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ScHoolboy Q Says He Was Denied Entry To 50 Cent's SXSW Concert

50 Cent wonders why ScHoolboy Q wasn't allowed in his concert.

ScHoolboy Q says he was not allowed to enter 50 Cent's SXSW concert. The rapper posted a series of Twitter updates regarding this yesterday (March 11). 

"Dey wouldn't let me in 50 cent sHow jus now smH I still ain't on number 1 and sum moe sHit lmao," ScHoolboy Q said in a Twitter post. "Sxsw 2 Hollywood now I migHt go Home for deez days off." 

Following ScHoolboy's posts, 50 Cent addressed the matter. ScHoolboy Q quoted 50 Cent's comment in his response. 

: How the ain't gonna let in the nigga #1”>>>> tHey sHut me down cuHz smH I tHougHt u was my big Homie cuHz lol," the Tweet read.

In February, approximately one week after 50 Cent said he'd be featured on ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron, Q said that 50 Cent was not scheduled to appear on the album.

“Yeah, man. Damn, man. I’m embarrassed for the nigga,” ScHoolboy Q said at the time. “Like he’s not on my album…We cut a record, but I mean and plus he support me. Maybe he just wanted to support. You know what I mean?

“It’s a song. Like two. It didn’t make the album,” he added. “See, I don’t wanna make this whole thing—Cause 50 may have a camera set up at my mama’s house like ‘Nigga, yo mama fat.’ You know what I’m saying? You know 50 be going in, so I can’t go like—it’s nothing like that. It just didn’t make it. I honestly, I swear to you, I wish 50 Cent was on my album. That was one artist, him and E-40. It’s two people that I wish I put on my album…It’s just so many records that I have. I have to pick and choose and I felt that it didn’t fit as good as the other records I had.”

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03/13/2014 12:26AM
ScHoolboy Q Says He Was Denied Entry To 50 Cent's SXSW Concert
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