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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!

Remember Rae Carruth?

Back in 2001 Rae Carruth got 18yrs and 11 months for the conspiracy to kill his then girlfriend Cherica Adams. His son Chancellor Adams was born and suffered sever brain damage. Check out the OTL report done on young Chancellor now at the age of 10, hhis struggle, his purpose, and his strength.

02/03/2010 6:47AM
Remember Rae Carruth?
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02/03/2010 9:18AM
This makes me sad and delighted at the same time. I'm said that he had to even go through this and he looks JUST like his dad. It's ridiculous. But I'm delighted that he is getting stronger and that he is still able to do things that regular kids get to do. He may not do it at the same speed that they do, but he is still able to do it. His grandmother is a beast for writing the man who killed her daughter and actually forgiving him. I don't know that I would be grown enough to do that.
02/27/2010 5:17AM
This was a great video . I think the grandmother is a very strong woman and you can see her spiritual side. I am positive that Rau Carruths son will pull through and become stronger. He is already making a speedy recovery!
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