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Rapper Inkyy Tweets About Drinking, Driving & Dies Shortly After

A rapper who thought that it was fun to brag on Twitter about drinking and driving died shortly after sending his last tweet.  The tweet by the rapper “Inkyy” was YOLO, which means “You only live once.”  It appears that his sudden death confirms his expectation…he’s only going to live and die one time.

The car hit a wall in Ontario, California, killing all passengers.  Inkyy, whose real name is Ervin McKinness, was just 21 years old when the incident took place.   

The tweet was sent at 1:19 am EST on September 2 and stated “Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F***It. YOLO.”

His last tweet was “Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I’m turning it up.”

Police say that Inkyy may have not been the one driving but the group ran a red light and hit a wall.  Four of the passengers died at the scene of the accident and a fifth died at the hospital.

The moral of this story is to be safe, to not drink and drive, and don't ride with a driver that has. 

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09/18/2012 5:35PM
Rapper Inkyy Tweets About Driving Drunk & Shortly Dies After
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