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North Carolina woman shoots five kids in the head - killing two - at slumber par

A North Carolina mom involved in a bitter love triangle snapped and shot five kids in the head  - killing two - Sunday as part of a double murder-suicide that has stunned the victims' leafy Greensboro suburb.

Mary Ann Holder, 36, wrote two notes taking responsibility for the murderous rampage and apologizing for the pain she caused and then shot herself inside her parked Ford Explorer shortly after 10 a.m., investigators said Monday.

A Guilford County Sheriff's deputy witnessed the suicide, saying he saw the puff of smoke from the bullet that killed her.

Holder's 14-year-old son Zachary Smith, whom she retrieved from a sleepover only minutes earlier, was found clinging to life in the SUV's back seat with a gunshot wound to his head.

Immediately after her death, cops rushed inside Holder's Pleasant Garden house and found a scene of unspeakable horror.

They said Holder apparently opened fire on four innocent youths gathered under her roof at some point Sunday morning.

Her 17-year-old son Robert Dylan Smith was declared dead at the scene.

Her 8-year-old niece Hannaleigh Suttles, who was living with her at the time, died from her injuries at a hospital Monday.

Nephew Richard Suttles, 17, and friend Makayla Woods, 15, were rushed from the house and placed on life support, cops said.

All three surviving teens were in critical condition Monday.

Cops started their manhunt for Holder after she shot her ex-boyfriend Rany Lamb, 40, in the arm following an early morning meeting in a parking lot Sunday.

Lamb called his wife from his car after the violent confrontation, and the wife called police.

Court documents reveal Holder began an affair with Lamb in 2008, but the relationship turned ugly with dueling restraining orders, the News & Record of Greensboro reported.

Lamb's wife said in a court filing that Holder repeatedly harassed her, sent her naked pictures, followed her to the mall and tried to run her off a neighborhood road.

The case was later dismissed because neither woman appeared for trial, according to the News & Record.

Holder filed restraining orders against Lamb and his wife this summer, but they expired, police said.

Lamb's wife was threatening to sue Holder for "alienation of affection," invetigators said.

"This is one of the worst tragedies I've seen in my 17 years with the sheriff's department. There are just so many victims and so many questions we may never find the answers to," Sheriff's spokesman Stephen Chandler told the Daily News.


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11/22/2011 5:22AM
North Carolina woman shoots five kids in the head - killing two - at slumber party
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11/22/2011 8:40AM
Mary Ann Holder...the Mary Ann I worked with was NOT this woman
I worked with Mary Ann for years and I first want to start by saying what happened was a horrible tragedy that no one deserves to have to go through. The Mary Ann I knew was a woman who was always there to make you laugh and ALWAYS had something going on for her kids. Be it going to their extra curricular activities, having friends was always about the kids. I was listening this morning to B Daht's theory of it all and that's the only sense myself and my coworkers can make of this. A professional was brought in to speak with us and even he said that being she was all for her kids, she must have thought this was a way to help her kids. Maybe she thought she'd be doing them a favor by taking them out of this cold, cruel world we live in. No matter the cause, it is still a shock to the community and everyone who knew her. No one ever wants to hear of a child's life being taken, especially at the hand of their mother.
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