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Other than Dave Chappelle, Who R Kelly's a COURT ROOM?!?!

Being in the court room, i've thought of doing all types of things to show my disdain for having to show up. Especially on days when i'm only in the court room for a speeding ticket and the jerk officer who gave me the ticket has decided not to show up, and we have to get a continuance and come back in a couple weeks! Like I just enjoy wasting my mornings and my money showing up to Room 2c! Even though I've had numerous thoughts: leaping on a judge, slapping a bailiff, clipping an attorney, tapping the jahnt of the cute DA, soliciting the clerk for oral pleasure during recess, ALL TYPES OF THINGS is the point; i've never had the balls (or any other genitalia for that matter) that would have me do the foolishness that THIS inmate pulled IN the court room:

09/16/2011 5:59AM
Other than Dave Chappelle, Who R Kelly's a COURT ROOM?!?!
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09/28/2011 9:11PM
That sh*t is funny and sad all at the same time,,,,all I could do while watching it is shake my head(cause its really sad his dumb ass don't know no better, or nobody taught him, or he is mentally gone) and laugh (cause at the end of the day, that shit was funny as hell.
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