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Ocho Cinco Radio

Esteban Ocho CincoToday, on the show, we had special guest: Chad OchoCinco; WR for the NFL Cincinatti Bengals. He spoke on the reason for his decline last season, his album “Rosetta Stone” which comes out on September 15th, his views on Skip Bayless and other media, why you should pick him on your fantasy league and who HIS picks are for Fantasy Football, his “catch-phrases”: including “Child Please” and the meanings. There were some exclusive things I wanted to ask, but we were pressed for time: Rumor has it, Ocho Cinco will be playing QB this Thursday vs. St. Louis and will play defense next Thursday vs. the Colts. You can also catch him on HBO on Wednesday nights at 10pm “Hard Knocks”. I also wanted to ask these questions, but didn’t have time: 1. Him being a kicker and his love for Soccer 2. How far he really expects the Bengals to go 3. His thoughts on the T.O. Show 4. What’s life after football look like for Ocho Cinco 5. Is Ocho Cinco dating 6. His Madden information (screen name, team he plays with and what system) 7. How old he was when he lost his virginity and if he still talks to her 8. Kids with dreams of making the NFL, advice to them Maybe we’ll get another interview, and we can make it happen Family. Thanks SO much for ya’lls help!

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08/25/2009 6:22AM
Ocho Cinco Radio
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08/26/2009 9:46AM
"Joan Madden" LOL!
It was a great interview. I do wish you had more time to ask more questions, but I do understand the time constraint. Anyway, I am looking so forward to Chad Ochocinco this season and all his antics. With the NFL continuously turning into the "No Fun League" I am extremely anxious to see what he can do to change that perspective, but I hope he doesn't get shut down by Judge/Parole Officer Goddell. Ochocinco's personality and charisma are what the game's been missing. One of the things I hate the most is that the league penalizes players for excessive touchdown celebrations, but dang it's hard work to get in that end zone, so let them celebrate. I remember when a few years back, Ochocinco, Steve Smith, T.O., even Joe Horn got it in on the action with the celebrations. Steve Smith made fun of "The Love Boat" incident that occurred with the Vikings, and he mocked the Bucs with some swordfighting. When T.O. was an Eagle, he made fun of Ray Lewis and was stepping after his touchdown, Ocho Cinco did the Riverdance, played golf, resuscitated the football, etc. And when Joe Horn pulled the cell phone out of the goal post!! Aww!!! Those were the good old days!! I miss them so much. I hope Ocho Cinco can bring back some of the flair that is missing!!
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