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Erica Mena Boycotts LHHNY Reunion

Welp if Erica Mena is one of your Ratchet Love and Hip-Hop New York faves you may want to start looking for another.

The reality star has had enough and decided to skip out on the reunion opting to celebrate her sons' birthday in Florida.

Mena feels that since she's about to become Bow's wifey, she has a certain image to uphold.

Bossip reports:

""A lot of people cast this season were cast because of beef with her," a source close to Shad Moss' fiancé told Bossip, noting that Chrissy, Cyn Santana and Jhonni Blaze all had problems with Mena. "Erica was pretty much sick of the deflecting and the projecting of off other people's negativity."

Mena also has a history of turning up at the Love and Hip Hop reunion shows. Just last year, she laid hands on former cast member Nya Lee. With Blaze and others gunning to fight her, Mena simply decided she's not about that life.

"She's about to be somebody's wife," the source told Bossip, "and she didn't want to put herself in the type of space where that could happen."

Mena skipped shooting the Love and Hip Hop New York reunion Tuesday, and instead went to Florida to celebrate her son's birthday. Mena and show creator Mona Scott-Young privately filmed her portion of the reunion last week."

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Movie Trailer #4)

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Threesomes, Fake Friends, & A Baby More To The Chris Brown Baby Mama Drama

Soooooooooooooo it seems to be MORE to the Chris Brown

BABY MAMA DRAMA. So out of nowhere, a 9 month old baby has emerged by model Nia Gonzalez. The crooner's on and off girlfriend Karrueche took to her twitter today to say that there is only so much one can take and she wishes Chris and his family the best because she doesn't want to participate in any baby mama drama. But there is allegedly more to this story. Rumor has it that Karruehe knew about their short lived love affair and that Gonzalez and Chris' ex boo Rihanna were friends. It has even been said that Karrueche's BFF Christina Millian is friends with the girl too. So when this baby was conceived were Chris, Karrueche, and Nia having threesomes or was this one of the infamous "celebrity break" babies? The problem with the break baby theory is Brown and Karreuche's breaks usually only last 24 hours. Karrueche was asking who is Nia, but apparently she has been hanging out with her lol. Even though Karrueche says she's done with Brown (for the millionth time) we believe she will be babysitting the child next week. We'll keep you posted.

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T.I. Announces "ATL 2"

It has been nearly a decade since "ATL" released.

T.I. will be reprising his role as Rashad in the sequel to 2006's ATL.

The ATL-bred artist revealed the news by sharing two filtered photos from the set of the film via Instagram. In the first picture, Tip and castmates Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and Jason Weaver appear to be taking direction from the movie's director, Chris Robinson.

Tip captioned the image: "#ATL2 Get Ready."

The second photo depicts T.I. alongside his love interest (in the movie) Lauren London.

"Shad&New-New #ATL2 #KeepWatching" he wrote.

It has been nearly a decade since the film was released in '06. The movie served as T.I.'s first foray into acting.

While the film wasn't a major blockbuster success, it earned more than $21 million in theaters.

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50 Cent: "Suge Was Going To Kill" Dr. Dre

The G-Unit rapper also says he considered buying Murder Inc.

G-Unit members 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks appeared on The Breakfast Club yesterday (March 3). 50 detailed his relationship with Dr. Dre, which he would no longer say is a friendship.

"I don't call to talk to him for no reason," he says. "I think that relationship was business. For a long time, I was a New York Knick player in the middle of the LA locker room. Interscope was the West Coast when it was East Coast-West Coast going on, and I never really saw them respond properly to Game's disrespect when it happened 'cause they had some sort of allegiance to the West or something. I was like, ' You know I wrote the records?'"

50 also says that his strained relationship with Dr. Dre's business partner, Jimmy Iovine, didn't help the situation.

"Overall, I think the disconnect between me and Jimmy created the distance between me and Dre," 50 says.

Tony Yayo also expresses his discontent with Dr. Dre's support of G-Unit.

"We beat somebody up for Dr. Dre," he says. "I could say it now. No disrespect to LA, but it was a whole bunch of New York dudes beating somebody up for Dre. He's cool. I like his music and everything. I just feel when you beat somebody up I feel like they owe you a little bit."

50 Cent also suggests that Suge Knight was plotting to kill Dr. Dre because of Tupac's success at Death Row while Dre wasn't as productive. "Suge was gonna kill Dre."

"How do I keep him?" 50 asks pretending to be Suge later in the interview. "Maybe I'll give him Dre's half. I don't know. Something might have to happen to Dre."

50 Cent also says he was intrigued by rumors that he bought Murder Inc. He thought it would be a good way to end his beef with Ja Rule.

"It even made me look at what it would cost," 50 said. "I ain't gonna lie. I was like, 'Yo how much is it? How much would it be?' It would be cool to do that 'cause you can't. Just finish it off. In the laws it says when you destroy, destroy completely."

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Amazing: Guy Sings "Uptown Funk" in Cartoon Voices!

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Gotta Man Up: Father Struggles Changing His Baby's Diaper

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Big Sean Feat. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Official Video)

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The Diplomats - Have My Money (Official Video)

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Chris Brown A Father?

Welp. All that talk of monogamy is out the window clearly if this is true.

TMZ is reporting that Breezy is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl.

"The baby's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia — who we're told has known Chris for several years.

Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms — however they're not together romantically. We're told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.

It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place — and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support."

If there is any truth to this, we wonder how Karrueche feels about being a step-mommy…

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“Empire” Star Jussie Smollett Gets Record Deal With Columbia

It almost seems as if art fully imitates life as one young star of Fox's hit show "Empire" now has a record deal.

Jussie Smollett, who plays the homosexual singer Jamal, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he signed on the line with Columbia Records.

"There will be a Jussie Smollett album. I signed to Columbia. So darling [Laughs] I'm label mates with Beyoncé and Adele and Barbra Streisand," he said in the candid conversation.
Jussie said that he wouldn't reflect the reality depicted in "Empire," but rather a flavor all his own.

"It's going to be a whole different thing. Now, the Empire family will still have something to do with it. I would love for Terrence to come and oversee the production of all of the music," he said. "And I would love for Timbaland to come on and Jim Beanz. We've all talked and they're all down to work on it."

"Empire" has continually made gains in ratings and now clocks in 16.1 million viewers as of last week. The success hasn't fully been realized by Jussie.

It hasn't clicked yet. The other day I went to Whole Foods and bought some chewable Vitamin C and got mobbed by like 15 girls. Today I was seven minutes late to work and I'm never late to work. I have been late to work two times," he said. "But a van of women were in Whole Foods and I was there to get my salad for lunch. Literally, they come up and they're like "Jamal!" And I was late because they had to stay there and try to figure out how to use their camera phones."

"Empire" co-star Malik Yoba outted Jussie as gay in real life after the 25-year-old had previously been non-committal in interviews.


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Suge Knight Going Blind, Health Deteriorating

Suge Knight is deteriorating quickly.

The former Death Row mogul has had a myriad of health complications, including blindness.
Knight has fired his attorneys and also charged that he has been receiving insufficient health care in jail.

According to, he said he was blind in one eye and had roughly 15 percent vision in his other eye Monday. He also said that he's dropped about 35 pounds since he was incarcerated and Judge Ronald Coen told the court he was hospitalized.
Knight was shot 6 times in August and has had issues related to it since.

He is presently facing murder charges after running over 2 men with his truck, killing one of them.

Incidentally, Knight's next court date will be on March 9, the anniversary of Notorious B.I.G. death.

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 104

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Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Official Introduction

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Ludacris & Wife Eudoxiee Expecting Their First Child

Via Eudoxiee's Instagram

My, my, my the Bridges family keeps growing. As we know Ludacris now has a one year old "break" baby with Tamika Fuller, but it seems as if the Bridges will have another baby running around as it looks like wife Eudoxiee is now pregnant. Both Ludacris and Eudoxiee took to their Instagram pages to post the same picture of Ludacris kissing Eudoxiee's stomach with the caption "Beautiful day on the beach." In the picture it is very evident that Eudoxiee has a new baby bump. There has been speculation that she was pregnant over the last few weeks as she's been wearing only baggy clothing and posting less full body shots than usual. Hey, Hip Hop siblings being born close in age by different women is nothing new. Look at Lil' Wayne and Diddy LOL.

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Did Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Get Beat Up? (Video)

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Brownstone Singer Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell Dead From Fall

Charmayne "Maxee"

Maxwell, a member of the 1990's R&B group Brownstone, passed away on Friday night, according to TMZ.

The site reports Maxwell's husband Carsten Soulshock came home and discovered the singer unconscious and bleeding. Paramedics were called to the home, and Maxwell was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital. Unfortunately, she died from loss of blood on the way to the facility.

Authorities believe the fatal gash on Maxwell's neck was the result of a broken wine glass. It is believed she fell and cut herself on the shattered glass. Police do not suspect foul play.

There are conflicting reports regarding Maxwell's death. BET is reporting she died in Denmark. There were also sites posting rumors Maxwell was suicidal before the incident. According to The Grio, her brother Brandon refuted the suicide claims on Twitter.

Brownstone is perhaps best well known for their 1995 Grammy nominated single "If You Love Me." Other R&B chart hits include "Grapevyne" and "I Can't Tell You Why." The group's debut album From the Bottom Up was certified platinum.

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Boosie Badazz Hospitalized In North Carolina

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz may have overworked himself last week. According to TMZ, Boosie was taken to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday after feeling weak. Doctors determined he was dehydrated and kept him overnight.

Badazz was forced to cancel his show in Charlotte. He was released the next day and continued on his tour. The "Show Da World" performer is scheduled to appear at upcoming concert dates in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina.

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Rich Homie Quan Says He Feels Good About Whites Using The N-Word

Rich Homie Quan says he has no problem with white people using the N-word when reciting his lyrics.

Rich Homie Quan has been part of many hits over the past few years and definitely knows the DNA to a catchy song. One of those catchy joints is YG's "My Hitta," on which he was featured.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the Atlanta native talked about white people using the N-word when reciting lyrics, as the uncensored version of the West Coast hit requires you to use it as you sing along to the hook.

"I feel good [about it], man," Quan said when asked about whites using the N-word. "Because it's that title trap. That's what we want people to do, it's like crossover music. I feel good man, I don't look nothing by it. I [don't have a bias] so it's good man. You make music so people recite it."

The former Rich Gang member was also asked whether racism in the south is more prevalent than other areas. He responded by explaining that he himself has not experienced very much racism in his life.

"I wouldn't say racism is worse in the south only because it was so hard in the south," he said. "I think people are nicer in the south now and they don't really go back to those days. I've seen very little racism since I've been living." Quan continued by saying he has experienced the most amount of racial tension in airports.

Also during the interview, Rich Homie Quan talked about how "My Hitta" came together and noted that Jeezy was the one who introduced him to YG.

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Two Shot At T.I. & Jeezy Show In North Carolina

Two people were shot at a club event in Charlotte, North Carolina headlined by T.I. & Jeezy.

Gunshots brought an early end to an event headlined by T.I., Jeezy, and Yo Gotti in Charlotte, North Carolina last night (February 28).

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, the shooting took place around 7:00 PM EST at a promotional event at Label night club and injured two people in attendance, one of whom is female.

"Two people injured with gunshot wounds," Captain J.D. Thomas told USA Today. "One person drove themselves to the hospital and one person was transported by ambulance. Both are non-life-threatening injuries."

No suspects have been detained and the reason for the shooting remain unclear, according to NBC News.

One clubgoer described the panic following the gunshots in an interview with USA Today. "It was packed," blogger Selena Alexander told the site. "Two distinct gunshots rang out. The artists were immediately rushed out." Alexander also says that the rappers were onstage during the shooting.

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