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Missed Saturday.

If you have been following our trip on my blog, I apologize for no Saturday post. But you can catch up with all the photos on my facebook page in the "Wildin Out in New Orleans" folder. Saturday went Down like this: I got up early and walked the Riverwalk to check out the waterfront sights. Afterward, a few of us rode a street car (trolly) through the city. Despite the tragedy of Katrina, New Orleans still has some extremely beautiful areas. Later we hung out in the Harrah's casino and atched Carolina beat LSU in front of there home state fans. I found a few minutes to come up on the blackjack table too! I won sixty bucks!! Then we all went out to eat dinner with CP3 and his family. Very nice dinner at a very beautiful restaurant. Some of Chris' celebrity friends stopped by too. Mo Pete and and Jackie Long from the movie ATL. Then everybody stayed up all night out with CP3 and his VIP status at a club called "The Republic." As of right this second, we're getting something to eat in the ATL airport waiting to board our transfer flight back to Charlotte and its back to work tomorrow morning! See ya soon. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
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Pic update!

Just wanted to bring you all courtside with us.....GO CP3 !!!!!!!
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At the Game!!

We at the Game! It just started. The score is 7-7. Our winners are here all is good!!

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Out with our Listeners!

I crashed out after the show this morning. It was a Long night. Only had 45 minutes of sleep.

I woke up in time for us to meet up and eat with our winners. Bustin a grub Naw'lins style!!

After this were of the Hornets Game!!!

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Crazy Town.....Fa Real!!!


Its about 1am in the triad (about midnight here) and we're still at it.

The Flight was chill. The hotel is cool. (Me and Sho's room overlooks the Mississippi river.) We ate at some restaurant on Canal street. (Nothin crazy but my food was good.). Bourbon Street is fun. The people come from all over the country and are crazy as hell. Its good times on Bourbon Street. Now we're a club called the Republic and CJ just ordered some Crown and some Grey Goose.

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Bourben Street!

The picture says it all!

We've had drinks called "BlowJobs," talked to a drag queen and witnessed a lesbian simulated sex act and its only Thursday night!!!

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CP3 in the N.O.

We passed this billboard in Downtown New Orleans on the way to the Hotel.

Winston Stand Up !!!
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We're here!

This is the guy responsible for picking us up.
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Almost Boarding Time!

We made it to the airport on time!

Sho is finally awake and yes, Daht made it through security! The flight wouldn't be right though without a quick stop at the airport bar (at my suggestion.).

New Orleans Here We Come!!!!
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Leaving for New Orleans

Ok Triad.......I think I'll be updating my blog from my Blackberry all weekend while we're in New Orleans. The is the first update.

This pic is Sho Smoove sleep in the car before we even get to the Charlotte airport. He has a reputation for sleeping all the time.....especially on road trips!!! We just passed Salisbury and this dude is out already!!!!!

The big question is......Do you think he keeps his left eye open when he sleeps?? What do you think??
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