of the new look but I will admit it is something different and unique.


Wait...Pause!!! Miguel is now claiming that Lloyd is really jockin\' his style because supposedly he was the original creator of this hairstyle. Even though we see Miguel as the sensitive, R&B songbird who has recently come out-of-the closet, this nice-guy persona changed when Miguel had some not-so nice words for Lloyd via Twitter.


Beefing\' over social media is not something that I think highly of, but beefing over a hairstyle just might be the lowest of lows......

But I gotta admit I did get a good laugh out of it hahahaha

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[151][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[152][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][blogEntryId] = '118802'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][startDt] = 'Jun 28 2011 6:30AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][talentId] = '88887'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][headline] = 'Tuk-its!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][entryTextId] = '20128444'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][entryLongText] = 'Aside from being a radio personality, I also like to think up new ideas and products. My newest project- Tuck-its- is the must have accessory  to deal with those annoying hanger loops that can ruin even the cutest outfit. Check out my website http://www.tukits.com/ to learn more about this great idea. Go to yakaboutit.com and leave a comment about what you think about this product.


\"\"\"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[152][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[153][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][blogEntryId] = '118801'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][startDt] = 'Jun 22 2011 9:36AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][talentId] = '88886'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][headline] = 'The newest food craze.....FRIED KOOL-AID!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][entryTextId] = '20128440'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][entryLongText] = '

Fried Kool-Aid is the Latest Craze at Local Fair (Video)

\"\" Nobody can tell me that the latest food craze isn’t the result of a weed head’s nightmare.  What does it sound like to you?  Fried Kool-Aid?  Fried Pepsi?  Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich?  Now that last one alone is proof that someone was smoking the cheeba and woke up in a foodless house and serious munchies in mind.  How else do you explain these type of concoctions? “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian came up with these crazy ideas and according to Hip Hop Wired, he sold between 400 and 600 orders served at the San Diego County Fair. During the fair he also went through 150 pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour.  Yikes! Right?  He must have got a special order somewhere in there for Snoop and his weed smokin’ crew.  It doesn’t sound like you can be fully sober to eat it, but apparently it’s a hit. So, the moral to this story is, try something crazy.  Your craziest idea may have you laughing all the way to the bank!  Check him and the Kool-Aid dunkin’ process out. -J.C. Brooks Story Credit: EURWeb.com'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[153][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[154][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][blogEntryId] = '118800'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][startDt] = 'Jun 20 2011 8:21AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][talentId] = '88885'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][headline] = 'Is Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond behind the killing of Tupac??'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][entryTextId] = '20128438'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][entryLongText] = '

\"\"There is major talk about this guy Jimmy \"Henchmen\" Rosemond. If you do not know Jimmy, he is the CEO of Czar entertainment and  once was the manager to known artist such as The Game, Too $hort, and Shyne. Since Tupac\'s birthday just passed, where he would of been 40 years old, there has been major talk from the source\'s mouth of Dexter Isaacs that he was supposedly hired by Rosemond to rob and kill Tupac .

He said that he was paid $2,500 to complete the job of killing Tupac. Isaacs also claims to have evidence of a chain that he snatched from Tupac when the killing happened. But where is the evidence, it is talked about but it has not surfaced yet. Even though Rosemond\'s attorney stated firmly \"it\'s a flat out lie\", could this story be true or is Isaacs just trying to start something. Take a look at Isaacs full statement and decide for yourself: Isaac\'s full statement: My name is Dexter Isaac. On Monday, May 23, 2011, James Rosemond released a statement in which he named myself and another individual, a Mr. Winston Harris (who I do not know), as government informants. I would like to clear the record on that statement: I have never been a rat for anybody and I do not have any deals nor was I made any promises by any government agency for information on Mr. Rosemond. Mr. Rosemond has crucified good reporters like Chuck Philips, at the LA Times, and Alison Gendar, at the Daily News, for telling the truth about him and his activities. He claims they had no proof that he was a rat for the government, which is an outright lie, because Mr. Rosemond, you signed a proffer agreement with the U.S. Attorney\'s office in New York on 10-20-1998. Mr. Rosemond, I have copies of your presentence report from North Carolina dated 1-13-1997 and other documents about you working with the government sending people you befriended to prison so you can maintain your own freedom. I have met with individuals on whom Mr. Rosemond has told. Jimmy, I say to you: I have kept your secrets for years. You have never been arrested because of me, or anyone of our friends because of me. How dare you call me an informant! I have stayed silent in prison for the past 13 years, doing a life sentence like a real soldier should, when you and everybody have turned your backs on me. I have never gotten any help nor asked for any help from you or anyone since being locked up. As a matter of fact, when I was first notified a couple years ago that the feds and Chuck Philips were investigating you, I wrote you and sent you everything they sent me. I kept it real with you because that\'s what real G\'s do. Anyway, that was before I found out that you were, in fact, already a turncoat rat for the government. Mr. Rosemond, if I was an informant like you, I would\'ve been home years ago with my family, not doing life in prison. Now I would like to clear up a few things, because the statute of limitations is over, and no one can be charged, and I\'m just plain tired of listening to your lies. In 1994, James Rosemond hired me to rob 2Pac Shakur at the Quad Studio. He gave me $2,500, plus all the jewelry I took, except for one ring, which he wanted for himself. It was the biggest of the two diamond rings that we took. He said he wanted to put the stone in a new setting for his girlfriend at the time, Cynthia Ried. I still have as proof the chain that we took that night in the robbery. Now I\'m not going to talk about my friend Biggie\'s death or 2Pac\'s death, but I would like to give their mothers some closure. It\'s about time that some one did, and I will do so at a different time. Jimmy, you and Puffy like to come off all innocent-like, but as the saying goes: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Mr. Rosemond, I ask you: Are you going to flip on Puffy when the feds get you? To save yourself like you have done in the past? Because that\'s what a rat does. So in closing, we shall see who the rat is, in the near future'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[154][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[155][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][blogEntryId] = '118799'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][startDt] = 'Jun 15 2011 7:40AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][talentId] = '88884'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][headline] = 'Wooow Really??'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][entryTextId] = '20128436'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][entryLongText] = ' Can someone tell me what Antoine Dodson was thinkin?? Who ever said that this was a real song to perform. He is coming out waving and got his \"Hair Did\" to make a grand entrance and peformance.. CAN WE SAY HOT MESS... \"\" Ok Beyonce ......LOL'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[155][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[156][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][blogEntryId] = '118798'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][startDt] = 'Jun 9 2011 10:22AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][talentId] = '88883'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][headline] = 'Skinny Joe??'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][entryTextId] = '20128434'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][entryLongText] = ' Have you see the transformation that Fat Joe had. It is crazzzzy! So the word is that Fat Joe lost 80 pounds in a year and dropped 8 sizes.. So now the question is what does he do with his name? Is it still fair to call him Fat Joe or does it just drop to Joe?? On another note, is it just me or does he look like a totally new person. I don\'t think I would recognize him out anywhere but he looks so different. What do you all think.. Surgery or did he do this through working out!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[156][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[157][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][blogEntryId] = '118797'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][startDt] = 'Jun 7 2011 10:35AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][talentId] = '88882'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][headline] = 'Is Rohan Marley the father?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][entryTextId] = '20128432'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][entryLongText] = '

\"\"Check out what MediaTakeOut has to say about Rohan Marley saying on Twitter that he is not the father of Lauren Hill\'s soon to be sixth child. He is the father of the other 5 children that Lauren Hill has. He is speaking loud and clear on Twitter and responds by saying it is someone Else\'s. DRAMA! Taken from MediaTakeOut: http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/49040/mto_world_exclusive_rohan_marley_says_he_is_not_the_father_of_laurens_sixth_child.html'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[157][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[158][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][blogEntryId] = '118796'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][startDt] = 'Jun 6 2011 6:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][talentId] = '88881'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][headline] = 'When is it too much?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][entryTextId] = '20128430'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][entryLongText] = ' Check out this video of Rihanna in concert and let me know when it is too much. Rihanna\'s style of dressing and performing have all changed since she came out. She seemed innocent and chill when she first stepped out on the scene, now it seems that sex is her main focus when dancing and singing. The entire video shows her grinding , rolling her hips and dancing in a provocative way the entire time. Where is the music industry going these days? When are they going to have some kind of restriction on things for these artist to follow by. Then many wonder why children are getting pregnant at younger ages, and why they know the words they know and are doing the things they are doing. Rihanna may can sing but she is not a role model.'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[158][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[159][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][blogEntryId] = '118795'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][startDt] = 'Jun 3 2011 8:20AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][talentId] = '88880'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][headline] = 'See What Sandra Rose Has to say about Kimberley Locke'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][entryTextId] = '20128428'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][entryLongText] = '\"\"\"\" *Kimberley Locke is now using her clout as a celebrity gained from her American Idol to take her ambitions to the next level. The next level could very well see Locke on her way to becoming the next Oprah Winfrey, according to CYinterview.com. After achieving fame from that reality television show, Locke has cornered the market and secured a talk show host gig that could take her career to superstardom, something many people didn’t expect. “I do feel like this is that moment for me. How did I end up here? Immediately after American Idol, I’m very goal oriented. So I have my short-term goals, my short-term goal was to get a record contract and get my music out there so people could remember me. Then my long-term goal was to actually host a television show. The past two years I have taken meeting after meeting after meeting, making the rounds to be seen in front of the people who could make that happen. It just so happened that I got that phone call from ABC and they wanted to meet with me. It was one of those things where I obviously feel like I put it out there in the universe and the universe conspired and I had to do my part as well. But I put it out there and here eight and a half years later, I’m doing exactly what I’d set out to do on my 10 year goal. I think that it will change my life. I think it’ll change my career.” After scaling the mountain, being tripped down to the valley, Locke has risen again in uncertain industry that has made mincemeat of many wannabe Hollywood careers. “I’ve always said I would rather take 10 years to build the foundation for a 100 year career than be a flash in the pan…I completely understand why celebrities or sudo celebrities go off the deep end and lose focus and lose themselves…One day you’re on the top and the next day you’re in a valley. But just as fast as you went to that valley, you can go back on top again. That’s such an emotional rollercoaster, the spikes and the drops. “I think I’m really excited that, it’s been a slow build for me, but it’s been the perfect pace as well because I feel grounded. I feel like I have a solid group of people around me now. I feel like I’m headed in a great direction where my feet are still plated on the ground.” For more, go to CYinterview.com. Taken from Sandra Rose.. http://www.eurweb.com/?p=109632'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[159][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[160][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][blogEntryId] = '118794'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][startDt] = 'May 31 2011 8:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][talentId] = '88879'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][headline] = 'R.Kelly's Skeletons in the Closet ....'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][entryTextId] = '20128425'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][entryLongText] = 'R&B singer R. Kelly is no stranger to scandal and controversy, but recently Kelly\'s former personal assistant Demetrius Smith announced his new book called  “The Man Behind the The Man” that revealed even more dirt about R. Kelly. After so many years, this book helped bring to the surface rumors that R. Kelly had been in a  sexual relationship with late song bird Aaliyah.


Apparently the two had been secretly married when Aaliyah was only 15 years old and there was a possibility that she could have been pregnant by him!!! The book even goes on to include more info about the the infamous pedophile move that R. Kelly made when he decided to piss on a little girl. I feel like this might be one helluva good read so you might want to grab yourself a copy ASAP because all of R. Kelly\'s skeletons are about to jump out the closet! Check out this video from a FOX news station that gives even more insider detail.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[160][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[161][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][blogEntryId] = '118793'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][startDt] = 'May 26 2011 9:32AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][talentId] = '88878'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][headline] = 'American Idol Finale- The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly....'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][entryTextId] = '20128422'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][entryLongText] = '

\"\"Last night marked the season 10 finale of American Idol,  so ya\'ll know I had to tune in. Shoutouts to the winner Scotty McCreery. Even though he might be a 17-year-old country singer, I\'m telling ya the boy can SANNGG!! The tone of his voice is so deep and sultry that you can\'t help but to listen  and actually like what you\'re hearing.  And on top of that he\'s from NC so we gotta give him his props for representing.

It only took maybe 2 minutes to announce him as the winner but the finale lasted 2 hours!!! This time was filled with  performances by Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler, Beyonce, and my throwback favorite TLC. But when Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas hit the stage something just didn\'t look right.

Please somebody look at this picture below and tell me what you think.....\"\"

DAYYYYUMMM!!! Yes, that was my exact reaction too. T-Boz is definitely looking kinda thick which led rumors to surface that she might be pregnant. Of course, nobody really knows the truth beside T-Boz herself, but if pregnancy isn\'t whats\' causing her to look  like a little plump pig then I guess we all can just blame it on old age...that never fails!

Either way these ladies still got the talent so I cant fault them for that.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[161][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[162][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][blogEntryId] = '118792'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][startDt] = 'May 25 2011 7:01AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][talentId] = '88877'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][headline] = 'Beyonce "Steals" the Show'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][entryTextId] = '20128419'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][entryLongText] = ' This year\'s Billboard Music Awards Show featured one artist that we all know REALLY well....Beyonce. She was the first time winner of  the Billboard Millennium Award created especially for her. Her performance for the night was one to remember- but it seemed all too familiar when rumors surfaced that she copied the idea from Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini. Also we\'ve notice that she \"borrows\" other people\'s ideas and blends them all together to make it her own or so we think. Is it just me or does somethings in this video look too similar and a little suspicious to you???'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[162][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[163][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][blogEntryId] = '118791'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][startDt] = 'May 24 2011 7:35AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][talentId] = '88876'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][headline] = 'All the rappers on the short Bus'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][entryTextId] = '20128417'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][entryLongText] = ' This video is hilarious. The cartoon actually looks like the real rappers. The funny thing is who has Stevie Wonder driving the bus??? Where are they going with him not being able to see a thing! lol I really admire the person who thought of this creation because it actually shows the truth about what the hip hop world is coming to. You have Gucci with a tat of a ice cream cone on his face and you have Waka Flaka who can\'t even count. Do we all remember on the 106& Park interview he wanted to major in Geometry. Is it just me or is that not a major?? These rappers are doing this to themselves. They talk about nothing that makes sense. To be honest Lil Wayne is about the only rapper out of this group who\'s lyrics are crazy. His flow makes you want to hear more of his music , the others make you want to turn off the radio... IM JUST SAYING!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[163][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[164][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][blogEntryId] = '118790'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][startDt] = 'May 23 2011 7:26AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][talentId] = '88875'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][headline] = 'Mike Tyson pay flop in Hangover 2'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][entryTextId] = '20128415'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][entryLongText] = '\"\"\"\"Mike Tyson has a small role in the movie \"Hangover 2\" and he should be happy to get what he gets but it is funny to hear when you find out what others are getting for staring in the movie. Of course 200,000 k thousands is a lot and is a great amount to anybody, which is the amount Tyson is getting paid but others such as Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zack Galifianakis , will each be getting paid around 5 million dollars.  That is a huge increase if you ask me. On top of that these men will also get paid 4%  of first dollar gross which can even out to millions more. CRAZY MONEY! But can we blame them. Tyson is no actor and has no business receiving to much money doing a small role in the first place. He checks in to be the lowest paid star in the film \"Hangover 2\".. On another note Victor Whitmill, the tattooist who created Mike Tyson\'s tattoo on his face is filling a lawsuit against Warner\'s Bro because he says that in the mocvie the man who woke up with the tattoo on his face just like Tyson\'s had no permission to use, or reproduce the creation and is also claiming copyright infringement. WOW.!      '; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[164][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[165][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][blogEntryId] = '118789'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][startDt] = 'May 20 2011 9:56AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][talentId] = '88874'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][headline] = 'Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart" Video'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][entryTextId] = '20128410'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][entryLongText] = ' Honestly, I think the artist\'s name says it all... Mr. Ghetto might have created one of the most GHETTO videos I have ever seen!! The video for the song called \"Walmart\" is shot with girls shaking their ass all over Walmart to the lingerie section and even to the parking lot. One word-EMBARASSING!!! This video makes me a little ashamned to be black at this point because with music like this people can\'t take you seriously so of course they gonna judge you! And to the females it would have been nice to see your face every once in awhile besides just shaking your ass for the camera the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!!! O and playing in the buggys like you\'re five is not a good look either! So I\'m guessing the total cost of this video was probably FREE along with that Walmart law suit thats on the way I had to call Mr. Ghetto to really find out what was going through his mind to come up with something like this...hopefully I can get an interview Damn shame......'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[165][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[166][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][blogEntryId] = '118788'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][startDt] = 'May 19 2011 8:30AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][talentId] = '88873'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][headline] = 'BET Nominees!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][entryTextId] = '20128408'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][entryLongText] = '

\"\"Hosted By KEVIN HART


The BET awards will take place on JUNE 26 in LA! This will be one night to remember especially since funny boy KEVIN HART will be hosting. Expect to be crying by the end of the night because the dude is Hilarious.

Along with him are a list of the nominees for the night. I must say that some of the categories threw me for a loop and were unexpected. Can you believe that Chris Brown is up for 6 nominations for the night. We might not like what he does outside of the music but we have to give credit where it is due. This man took over this year!

On another note, Beyonce was not nominated for many awards this year. She is listed under Best Female R&B. Is it just me or does she need to sit down and stop trying to take the shine every single chance that she gets. OK we get it your hot and relevant but Geesh can Kelly Rowland be number one for a day before you try and come out with a remake of YOUR OWN SONG.

Now on to the Best Female Hip Hop Artist. DIAMOND is nominated. Who?? Yea, that\'s what I said too.Who comes up with these categories?? This needs to be a world wide decision because they must of been picking names out of a hat to put her up there. REDICULOUS!. Speaking of nominations TRINA and Keyshia Cole were pissed about the categories and thought that it was a mess. From the words of Trina herself \"FUCK BET\".

Best Collaborations seems to be one of the toughest categories for that night. Even though I am so Over BET I might watch it IF I get bored, other than that You all let me know how it was.! WAT A MESS


'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[166][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[167][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][blogEntryId] = '118787'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][startDt] = 'May 17 2011 7:46AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][talentId] = '88872'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][headline] = 'Is it Love & Hip Hop?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][entryTextId] = '20128406'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][entryLongText] = '

As you all know the reunion of Love and Hip Hop aired last night. My question is was this show even worth air time. Their were few episodes to began with and the small episodes that they did have ,I believe could have been a little different. First of all the show relates around hip hop and the relationships that go behind it. There was no positive light that really went into this series. Fabolous and his girl, are not doing so well as she mentioned on the reunion show and nobody believes that Olivia was in a relationship with her man.

\"\" On another note, I know that Jim Jones did not walk on a reunion show, knowing that his marriage would be a trending topic, AND NOT WEAR HIS WEDDING RING. Is Chrissy in denial or does this relationship seem to be working to you all. The show was represented an a \"Ghetto Fabulous light\". Did this show really need this stereotype once again, knowing how the media already portrayed hip hop and the life that supposedly goes behind that??

Seems to me everyone on the show had some issues that need to be resolved and handled. Too much drama, when are we too old for that?

Do you all think that it will be a season two!!!!!

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[167][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[168][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][blogEntryId] = '118786'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][startDt] = 'May 12 2011 9:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][talentId] = '88871'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][headline] = 'PSA EVERYBODY: UNCLE LUKE'S HAS A PLATFORM!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][entryTextId] = '20128403'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][entryLongText] = 'EURWEB spoke with  Uncle Luke about running for Mayor of Miami and here is what he had to say... For former rap star turned community activist Luther Campbell, change was inevitable. He’s running for mayor of one of America’s major metropolitan areas, Miami. And that has some people laughing, and some people shook. He tells our Lee Bailey that his political pedigree began to strengthen as soon as he began to care for the less fortunate. “People who know me from the music industry know that I’m a champion of free speech,” he explained. “I fought with the Supreme Court and won.  Along the way it becomes political. You’re forced to be political as far as free speech is concerned. People who know me know that I have always been a community servant. I’ve fought the program and I’m still around after 25 years as well as worked with African American politicians who have worked with us in the community as well as in Miami.” Though it might not be fair we can’t help but be a little surprised, as is most of the rest of the world. You mean the dude with the girls and the gold chains and that gap in his teeth? That Luke is running for mayor of what? “It’s no surprise to people the people of Miami,” he explained.  “It’s a surprise to the people outside of South Florida because they don’t know the things that I do.  I’m not a person who, like a lot of artists, who do things for publicity. I do things because I do it from my heart.” Things such as? “I went over to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in support of the Haitians that were displaced in the war and set out in the ocean. I did that without asking for any publicity. I fought for African Americans to be equal on South Beach I did it without asking for any publicity. I just wanted equal treatment and we worked with the justice department to get them that equal treatment. These are the different things that I have been doing in my community. I’ve worked with Congressman Meeks, school board members, senators. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s no surprise to the people of South Florida.” Ok then Uncle Luke! The aforementioned actions are nothing to sneeze at and, at least to us, are a clear measure of Campbell’s demonstrated commitment to the people of Miami-Dade County. Here’s what Luke told EURweb.com when asked what specifically motivated him to run. “I have to say when you have 8 innocent people get killed by the Miami police department (within months of one another) that says to me enough is enough. When you have affordable housing department get taken over by the federal government that says enough is enough. When you look at a transit department and $180 million is missing and it gets taken over by the federal government that says to me enough is enough. I love my city to death and I’ve been working so hard for fair treatment for the people of Miami.” \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[168][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[169][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][blogEntryId] = '118785'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][startDt] = 'May 10 2011 7:59AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][talentId] = '88870'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][headline] = 'Pregnant Celebrities Pose Nude--Would you do it?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][entryTextId] = '20128401'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][entryLongText] = '\"\"\"\"\"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[169][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[170][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][blogEntryId] = '118784'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][startDt] = 'May 4 2011 8:58AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][talentId] = '88869'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][headline] = 'Why people only show their face in profile pics!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][entryTextId] = '20128397'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][entryLongText] = 'Check this out! Doesn\'t this remind you of a bank teller? \"\" \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[170][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[171][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][blogEntryId] = '118783'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][startDt] = 'Apr 26 2011 7:04AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][talentId] = '88868'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][headline] = 'Hood Mamas...Can it get any worse?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][entryTextId] = '20128395'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][entryLongText] = 'Earlier today, when photos of Diamond and Soulja Boy canoodling surfaced, I didn’t think twice about it. It’s hard to keep up with some of these shenanigans nowadays, however, who knew the hilarity that was going to ensue when Lil Scrappy’s Mama called in to Hot 107.9 radio station earlier today to blast off on Diamond. While her ex-fiance Lil Scrappy took the high road, explaining that they had broken up and he wished her well, his mama wasn’t so nice.  She tells The Dirty Boyz:
Okay, the b***h done got breast implants and booty shots, the b***h ain’t real first of all. Secondly, Soulja boy is gonna come behind him anyway. So at the end of the day Scrappy is chilling, he’s fine, he’s the Prince of the South and he got it good. He’s living good and he ain’t thinking about that b***h…dirty low down b***h. Dirty Boyz: Why did she lie like that? She lied like a motherf**ker! Called Scrappy back, talking about I was just hanging out with him. Whooooooo! I want to put my hand around that b***h throat. I want you to go on the radio and say “Mama D is angry because you don’t mess with Mama D son.” But you know what ladies and gentlemen? Her son is doing good. The Prince of the South is still the reigning prince because he’s chill like that, he’s gonna keep it pimpin’. It’s f’d up how she did it…low down dirty b*tch. She’s lucky I don’t take [inaudible] and pimp her azz. She gonna give it up like that, she might as well get some money for it hoe. Scrappy, Mama D, we gonna keep it G, ya heard me? Let the radio know that Scrappy the Prince of the South is still the reigning Prince and he’s chilling on South Beach, okay, with a beautiful lady. He ain’t stunting that sh*t there, he’s all good.
Lawd, Lebron’s mama and Jim Jones’ mama don’t have sh*t on Mama D. They all need a reality show. Hood Moms… \"\" Article from Necole Bitchie'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[171][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[172][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][blogEntryId] = '118782'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][startDt] = 'Apr 13 2011 7:56AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][talentId] = '88867'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][headline] = 'Donald Trump Responds to Bill Cosby!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][entryTextId] = '20128393'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][entryLongText] = 'This is a letter written by Donald Trump about Bill Cosby after Bill stated on the Today show that Donald \"is full of it.\" “The other day on The Today Show, right after I was interviewed by Meredith Vieira, a terrific person and reporter, I happened to watch Bill Cosby who was on at the end of the show. While I have never been a fan of Cosby’s, I had always assumed he liked or respected me because every time I met him—the last time at the David Letterman show where I preceded him as a guest—he was always so nice, saying, ‘let’s get together’ – asking me out to dinner, and being polite to the point of offering to buy me a suit because he has a ‘great tailor.’” “In any event, as I watched the show, the subject of Donald Trump came up.  I was surprised to hear him blabber, somewhat incoherently, ‘you run or shut up.’ The hatred was pouring out of his eyes when he said this.” “As I am sure he must know I cannot run until this season of Celebrity Apprentice ends. I know that he has taken a lot of heat over the years in that he seems to be talking down to the people he’s talking to and purportedly trying to help. Actually, based on the way he acted, things are not looking too good for Cosby.” “I wish he would be more honest, and if he doesn’t want me to run because he’s obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my “green room” in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend, only to denigrate me when I’m not around. Sadly, he got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance—maybe he is not as dumb as I thought.” -eurweb.com'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[172][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[173][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][blogEntryId] = '118781'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][startDt] = 'Apr 4 2011 9:25PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][talentId] = '88866'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][headline] = 'Please be careful what your post on Facebook or any other site!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][entryTextId] = '20128389'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][entryLongText] = '\"\" Ukailya Lofton, a student at Overton Elementary School in Chicago, turned up for her school photo on picture day with Jolly Rancher candies tied to her braids after she had seen the style in a magazine. Her computer teacher asked her to pose for a photo with her braids hanging round her face and told her: ‘My husband is not going to believe this.’ That night she posted the cell-phone pictures on her Facebook page with the message: ‘Right! This is for picture day.’ Another parent whose child is the teacher’s friend on Facebook let Ukailya’s mother Lucinda Williams know that the girl’s photo was on the teacher’s page and people were mocking the hairstyle. The comments that appeared on the teacher’s Facebook page said things like: ‘I laughed so hard my contact popped out’, ‘yeah this is foolishness’ and ‘If you are going to make your child look ridiculous the least you could do is make them matching.’ When a furious Ms Williams notified the school, the teacher removed the photo and apologised but Ukailya’s mother is demanding she apologise directly to her daughter. She told the Chicago Tribune: ‘What bothers me is that she still hasn’t apologized to my baby. No child should have to go to school to be bullied by their teacher. ‘She wasn’t even suspended, and an apology is not enough.’ -Sandra Rose 4/4/2011'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[173][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[174][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][blogEntryId] = '118780'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][startDt] = 'Mar 30 2011 10:01AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][talentId] = '88865'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][headline] = 'BIG UPS TO EVERYBODY WHO ATTENTED THE PRINCE SHOW..IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE.WE'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][entryTextId] = '20128387'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[174][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[175][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][blogEntryId] = '118779'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][startDt] = 'Mar 23 2011 7:32AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][talentId] = '88864'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][headline] = 'I RESPECT BILL'S GANGSTA!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][entryTextId] = '20128383'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][entryLongText] = '\"\" Bill Cosby may be getting older, but he\'s still feisty as ever. The comedian and rap mogul Russell Simmons have been in a celebrity feud since Cosby launched his \"State of Emergency\" campaign, which promoted socially conscious rap music without lyrics celebrating violence, sex or the degradation of women. Russell felt Cosby was a little too judgmental of today\'s rap and hip-hop stars, but was willing to put the feud behind him at the Jackie RobinsonAnnual Awards Dinner on March 7. Unfortunately for Russell, Cosby isn\'t letting go of that grudge! When Russell approached Bill to apologize, the 73-year-old comedian responded with, \"Get the [bleep] out my face!\" LOLz! Bill, you potty mouth! -Perez Hilton'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[175][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[176][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][blogEntryId] = '118778'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][startDt] = 'Mar 16 2011 9:44AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][talentId] = '88863'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][headline] = 'Straight-Up Ignorant...Be careful what you put on the Internet!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][entryTextId] = '20128381'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[176][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[177][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][blogEntryId] = '118777'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][startDt] = 'Mar 9 2011 9:15AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][talentId] = '88862'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][headline] = 'Young Buck Arrested for Gun Possession'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][entryTextId] = '20128379'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][entryLongText] = 'People- We MUST do better! Read this story below about Young Buck\'s recent arrest!
-Partyspree.com G-Unit rapper Young Buck was arrested for failing to appear in court on a previous violation.... G-Unit rapper Young Buck was arrested for failing to appear in court on a previous violation. The Associated Press reports that Young Buck, born David Darnell Brown, was stopped when police witnessed his black Cadillac Escalade weaving in and out of traffic near downtown Nashville. Police said that Brown was cited last July for driving with suspended license and while his license is currently valid, his record showed an outstanding warrant for the charge last July. Young Buck, 25, was released on $1,000 bond and is due in court Feb. 27. The rapper was in Nashville supporting designer Gino Green and promoting his upcoming album Buck the World which is due in stores Mar. 20.
\"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[177][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[178][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][blogEntryId] = '118776'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][startDt] = 'Mar 3 2011 4:09PM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][talentId] = '88861'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][headline] = 'Real Beef or Seeking Attention?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][entryTextId] = '20128377'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][entryLongText] = 'If you haven\'t heard, Rihanna and Ciara supposedly have beef for no real reason! The ladies have even taken it as far as going back and forth on twitter. Sometimes I really think that people just do this for attention and this is one of those cases. Read below and see for yourself. Ciara: I ran into her recently at a party,\' she said on the E! show. \'She wasn\'t the nicest. \'It\'s crazy, because I\'ve always loved and respected what she\'s done in fashion. It wasn\'t the most pleasant run-in.\' Rihanna was quick to respond, tweeting: \'My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? \'U gangsta huh? Haaa.\' Ciara, 25, replied: \'Trust me Rihanna you don\'t want to see me on or off the stage.\' At which Rihanna laughed: \'Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of.\' \'Pure comedy,\' responded Ciara. But the two obviously realised they had taken their public spat too far. Rihanna, 23, was first to backtrack, saying: \'Ciara baby, I love u girl! U hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I\'m heartbroken! That\'s y I retaliated this way! So sorry!\' To which Ciara gratefully responded: \'Rhi, u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows and everything. You threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let\'s chat in person.\' -Daily Mail Reporter'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[178][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[179][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][blogEntryId] = '118775'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][startDt] = 'Feb 23 2011 11:30AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][talentId] = '88860'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][headline] = 'Iyanla Vanzant on oprah'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][entryTextId] = '20128375'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][entryLongText] = 'Do you remember what happened between Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah? Well this is their first time speaking in 11 years! Watch below and see how things went. Personally, I think when Iyanla got a little bit of shine she got big headed. My advice to all upcoming artist is to try to remain humble and don\'t burn bridges. Stop trying to live out of your means by rocking expensive jewelry if your rent is not paid! '; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[179][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[180][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][blogEntryId] = '118774'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][startDt] = 'Feb 14 2011 9:26AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][talentId] = '88859'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][headline] = 'Greg Leakes vs. Damien Leakes!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][entryTextId] = '20128372'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][entryLongText] = 'Okay so apparently Greg Leakes has a son that we knew nothing about! After reading this story, I came to the conclusion that people are so hungry for fame!!! People have to realize that not everyone can be in the spotlight because someone you know is getting some shine! I\'m just saying..reality shows are not for everyone and some people just need to let things go! \"\" Posted by Sandra Rose Who knew Greg Leakes had a grown son named Damien (or Damian)? If you’re like me, you don’t care about this story, but the reality is that ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ continues to reel in big numbers for Bravo Network for some odd reason. It seems that Damien is feeling some kind of way about missing out on all the fame and riches that goes along with being a reality TV star in his head. But, according to Greg, the only reason he (Greg) and his younger sons were on RHOA was because they happened to be living in the house while the show was being filmed. “You’re going about it the wrong way,” said Greg. “I had no control over that show whatsoever. I’m not a housewife.” Most RHOA viewers believe that the Greg and NeNe drama is scripted for TV, but Damien told RadarOnline that his father and stepmother are really considering going through with the divorce even though no papers have been filed. Damien says NeNe owes Greg something like $300,000 that he loaned her for all that plastic surgery she had that hasn’t improved her looks not one bit. But how can Greg give NeNe $300,000 when he couldn’t afford to pay $6,000 back rent for that house they leased during the 1st season?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[180][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[181][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][blogEntryId] = '118773'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][startDt] = 'Feb 7 2011 10:00AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][talentId] = '88858'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][headline] = 'Steve Harvey Deceiving??'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][entryTextId] = '20128369'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][entryLongText] = 'For all you ladies looking for an answer, it may be time to look elsewhere because not everyone is an expert! By Bossip Staff\"\" Steve Harvey’s ex-wife posted several videos on YouTube  in which she alleges that the comedian and author was a chronic cheater in their marriage who then took their son and left her with nothing after they split. In three videos totaling more than 25 minutes, Mary Harvey discusses the entire arc of their relationship, from their meeting in the mid-1990s to the present. She claims he was unfaithful practically from the beginning and was ruthless during the divorce. “He turned my son against me, had me evicted from our house,” she says. “I woke up, and everything was gone.” In response, a statement from Steve Harvey’s attorney, Bobbie Edmonds, states: “We are appalled and aware of the videos and other fabricated documents … which contained false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and    others.” The statement adds: “The ex-wife is fully aware of the court’s current orders and permanent injunctions which prohibit either party, their lawyers or representatives from discussing and releasing information on the Internet and to the media. We are taking the necessary legal steps to rectify this matter to the full extent of the law and we will be seeking contempt and sanctions against her for such reprehensible and callous disregard for the court orders.” The couple divorced in 2005. Two years later, Steve Harvey, who has written several best-selling books offering relationship advice, married Marjorie Bridges – who had been his mistress, according to Mary Harvey.'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[181][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[182][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][blogEntryId] = '118772'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][startDt] = 'Jan 26 2011 10:22AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][talentId] = '88857'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][headline] = 'Children and Technology'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][entryTextId] = '20128367'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][entryLongText] = '

Study: More kids can use a smart phone than tie their shoes

By NICK EATON SEATTLEPI.COMSTARR Which is easier to use -- an iPhone or a shoelace? If you were 2 to 5 years old, you might actually say the iPhone. A new study shows that many kids pick up high-tech skills quicker than \"standard\" life skills, such as tying their shoes or riding a bike. \"Technology has changed what it means to be a parent raising children today -- these children are growing up in an environment that would be unrecognizable to their parents,\" J.R. Smith, chief executive of AVG, the Internet security firm that commissioned the study, said in a news release. In the U.S., according to the study, 30 percent of 2- to 5-year-olds knew how to operate a smart phone or tablet computer, like the Apple iPad. And 61 percent could play a basic computer game. (Add in Canada and Europe, and those percentages were 19 percent and 58 percent, respectively.) On the contrary, while 52 percent of kids knew how to ride a bike, just 20 percent could swim and a mere 11 percent could tie their own shoes. My Thoughts: Okay, so after reading this article, my reaction was WHAT IS GOING ON!? Parents, it’s time to start being aware of how our children are progressing. Personally, I think that we should be teaching our children the basic things before worrying about if they know how to use a computer/smart phone.  Don\'t get me wrong, technology is great, but is it okay that 30% of 2-5-year-olds know how to use to smart phone, but cannot do something as simple as tying their shoes?? Lets do better people because there is something wrong with this picture!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[182][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[183][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][blogEntryId] = '118771'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][startDt] = 'Jan 17 2011 8:25AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][talentId] = '88856'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][headline] = 'Gucci's Tattoo'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][entryTextId] = '20128362'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][entryLongText] = 'So last week  rapper Gucci Mane decided that it would be a good idea to get another tattoo on his face! This time he got an ice-cream cone with three scoops and lightening on top! And to make it even worse, he got the word  BURR written in the middle of the cone.  I think this proves that he is in a psych war and might just be a little crazy. Really... BURR Gucci!?!? Come on now..he cannot be serious! \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[183][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[184][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][blogEntryId] = '118770'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][startDt] = 'Dec 19 2010 10:05AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][talentId] = '88855'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][headline] = 'Lil Kim going in on Nicki Minaj & I LOVE IT!!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][entryTextId] = '20128359'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][entryLongText] = 'Lil Kim is spanking Nicki Minaj\'s BEHIND in her Black Friday revenge and she goes in on Nicki and Puffy in a recent interview at Hot 97!!! Lyrical  BEEF, this is TRUE hip hop  and I think Kim is wining! As much as I\'ve had my issue with Kim in the past I SO love her for this and gotta give her props.  She is the only female in the game who over years has left the scene and comes back with a TRUE hit , for that I tip my hat to the Queen B! :)  Check out her interview with Angie Martinez http://www.hot97.com/Channels/newonhot/Story.aspx?ID=1330104'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[184][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[185][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][blogEntryId] = '118769'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][startDt] = 'Dec 1 2010 9:02AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][talentId] = '88854'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][headline] = 'Everyone's Getting their Feels On with Nicki'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][entryTextId] = '20128355'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][entryLongText] = 'As we all know Nicki Minaj has butt pads, but you wouldn\'t think that it wouldn\'t phase  Regis Philbin of the \"Regis & Kelly\" show. After her live performance, Regis gave Nicki a little love top on her rear end after complimenting her on the outfit. People can\'t help but to be \"awed\" by the amount of silicone stuffed in Nicki\'s pants. Even Regis had to cop a feel. \"\" Soon after Nicki tweeted “LOL. I was in shock!” I wonder if she was as shocked when Rhianna got her \"feels\" on last week during a a concert performance.

Regis and Nicki Minaj

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[185][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[186][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][blogEntryId] = '118768'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][startDt] = 'Nov 22 2010 9:05AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][talentId] = '88853'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][headline] = 'Lil Kim Let Nicki Live.'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][entryTextId] = '20128350'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][entryLongText] = 'Beef seems to be the main course of Hip Hop. What happened to unity, empowerment, and using your voice for change? We depend on certain artist to deliver certain messages, but Lil Kim is delivering beef to Nicki front door service.  While at a night club in Nicki\'s hood in Queens Lil Kim thought it was only best to let the crowd know that Nicki is dead weight to Hip Hop by her standards. “I got more love from Queens than this b----    do!\" “I will erase this bitch’s social security number! First of all, I don’t even need a record right now, I’ll kill that bitch with my old s—!” Lil Kim Rambled. What you think about that? \"\" No Love straight Hate. Hip Hop already knows Kim is the original \"Black Barbie\", no doubt. Kim should be tickled that someone wants echo her style.  Diana Ross pays respect to Beyonce for  keeping up the legacy, Usher and Chris Brown dance together, now Kim needs to take Nicki as an understudy and kill all that noise. A Collaboration would be nice. . .  If not Kim\'s just gonna have to bring back that FIRE!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[186][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[187][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][blogEntryId] = '118767'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][startDt] = 'Nov 10 2010 9:22AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][talentId] = '88852'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][headline] = 'Black Male Students'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][entryTextId] = '20128348'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][entryLongText] = '

Your first teachers should always be your parents.

MSNBC and The New York Times recently conducted a research study on black males and the academic achievement gap between them and their white counterparts, and the numbers are crucial. \"Only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys, and only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys.\" Reported Trip Gabriel.


What is going on?


If these numbers and this video doesn\'t make you want to do something about our young black men and their futures I don\'t know what will. . .

Black boys score far behind white students

\"\" \"\"\"\" \"\"

You end the way you begin.

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[187][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[188][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][blogEntryId] = '118766'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][startDt] = 'Nov 3 2010 7:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][talentId] = '88851'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][headline] = 'When will Gucci Learn?'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][entryTextId] = '20128346'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][entryLongText] = 'Gucci Mane made CNN yall... Guess why? Because he is back behind bars... When will he learn? \"\" Yesterday in Atl he was spotted and charged with  driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light, and  damaging government property. Can you say \"Anger management.\" Of all people why would Gucci be playing with the police? Check this out . . . After a verbal dispute with an unnamed person things got physical, and when the police instructed him to back away from the other person he didn\'t listen. WHAT?  They were tryna help him out for once but had to handle things as usual when it comes to Gucci; pepper spray and forcefully arrest him after resisting. And the mugshots just keep coming... \"\"\"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[188][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[189][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][blogEntryId] = '118765'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][startDt] = 'Oct 25 2010 7:46AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][talentId] = '88850'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][headline] = 'Maybe it's you sistah...'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][entryTextId] = '20128344'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][entryLongText] = '

Ladies ask yourself what\'s the real reason why you cant find a good man.

  • Do you complain too much?  (Be grateful)

  • Are you too picky?   (Make up your mind)

  • Do you have a list of qualifications?   (Edit & Revise)

  • Are you too independent, too cocky, and too caught up with work?  (Be Balanced)

  • Are you still chasing after the same men?  (He is an X for a reason)

  • Are you willing to settle for less?  (Hopefully not)

  • Are you a \"mad black woman\"?  (Cheer up)

  • Are you Ego Trippin\'?  (Get over yourself)


Ladies there is a mirage negotiation video on You Tube that will help you answer all of these questions. Maybe you are in your own way of finding Mr. Right . . . Just think about all of the excuses that you\'ve been using lately; and how about that attitude?

I\'m no professional but this is a must see! Black Marriage Negotiations

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[189][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[190][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][blogEntryId] = '118764'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][startDt] = 'Oct 20 2010 9:53AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][talentId] = '88849'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][headline] = 'BE A MAN ABOUT IT T.I ...'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][entryTextId] = '20128342'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][entryLongText] = 'For the past month T.I has had everyone guessing the amount of time he was gonna get in prison and the count down is about to begin with his 11 month sentence.\"timugshot1\" Earlier this week TIP had an interview and tried to play the media and his so called haters claiming that few support or understand him. What is he talking about? He needs to stop crying and be a man about his actions. No one owes him any mercy. For all I care he can cry me a river. Stop committing crimes it\'s as simple as that. This man has the nerves to use his past for the way that he acts now. EXCUSES.  In his interview he stated that he learns lessons by being incarcerated. . . Obviously his sentences are too short and he needs more time to learn.


T.I Speaks Out

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[190][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[191][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][blogEntryId] = '118763'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][startDt] = 'Oct 13 2010 7:53AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][talentId] = '88848'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][headline] = 'TURF FEINZ- Oakland, Cali'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][entryTextId] = '20128340'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][entryLongText] = '

Check out these guys dancing on the corner. . . It\'s pretty neat!



'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[191][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[192][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][blogEntryId] = '118762'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][startDt] = 'Oct 4 2010 9:58AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][talentId] = '88847'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][headline] = 'Mario Fights Moms Addiction'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][entryTextId] = '20128335'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][entryLongText] = 'Enough became enough for R&B singer Mario this weekend. . . Mario\'s drug addicted mother, Shawnita Hardaway, filed assaults against him after him breaking furniture and pushing her against the walls of her apartment. Mario was taken to jail and released on a $50,000 bond. \"\" In 2007 Mario starred on MTV\'s documentary series Think \"I Won\'t Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom revealing his childhood growing  up with a mother addicted to Heroin.  There is only so much a person can take. At the end of the day he was loves his mother and had to show her Tough Love. This man aired his life to the public willingly looking foward to change and this was how his mother paid him back.  It doesn\'t get any realer than that. Some people never change, and it\'s unfortunate when it\'s the people you love the most, your parents.

Check out this footage from 2007

\"I Won\'t Love You to Death\"

'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[192][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[193][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][blogEntryId] = '118761'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][startDt] = 'Sep 27 2010 8:17AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][talentId] = '88846'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][headline] = 'Bishop Eddie Long'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][entryTextId] = '20128333'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][entryLongText] = '

A lifestyle full of materialism, tight clothing, and gluttony

shouldn\'t fit any servant of God\'s description.


I know that you\'ve been hearing it all just like I have and if you know anything you know that people who get caught up in scandals and allegations like Bishop Eddie Long are the ones who keep people from the church.  Beyond the 25,000  people that attend his church he isn\'t fooling anyone. This man was the first to stand up Gay rights and mirage and we all know how that turns out... Its always the one who has  something to hide that feels the need to defend their lifestyle indirectly. POINT BLANK PERIOD. \"\"

Ask yourself this . . .

What Bishop keeps jewelry in the office drawer?






What Bishop uses an iPad to read his sermon off of?

What Bishop sends pictures of himself in a muscle shirt to youth congregation members?

What Bishop spends $350,000 on Bentley?

He has already been forgiven but still has a lot of answering to do. . . Check out his words to CNN and New Birth Church yesterday.

Bishop Eddie Long Speaks Out

While 25,000 (+)  people  are standing by his side there are court cases, complaints, and two young been that have been wined and dined to testify against Eddie Long. So while he says he wont cast the first stone I hope that he is praying hard. He should have thought twice about his transformation of turning boys into \"men\". \"\" \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[193][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[194][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][blogEntryId] = '118760'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][startDt] = 'Sep 20 2010 7:26AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][talentId] = '88845'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][headline] = 'Dad Punished For Defending Daughter'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][entryTextId] = '20128326'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][entryLongText] = 'I remember when it was okay to stand up for your kids, but I guess that was back in the day... Last week enough was enough for James Jones. His 11 year old daughter was being bullied on her way to and from school every day on the school bus. It was said that she was being pushed around and had condoms thrown on her despite her Cerebral Palsy. \"\"

All I\'m sayin\' is that this is ridiculous but it had to be done. Pops wasn\'t playing  CHECK OUT THIS LINK

Caught on tape: Dad threatens kids

I CAN\'T imagine my child being picked on and me not saying anything... WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? My Father stood up for me but he never went to jail, but trust they didn\'t pick on me anymore. . . Kids are killing themselves and growing up mad at the world and this is why.'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[194][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[195][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][blogEntryId] = '118759'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][startDt] = 'Sep 15 2010 7:13AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][talentId] = '88844'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][headline] = 'Greg King:Self Debut in Front Of Sons Murder Scene'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][entryTextId] = '20128317'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][entryLongText] = 'Earlier this week Gregory King, father of Jennifer Hudson\'s deceased nephew Julian King, was caught making a Promo video for his new album outside of the murder scene of his son.  You, like me are probably thinking \"Is he CRAZY and SERIOUS?\" Well you know I had to let you see for yourself. . .

Check out this link to YouTube brought to you by HipHopNews24-7 Dot Com

Gregory King Explains

I know that everyone mourns differently, but this man can barely answer simple questions about his son.  I am DISGUSTED. \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[195][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[196][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][blogEntryId] = '118758'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][startDt] = 'Sep 8 2010 7:03AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][talentId] = '88843'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][headline] = 'Ti and Tiny "Got Your Back"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][entryTextId] = '20128314'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][entryLongText] = 'Recently released from a year and a day\'s incarceration, Tip Harris and wife Tiny \"vacationed\" in the down town Los Angeles police station flaunting matching handcuffs . Cruising around the LA streets  in a Maybach supposably sippin\' on sizzurp, Ti and Tiny were pulled over by Ti\'s best friends, the LA Sheriffs Department!!!!\"\" \"\"\"\" Styrofoam cups, sizzurp, and probation equals not a good look... But hey Tiny says she\'s got her mans back. With matching handcuffs she got way more love for him than any women I know.  .  . Ladies and Gent\'s let me know how you feel about this one!!! \"\" \"\" \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[196][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[197][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][blogEntryId] = '118757'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][startDt] = 'Aug 30 2010 6:36AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][statusId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][talentId] = '88842'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][headline] = 'Treys' Day coming to an end...'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][entryTextId] = '20128312'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][entryShortText1] = 'Trey For a Day is almost over ladies. Tuesday,August, 31 will be the last day to submit your Trey Songz\' biggest fan videos! Get creative and upload your entry to get one step closer to Trey!!!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][entryLongText] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[197][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[198][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][blogEntryId] = '118756'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][startDt] = 'Aug 26 2010 8:00AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][talentId] = '88841'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][headline] = 'What a Weekend!'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][entryTextId] = '20128310'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][entryShortText1] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][entryShortText2] = ''; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][entryLongText] = 'This past weekend I had a Saturday I\'ll never forget!  I flew to N.Y chilled on a yacht, saw the broadway show Fela 7th row center!!! (produced by Jay-Z and Will & Jada Smith) .  Its about a Nigerian musician Fela Kuti from the 70\'s who created a signature style  of music referred to as Afro-funk in the 70\'s! Click his name   FELA  for lil sample of his AWESOME music!  After the show I took a nice late night yacht ride to the statue of liberty, there\'s nothing like NYC at night from a yacht! \"\" \"\" So how\'d all this happen well let\'s just say it\'s nice to have friends in high places! One of my peeps there is an entertainer and has been since he was a little kid.  Check out his stuff from music to movies Duane is doing it it Big!  Click here & see for yourself! \"\"'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][liteGraphicId] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][graphicFileName] = '/image/DbLiteGraphic/200612/0.jpg'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][graphicHeight] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][graphicWidth] = '0'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][createdOn] = 'Oct 27 2011 8:28AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][blogName] = 'Delyte\'s Blog'; $blogEntryArchiveList[198][stationId] = '2236'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199] = array(); $blogEntryArchiveList[199][blogId] = '5621'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][blogEntryId] = '118755'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][startDt] = 'Aug 13 2010 7:31AM'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][statusId] = '1'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][appUserId] = '4753'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][firstName] = 'Chris'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][lastName] = 'Shaw'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][talentId] = '88840'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][talentName] = 'Delyte'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][headline] = 'Shawt Bus Shawty Parody'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][entryTextId] = '20128306'; $blogEntryArchiveList[199][entryShortText1] = 'I know some of these rappers look like fools in their videos, but this is a little taste of what they actually look like. Think it is funny? Let me know with your comments. Check out the video here