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Check out the Pics from the "Summer Bowling Classic!"

Thanks to everyone that came out to support The Fifth Foot Foundation's "Summer Bowling Classic!"  In case you missed it, here's some pics!!!
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The Fifth Foot Foundation on Fox 8 news !!!

  Big Shout Out to Nicole Ferguson and Fox 8 news for doing the story on the Fifth Foot Foundation!  Check it out!
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Long Time No Blog !!!!

I haven't done this in forever !!!

Listen, between facebook, twitter, an occasional myspace check, 5 or so email accounts, work and family....sometimes the blog takes a back seat.

I'm back though.

I was thinking about posting the Rhianna pics but I think the last time I blogged it was about her and Breezy. Didn't feel like revisiting Rhianna.

I was thinking about throwing out one of those random questions but....nah, F#&k that today.

I don't know...what is the blog really for? Thoughts?


I think the Rhianna pics are really her! I'm hopefully naive sometimes.

I'm sick of ignorance dominating our music....we gotta have SOME balance.

I love my family.

Work starts too early....If we could do the morning show in the afternoon that would be great !!!

I think emotions are dumb! why do we need them!!!! They're troublemakers!!

I think I'm gonna move on from Goose and Cranberrys to Patron Shots ON THE REG !!!

I'm really starting to hate it when people say "Everything happens for a reason"...well what's the F&$king reason then !!!!!

I've been thinking about going to just starts too early in the morning!

I wish my Dad was here to answer all these questions that I should've asked before he passed.

Why is there so much friction between men and women who love each other, A good friend once said, "you shouldn't really have to work on getting along, you just should"....or something like that. May be a misquote, but you understand!

Why is youth wasted on the young.

Sometimes I wonder..."Who really cares."

Mix Squad DJs are the best!

What is my credit score!....I need to check that.

How come we dont have the answer to shit.... until its to late???

Should I work out twice today...I ODed on my meals for Mother's Day.

I'm hungry. LOL.

I could keep going but I gotta save some random things to say for later.

If you have answers or comments for any of these questions....please let me know what they are?

Later !!!!
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