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NFL Lifestyle! I Can't Imagine!

Yesterday I met an NFL player who was hanging out  the Wild Out and had the most interesting conversation.   Because I don't know or care anything about the game the  questions I had for him were very different then what  he's probably use to answering.   First I wondered how many months out of the year he actually is required to work....answer 4.  4 months out of the year!  So then I wondered about how he gets paid with that kinda scedule, well  it's weekly and his weekly is more then my yearly salary!   WOW right, so now I'm wondering when you make that much, how do you pay bills, I mean by the year or the month?  He has a financial advisor that handles all that!  I couldn't get with that, there's no way I'd trust ANYONE with my loot!   Still wondering I thought no way this guy cooks and sure enough he has "a guy" to come in every few days and prepare meals that he only needs to heat up and the meals are prepared to accommodate the amount of calories he needs to maintain his NFL structure!    Imagine that!! And he doesn't even know the guys name!!  I also asked about  family and friends who can bleed you dry if you let them and he's experienced that as well, stating he's shelled out about  5 times my salary to family!!! I've never in life had such an in depth conversation with someone in his financial situation.  And although I can't imagine such a lifestyle, I found it inspirational to hear him speak of it!  So I look forward to one day marveling over my own lifestyle and how far Ive come when I make this type of change .  Thanks for sharing Mr Titans (that's football right:) and thanks for the inspiration one day I'll not only imagine it I'll live it.

07/23/2009 10:44AM
NFL Lifestyle! I Can't Imagine!
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