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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us By fifthfoot at 2009-07-07  As I sat here watching the Michael Jackson Memorial on CNN, I, like everyone else who grew up watching MJ, began to get sad...FOR REAL.  Truth is, it's been years since Mike had a modern day hit that I was feeling and lately, as far as keeping up with what he was doing, he was pretty much off my radar.  ALMOST!   I say almost because what did keep him in current rotation in my ride, were the classics.  Whenever, I didn't want the kids listening to songs like "Bust it Wide Open", I would listen to the Thriller album.  Songs like P.Y.T, Human Nature, Lady In My Life, Wanna Be Starting Something, Billie Jean and the title song, Thriller got continuous burn in 2009 BEFORE his recent passing.  MJ was the first artist that I was ever a real fan of.  The first album I ever owned was "Diana Ross presents...The Jackson 5." My parents gave it to me for Christmas one year. I would want to fight kids that questioned his sexual preference.  I memorized the Thriller dances.  We had "watch parties" at my house when he released a new video.  I knew the Motown 25-Jackson 5 performance from front to back when I was 10.  I saw him live when my mom took us to "The Jacksons Victory Tour" when they came to Philly. (we were so high in the stadium that we couldn't REALLY see but we were there.)  My cousins claim to have a picture of me with a Zipper Jacket on somewhere but I don't recall that.  In 4th Grade, me and this kid named Tim were gonna perform, "The Girl is Mine" at a talent show. (Of course I was gonna be Mike and he was gonna be Paul McCartney.)   Even as an adult, I would play around and sing PYT and make the kids be my back up singers. The memories go on and on.  I thought about how Mike always said that he never had a childhood, while watching the memorial service made me feel like a piece of my very own childhood had died. I don't know....just some thoughts before I share some video with you. I spoke earlier of knowing that Motown 25 performance front to back.....well, here it is..........Share it with your family too.  R.I.P.  Michael Jackson.  

07/07/2009 1:58PM
R.I.P. Michael Jackson
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07/07/2009 3:00PM
Kile thanks so much for sharing sat here and cried thru both videos..Grew up with his music, and it really didn't hit me til today watching His memorial, and I cried like it was my brother, thanks so much for ALL you do!!!!!!!!!!
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