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Nebraska and MSr. James dunk'd on Video

As I embark upon this journey to Omaha, Nebraska to film my first motion picture, i still have yet to get excited; about the film. All I can think about is the Nebraska Cornhuskers! That sea of Red and White. The greats i remember watching on Saturday's (my favorites being Tommy Frazier, Lawrence Phillips and Tim Crouch). I just wanna head to the field and stand at the 50 yard line, and Remember the Titans. QUEEN James Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, the video surfaced with LeB1tch James getting punched on two hands by Jordan Crawford of Xavier. The sad reality is the dunk wasn't even THAT bad. I mean really, LeB1tch was a tad late in his rotation, hesitated on if he'd even attempt to block it and his indecisiveness got him caught slippin. It happens. What ALSO happens is: The cameras are ALWAYS rolling. Whether it's to catch you not shaking hands after getting smashed in the Conference Finals OR getting dunked on at your OWN Skills Camp. NOONE is exempt. In case you missed the dunk, here goes: http://bit.ly/Pjfot

07/23/2009 3:16AM
Nebraska and MSr. James dunk'd on Video
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07/25/2009 9:00AM
LaTasha (Young Pam Oliver)
Greetings B-Daht, Regarding your post about LeBron James, I would just like to say that I do agree with you that the dunk is not that bad. Plus his defense was a lazy attempt, so that can be used not as an excuse, but as legit rebuttal. With all the hype surrounding the dunk, I thought it was going to be LeBron being posterized and perhaps even lead to Jordan Crawford being called by Pres. Obama and getting an invite to the White House or something, but good grief, it wasn't even worth it! However, these antics by Nike and Lebron do not surprise me especially with the poor sportsmanship that LeBron displayed against your Magic after an early playoff exit. You know Nike has to try to protect their "Highness" is every way possible. Have a safe trip.
07/27/2009 6:03AM
hey! b-daht check this out.It is messed up that the nfl is messing micheal vick career up.he has already did 2 yrs in jail, plus house arrest and on a four game rest.donte stallworth kills a guy and 28 days in jail and could play next year.ray lewis was in a murder case and didn't get a stiff punishment.these guys killed people,but micheal vick gets the book thrown at him for killing a dog.I know that is wrong but let the man play
08/04/2009 11:09AM
tp-201 auto switch A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation. wadon998811
08/14/2009 4:02PM
you know a lot about nebraska bud...its eric crouch, not tim
08/18/2009 5:38AM
Your post would possibly have a little more credibility if you actually knew the name of the Husker players. I assume you meant to write Eric Crouch (i.e. Heisman Trophy winner!!) not Tim Couch (i.e. Bum #1 pick QB out of Kentucky.
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