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While on vacation last week I was shocked and sadden to hear that Nate Quick a former well known radio dj in Charlotte had died due to liver cancer. Nate Quick was working in Dallas TX at the time of his death doing what he loved best "Radio". I was lucky and blessed to have known Nate. He was an extremly hard worker and always found time to reach out and give back. Nate was once living out of his car and always made it his point to visit homeless shelters and do what he can. Many of my friends in the industry are at a loss of words on Nates death. He was not that much older than me and yet he is gone. I saw an interview with his ex boss Skip Cheatham and he said Nate told him of his illnes bout six weeks ago but never let up on his work load and kept doin what he loved to the very end. If there is anything we can learn from this and I am directing this to any african american male reading this is that we must stop taking life for granted. For some reason black males do not like going to see the doctors this type of behavior has to stop because it is a matter of life and death. One thing I will remember bout Nate that everytime I will see him out doin his thing he did it with a smile. My prayers go out to his family and his radio family in both Charlotte and Dallas. Nate was one of  the good guys in the game and he will be missed.

08/26/2009 2:54PM
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09/11/2009 9:59PM
OMG...I didn't know Nate passed away. He was one of my favorite radio personalities when I lived near Charlotte! I remember when he left to go to Dallas. Sending prayers to his family.
09/10/2010 1:59PM
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